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Update: The sale for the S3 Video plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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(Did you know you can get a free Amazon AWS account [all Amazon services including S3] for the first 12 months? Just Google it for the details.)

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Why would you want to use Amazon S3 to store your videos?

Many small business owners mistakenly think there are only two options: YouTube, where everything is public and you’re limited to 15 minutes, or self-hosted, where you have total control and a hefty hosting bill to match.

YouTube (YT) is fine for general purpose videos, but there are times when you don’t want YT ads to display on your videos, or maybe you have content tucked inside a membership area that you don’t want people to be able to see or download?

Or you don’t want to be limited to a 15 minute video?

Paid-for content has many times been stolen and has then popped up elsewhere.

I know for a fact that this has happened to a lot of people including me.

Yes, you can mark videos as hidden on YouTube, and if it’s not a course or something particularly sensitive and you don’t mind the ads or the initial 15 minute constraint, then it’s an okay solution to that problem.

Another alternative is to self-host the video of course, but this can work out to be very expensive very quickly if you’re not careful. Sometimes you’re looking at 50c per gigabyte or more as opposed to Amazon’s approximate 14c. (And possible bandwidth caps too.)

You’ll also find yourself – sooner or later – in the position where you want to PROTECT your content and only let your members see it. Maybe for a course or a paid-for newsletter…

That’s why Amazon S3 is a perfect solution to the problem. Amazon have massive amounts of storage capacity and bandwidth and there’s pretty much nothing they can’t handle.

Every file you upload to Amazon S3 is automatically protected.

No-one can download or view unless they have the correct credentials.

What the S3 plugin does is allow access to the videos on a case by case basis. So people can view the videos on your site, but they can’t download them.

This totally sidesteps the issue that I’ve run into in the past where people have signed up to a membership, downloaded all the content and then asked for a refund.

Then I’ve seen my videos etc turning up on someone else’s site.

With the S3 plugin you can protect your sensitive stuff easily and without worrying about it being stolen.

Going back to the first paragraph, the reason I used capitals is because I’ve tried some other S3 plugins and while some are free and don’t work, others are horribly complicated and paid for.

I strongly believe in the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid! And while sometimes you just can’t get away from complicated, this isn’t one of them.

Adding videos to your S3 account and then displaying them securely on your blog SHOULD be EASY and with my new S3 plugin, it is.

The plugin is designed to connect to the Amazon S3 service and then stream the videos directly to your blog. It’s clever. It uses your Amazon issued secret key to allow the viewing on YOUR site only.

That means people can’t get at the URL to download your videos. (Well maybe they could, but it’s VERY difficult and probably only a programmer could do it. Nothing is absolutely impossible.)

Once you have your Amazon secret key, installing, configuring, and using the plugin takes moments. In fact it takes a few seconds to add a protected video to your site.

At just $10 during this opening sale and including a full client / flipper (developer) licence, it’s worth every penny.

-Frank Haywood


Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,

I’m trying to purchase the Amazon S3 Video Plugin, but the link from the ‘Add to Cart’ PayPal button doesn’t work.. there’s just a spinning icon on the left hand side of the page when the button is clicked!

Please advise


Frank Haywood

Hi Andy,

Update: I’ve now changed the button to a text link and that seems to be working, so ignore the rest of my reply to you below. Instead see my reply to Leila further down 🙂


The payment links go through SmartDD on my site and then off to PayPal for processing.

I’m almost totally confident that the problem you’re seeing is because I’ve changed web hosts recently and your web browser is caching the IP address of the old site. If you hold the shift key down when you click the payment button then it should clear your cache for that link and direct you through the site properly.

If that doesn’t seem to work then you can try clearing your cache manually in your browser settings. And finally, you could try a different browser.

I’m not sure but I think I had the same problem a few years ago when I changed web hosts then. My memory’s a bit fuzzy… 😉


Leila Rhoden

Hey Frank,

I’ve been trying numerous times since yesterday – from both my laptop and my phone – to purchase the Video Amaaon S3 plugin. Every single time I’ve clicked on the Add to Cart button, all I get is this little spinning icon on the side of the page that keeps on spinning until I get tired of watching it and click back on to your webpage. I really don’t want to miss out on the early bird pricing, so can you please tell me how I can successfully buy the product?

Thank you very much,


Frank Haywood

Hi Leila,

Okay, that’s got me really puzzled. I’ve just answered Andy above saying I’m confident it’s a browser caching issue, but now I’m not so sure from what you’ve just said.

Right, after mulling it over I’ve finally worked it out and I now see the spinning wheel too.

I use FireFox, and routinely middle click links and buttons to open in a new tab. When I do this with FireFox, the payment link works perfectly. When I just left click it then I see the spinning wheel too. So that means it’s either a plugin or theme issue and a javascript clash. So NOT a caching issue at all.


I’ve changed the button to a direct link and that now seems to work okay. I’ll investigate over the weekend and find out what’s going on and fix it.

Thanks for that and you should be fine now. 🙄