Douglas J Gregory

Hello Frank, Great Video.

I have to say this is my main problem or should I say
WAS my main problem. There are so many avenues
to take on the internet business world.
Focus, Focus, Focus is what I tell any newbies
I help along. I set up a schedule daily that I follow.
I turn off the e-mail, set times for each project,
when the time is up, I move on to the next task on my schedule.
Following reputable marketers such as yourself will really
help also.

Thank you so much Frank for all the great content
you have provided. I have linked all my blogs to you
and suggest anyone else that is working as an internet
marketer do so also.

Happy 2010
Douglas J Gregory

Thanks Frank,
This has always been my problem. I come up with so many projects and never seem to be able to get any of them up and running. I have always know the information you put forth but never really followed through with it. After listening to your presentation it has again helped me to become more focused. I never put new projects into folders to come back to them. I have been afraid that I will forget them and try to get them started only to find a new one more interesting. Now I have some direction….. thanks

Pete Fulham

Hi Frank,

Great video, I’ve been there in fact it is only recently that my mind has been thinking along just those lines of just concentrate on one thing. I’ve become a bit of a collectomaniac with various resell and plr products each with an initial great idea what to do with it. BUT I didn’t write it down, I’d start on one project then come across another great idea and start on that then forget where I got to on the last one, being ineffective and pretty much getting next to nothing out and therefore no money coming in.

Another time stealer is my email box, when I last looked I had around 4000 emails that I glanced at thought that would make an interesting project, then moved to next and then the next. Going round in circles never actually doing, just planning in my mind until the next thing getting that offer that is too good to miss. Guess what thats just what it did do make me miss an opportunity that I should have focused on.

My new year resolution is to get off all those marketers lists and concentrate on getting a project done. I’m fed up with getting 10 emails with an affiliate/joint venture from 10 different people all for the same thing. The Mike Filsaime 7 figure code was one. What I did was unsubscribe to any email that sent me that offer. The next one is Keith Wellmans video skinning. I am then going to go down my emails and delete/unsubscribe so that I only get messages from those people I want to associate with.(Its OK yours is one I want to keep lol!). Then hopefully by February this clean up project will have been put to bed and I will be all eyes and ears so that I can ‘Pump you for 8 weeks’

Norman Macey

Hi Frank,

The information you have given here is of great interest, people interested in making some sort of income online do not realise the manner in which distractions can come along.

I wholeheartedly endorse the need to keep focussed and work one project at a time.



A great big THANK YOU! This makes perfect sense to focus on one project at a time and yet it is hard to contain the excitement of additional new ideas.(I’ve tried to do the multi tasking and it definitely does not work.) Placing them in an idea file is great. I’m putting this advice to use right now.

Arlene Johnson

Leanne Boyd

Hi Frank… excellent video. I agree… mostly. A lack of focus is indeed where we end up sabotaging our efforts. However, I must say… if we were to assign an animal as our mascot, as members of the human race, it sure would not be an eagle, like the USA. It would be a MAGPIE. We love bright, shiny things. It is one of the most-true descriptors of the human brain, that we are naturally inquisitive… as well as capable of taking in large amounts of information. When Mac (yes, MAC!) came on with truly intuitive, interactive machines in the late 80s, filled with iconography, it was their intention to emulate the human brain, with word and word/picture associations. The perfect fit… and this Internet race was on, and it’s never quit.

SO. Those of us who have trouble focusing? Well, it is only human nature, actually, You have to train yourself to become a focused person. Your suggestion of an Idea.doc is very good. I’ve done this for years. You would not believe the size of the folder on my PC, for the ideas… intimidating.

One thing you are not factoring in here… is that, often we MUST take on another project, and one that is not a “paying” project at all, but for a period of time, it becomes all-consuming. I am talking about TOOLS, and their necessary place in our trek. I recently purchased SmartDD 3, and after speaking with you, realized what a project this will be. There is not a way to upgrade from SmartDD lite, which for me, has a TON of work into it… so the project has become brand new and will eat loads of time. I must work this around my primary work, as well as IM and creative projects in progress.

