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Running SmartDD v3 From A Single Site

Going on from my previous post, I realised I had a few things to say about SmartDD that maybe aren’t as obvious as I thought they were from the new videos. Somebody asked me a question the other day that … Continue reading

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TicketDesk Pro v1.2

In case you missed it the other week, or you’ve dropped off the mailing list, there’s a new version of TicketDesk Pro been released, v1.2. This addresses a bug mainly for moderators where they only have certain departments allocated to … Continue reading

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SmartDD V3 – Free Sign Ups Video

Following the delay caused by my main PC becoming infected with various bits of nasty stuff, I’ve now uploaded the latest SmartDD V3 video. This one explains how to use SmartDD with Aweber to both sign up your new prospect … Continue reading

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SmartDD v3 Videos

The first of the new SmartDD videos are up. I apologise for the delay in doing this, it was because of some reported bugs that it now looks like we’ve completely cleared (so far).  Those bugs were:- #1 – A … Continue reading

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SmartDD V3 – A Few Bugs

Well, we knew it was inevitable.  There’s a LOT of code in SmartDD v3 and so we would have been surprised if there wasn’t a single bug when we released it. We’ve fixed the two reported now, and also spotted … Continue reading

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