You know how sometimes things don’t go according to plan?

Well, this is one of those times.

Everything was ready to go on the SmartDD Lite resale rights page, and I do a couple of test purchases and notice a couple of little bugs in the nickel script that we hadn’t spotted before.

So I try a couple of things, and find it’s just making things worse.

Okay, enough’s enough. David is going to fix the problems this evening, and tomorrow the nickel sale goes live.

I’m really sorry about this, but it’s just one of those times when a battle plan hits real combat and everything goes a bit wrong.

So tomorrow at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am EST), if you’re on my blog notification list, you’ll see a password protected post go live here with details of where to to find the nickel sale for SmartDD Lite. The starting price will be $1.07 and rise by 5 cents at every sale.

At 3.00pm GMT, I’ll remove the password, so you’ll be getting a 2 hour head start on my other lists.

To all those people who have emailed me, made comments here on my blog and raised support tickets…

I apologise.

Like I said, sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan.

-Frank Haywood