All in all, in the end, my advice is what got me through 10 years and 3 degrees: “This too will pass,” and “JUST DO IT.” There do come places where you can focus on one thing only, but for the most part, most of us have real needs to focus on more than one.

And… this, in spite of being a devout NON-believer in multitasking. It really does eat away at the core of what you do. But, if 5 things on your to-do list refuse to be put into a “by-priority list,” and all are MUST-do things… then you just have to keep going and work your way through it.

Pete Fulham

Hi Frank,

I have just watched an incredible video with Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins.
I don’t know if this is the right place to put this comment but I’m sure you can move it if its not. The video is about John Reese and Frank Kern askin Tony Robbins why the people who purchased their ‘stuff’ didn’t take action an do what was in their courses. Tony Robbins drew 4 squares and then wrote in them.

Potential   |      Action
Belief      |     Results

We all have the potential to be great at something, but become great we have to take action. The action we take will deliver the results (we deserve?). The results then affect our belief. If their good then our belief will increase if not then it will decrease. The question is what is it that will make us take action (or what is it that stops us taking action). The answer is certainty. If we are certain that the action we take will deliver the results we want then we will take that action. If we take action and get the results then our belief increases as does our certanty which leads us to take more action and so and so on. I leave to the video to show how we can get ourselves in that position of certainty to start taking action. It can be found here (for free nosign up or anything)

[link now dead]

How to take action by Tony Robbins

Frank Haywood

@Pete Fulham:

The only thing I’d add to this is that you also need to temper your belief with reasonable expectations, and Tony’s left this off here, which isn’t really that surprising.

If your expectations are low and you achieve anything at all, then you’re going to get pretty excited – I’ve seen this with people and it’s always good. Your belief will then be that you CAN do this, and your expectations will increase along with your actions.

But if your expectations are unreasonably high to begin with, then there’s a good chance you’re going to be disappointed, disillusioned (which is probably a good thing in the long run), and your belief is going to take a bit of a knocking.

Then you’ll feel bad about it all.

You have to get past that. You have to really believe in yourself and that you can do it, no matter what your initial results might be.

Tony doesn’t have all the answers. 😉


Rogerio Job

Thank you for the great video Frank!

That’s a great idea start 2010 eliminating our “multi task mania”.

Rogerio Job

Stan Craigie

Hi frank

I just wanted to say thanks for the ‘Focus on 30 Day Projects’ video. I only just watched it. I didn’t have time the other day as I was working on project 3 and 6!?
I am so guilty of this. I’m pretty sure you’ve spoken about this before, so that makes me feel even more guilty. As you say, the solution is so simple. Why do we fall into this trap when it’s really obvious that we shouldn’t?
Leanne makes a good point about us humans being naturally inquisitive, we wouldn’t be where we are if we weren’t, then having to work at becoming focussed.
I’d like to add the point that there’s an element of panic in it as well. If past and current projects haven’t produced the desired results then, this new one might, quicker than the other ones and the vicious circle continues!
Well, I’ve created my Ideas Document, honest!
Thanks again. It was very timely, as I was getting bogged down with toomanyprojectsitis.


You only not quite right but it is obvious to focus on one project only, complete it within a set time fixed by you and Income target. Unless, you reach your income target extend your set time – this is my thinking if right. Don’t jump from here to there and leave everything in-comlete in the wrong way which you won’t realise. And I am one of the person. Good video and I will follow and divert my mind to it.

R. Jerome Harris

Thanks Frank. I really appreciate the video. I am constantly bitting off more than I can chew; taking on multiple projects, never really seeing them all to completion. The feeling is one of being overwhelmed.

My Bad. My Bad. Shame on me. I was making myself my worst enemy in this regard.

Your video slapped me in the face in that it helped me to see that I should be my best friend not take on more than I can reasonably handle. More so, reward myself for seeing a project through.

Thank you.

R. Jerome Harris

Ajithkumar CC

I can’t agree more.