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The problem addressed with this plugin is one of getting people to share your content on social networks.

It’s getting harder.

The way I see it is if it’s getting harder to get people to do the actual sharing and so send traffic to your sites, then we need to make it even *easier* for them to do so than it’s *ever* been before.

Dynamic Easy Share addresses this by taking the two main social sites that account for over 85% of social traffic and making it easy for visitors to share your content and generate backlinks.

In other words it hooks into Twitter and FaceBook.

This is NOT just another social plugin, and there’s nothing to stop you from using it with any other social buttons you may have on your site. What you’re actually doing is extending and improving your sharing capabilities.

You need to see what it can do.  😉

There are two modes.

The first allows YOU to select and highlight snippets of content on your pages and posts that you feel someone would actually share. Any content you’ve presented in this way stands out on your page and all the reader has to do is click a button to share that content snippet on Twitter or FaceBook.

The second mode is javascript driven and allows the READER to post snippets that THEY select. When they highlight a snippet of text, the plugin detects this action via javascript and automatically presents the share dialogue wrapped around the content they’ve selected themselves.

Then all they have to do is click a button and it’s shared.

I know you’ll probably have to see it to understand exactly what the benefits are and how easy it is, and so that’s why I’ll do a short video showing exactly how the plugin works Monday morning.

(I intend to use this plugin on an upcoming project, and I’m absolutely convinced it will give me an edge in the social sharing arena. I can’t let the cat out of the bag now, but I’ll explain it all to you at a later date and I know it will be incredibly useful for you. I’ve been puzzling this all out for a while now, and I’m certain you’ll like it when I unveil it all.)

Here’s a quick feature list for the Dynamic Easy Share plugin.

o Use on posts and/or pages.
o Control over sharing boxes – colours, borders, etc.
o Optionally pre-define content for sharing.
o Optionally enable reader selectable sharing.
o Readers can optionally highlight text, click a button, and share.
o Unified actions with Facebook and Twitter.
o Complements your existing social sharing methods.
o Unlimited color choices and 3 styles of quote boxes.
o Full developer (client / flipper) licence in this sale.

-Frank Haywood