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Private Label Rights For SmartDD LITE

The sale for PLR for SmartDD LITE will be on Thursday at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST). Believe it or not we’re still debating the price and how many copies. We know it’s a balancing act. If we get it wrong … Continue reading

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Feedback From PLR For SmartDD LITE

There’s been lots of feedback for Private Label Rights for SmartDD LITE. The way I always look it is, for every 1 person that makes a comment, there’s 100 others thinking something similar. So there have been suggestions in pricing … Continue reading

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On Tuesday 16th September, I’ll be making available 10 Private Label Rights (PLR) licences for SmartDD LITE. The PLR licence will allow you to do what you like with SmartDD LITE other than sell PLR yourself. Interested? Well…  How much … Continue reading

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Free Copy Of SmartDD LITE

Following on from a comment I had about SmartDD LITE and the recent subscriber offer, I’ve decided to offer a free copy for personal use to everyone who signs up to my blog list, effective immediately. This doesn’t include resale … Continue reading

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Nickel Sale Warning – Ticket Desk Pro

On Tuesday 18th March, it’s my intention to pre-launch my help desk software Ticket Desk Pro.

There have been various changes to it made along the way. I’ve been using it to handle support this last three weeks, and it’s now at a point where it can be released.

David (the developer) has been working on it for 2+ years on and off, and has recently added all the new features I’ve requested – he’s been working on the new bits since November 2007. After the first release, there will be other releases every so often as we add requested features.

But right now, it’s really nice.

In fact it’s better than nice, it’s excellent.

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