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Automated List Building

How would you like to INCREASE the size of your current mailing list, or even just start building one if you’re new to all this? For FREE (my favourite word). Read on. If you consider yourself a newbie, then you … Continue reading

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Ninety Thousand Dollars Per Month – I Want This!

If you’re anything like me and you’re on lots and LOTS of mailing lists, then tomorrow you’ll be getting a flood of emails from people all promoting the same thing. Me included, but then I’m an exception to the rule … Continue reading

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Taking Stock And A 12 Month Strategy

Yes I am still here. Thank you to all the people who’ve asked if everything is okay, and where I am. Your concern is appreciated, I’ve just been lying low. Well, actually I’ve taken a little time out to take … Continue reading

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I’ve known about autoblogging for quite a while now, about 2-3 years I guess, but I’ve never done anything about it while spending a considerable amount of time learning a lot about it. Learning new stuff is great, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Power Of Price Comparisons

Two weeks ago, my wife put up a niche web site showing a number of comparative products within that niche. She used the automated Vendiva Price Comparison Service to show regularly updated prices for a number of different merchants, and … Continue reading

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