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Update: The sale for the Dynamic Retargeter plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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The plugin helps you to move visitors to your WordPress driven sites through the different stages, from first time visitor, to prospect, to customer, and then to repeat customer.

It does this by presenting different content depending on which stage they’ve reached in your site flow.

So for example, you may at first display them with an optin form, and then when they subscribe and become a prospect, you can show them a discount coupon or other special offer that’s only open to subscribers.

As they take up each offer, you can move them through as many different stages as you want, and at each stage show them different content.

There are three built in trackers, but you can add unlimited amounts of your own trackers, and associate content with each tracking group as they move through the flow you’ve decided on.

This could be a simple visitor to prospect pathway, or something more complex and changing.

For example, let’s say they follow a link from your home page to another page which tells them about a particular product you’re selling. As they follow that link, you can ensure they get cookied and added to a particular tracker.

Then just like FaceBook, Amazon or eBay (they all do it), when they revisit your site they’ll automatically see your ads for that product. They’ve already shown and interest in it, so instead of just giving them random ads and hoping for the best, you also get to show them targeted content and a reminder of that product.

If you put two and two together you’ll see that this plugin can be used with the last plugin I released (the Recently Related plugin) and between them steer your visitors to the conclusion you desire.  😉

o Encourage returning visitors to become a subscriber.
o Make offers to subscribers e.g. coupon code or discounts.
o Provide links to downloadable items available only to subscribers.
o Promote other products and upsells to known buyers.
o Track returning visitors, subscribers, customers and more.
o Customizable cookie length.
o Add text, images, video and more to your content.
o Works with any autoresponder / optin software or service.
o Automatically move subscribers into different trackers.
o Simple link tracking means moving your subscribers is easy.
o Display content in widgetised areas with custom widget.
o Display content in posts and pages with TinyMCE button / code.
o Install the plugin, amend a few settings, and choose your messages.
o Uses WordPress WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) to add your content.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Joel Newton

Hi Frank,

Interesting plug-in. May we use it on all our sites? will upgrades be provided at no additional cost? If so I’ll try it.


Joel Newton

Frank Haywood

Hi Joel,

Yes, almost all of the 48 hour sales I do on this site come with developer rights which allow you to use it on all your own sites and all your client’s sites too. 🙂

Any bug fixes and minor upgrades (1.x.x) come as part of the purchase price. Major upgrades (2.x.x) are at a discount for previous buyers.


Pat Ryan

all the buy link did is white out my page, I tried it 3 times, your local time shown continuously incremented by one hour? started at 2:30 now since i tried again at 7:32. interesting but I still can’t buy at $10.00 SAD!

Frank Haywood

Hi Pat,

I’m sorry about that and I’m not sure what’s going on there as sales have been coming in continuously. I’ve just checked it again myself and it seems to be working properly for me at least.

However you’re not the only one to experience this. I wonder if it’s a cookie or browser issue, or maybe a temporary glitch with PayPal? The price is still at $10 for those who’ve experienced this.

Try this direct link.



Pat Ryan

well no go, your add to cart sucks – can’t buy

David Morrison (Toronto)

Frank – an elegant solution to presenting targeted messaging based on the viewer’s history.
I think this is also perfect for lead scoring, where you escalate content and offers based on the visitor’s activity and proven clicks.

I’m ready to purchase.
Any chance you could make the paypal button active?


P.S.: great to see you have the marketer’s problem as your target solution – thx.

Frank Haywood

Hi David,

Thank you. 🙂

I’m a little puzzled about the PayPal button not working for you and some others.

Try this direct link instead, the price is still the same.



Janos Kovacs

The Add To Cart button seems to be dead. It does nothing but showing a sand-glass.

Frank Haywood

Hi Janos,

Yes, that’s a strange one as it’s working for some and not for others, and I can’t work out why. It could be an intermittent bug I guess, or a browser issue. Try clearing your cookies for this site, and clearing your browser cache and see if that helps. Alternately, try a different browser.