Update: The sale for the Magic Slidebar plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Plugin Great members will already find the plugin in the members area.

It enables you to display simple text, link and image content in a slide-out bar, either automatically or manually with a tab you can tap or click to show or hide the slidebar. It looks just as good on your phone as it does on your desktop computer.

Better still, you can create as many of these content slide-outs as you like and either display (or disable) them globally, and even select which slide-out shows on each individual page and post. That means you can place different content on every page and post, or mix and match with all posts showing one slidebar except for those you choose to display something else.

You can also set the cookie on each slidebar to decide how often it should auto-display itself.

So for example you can set the cookie to 14 days and have the slidebar auto-display itself the first time that someone views a page, but then not again for 14 days. The tab still shows the whole time, so if someone wants to view the content manually, then they can.

This is very useful for displaying important messages to visitors without bugging them too much and driving them away.

o Full developer (client / flipper) licence in this sale only
o Mobile friendly
o Styling options – background, border, colours etc.
o Easily add an optin form
o Multiple slidebars – as many as you need
o Enable/disable slidebars globally
o Enable/disable slidebars by page and post
o Select active slidebar by page and post
o Add simple text, link and image content
o Special fields for optin forms
o Optional auto slide out and close
o Optional individual slidebar cookie


-Frank Haywood