Geo IP Switcher Plugin

Update: The sale for the Geo IP Switcher plugin for WordPress is now live at just $10.00

It will soon be rising to $17.00, so please don't be surprised when it does...

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This plugin is designed to do two things.

#1 – It addresses the EU VAT (sales tax) issue.
#2 – It enables you to sell to countries that don’t support PayPal.

What it actually does is allow you to run two code snippets on a page.

A default one that displays to countries you wish to sell to using PayPal, and also an alternative code snippet if it isn’t a country that PayPal supports, OR an EU country.

In other words, if someone arrives on your web page that isn’t from a country in your list, then they won’t see the default payment button (or other code), they will instead see the alternative payment processor.

o Automatically switches to alternative payment processor
o Manage unlimited products from a single WordPress Site
o Emergency mode for payment processor limitations
o Will switch out any HTML, not just payment code
o Ideal way of resolving EU VAT rules
o Simply switch to ClickBank for EU countries

Here’s the background to it.

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle recently with the new EU law that came into force on January 1st. It states that if you are selling into EU countries, then you should be charging VAT (sales tax) at each country’s VAT rate. You should then be paying that money you’ve collected to each country.

<sarcasm>Wow. Just wow.</sarcasm>

In a nutshell…

The idea is that large companies like Amazon and eBay etc that have set up house in Luxembourg were only paying VAT at Luxembourg rates. The governments from the EU countries didn’t like that, and so we have this new law that will prevent this from happening and cause these big companies to now have to pay VAT at local rates for each country.

It doesn’t just affect the big companies though, as we ALL now have to charge and pay VAT for every different EU country at each country’s rate.

As you can imagine, for some this is a massive bureaucratic nightmare, especially for smaller businesses that just can’t or don’t want to handle all the extra paperwork.

As a result, some smaller businesses have decided they won’t sell to the EU anymore.

Personally I don’t think that’s a good solution, and so here’s Geo IP Switcher.

Now you can provide an alternative payment processor such as ClickBank for non-EU and non-PayPal supported countries.

Why ClickBank?

Well, ClickBank aren’t your “normal” payment processor. They sell your products on your behalf, and THEY become the vendor of the product, not you. They’ve also for a few years now been charging sales tax at the appropriate rate and paying it to each country where required.

This makes them ideal for relieving you of a potentially massive headache.

Of course you don’t have to use ClickBank with this plugin, you could just throw up a message saying you don’t deal with EU countries any more, and not allow people to buy.  Or use a different payment processor that suits you more.

Either way, using this plugin keeps you within the law.

The sale goes live at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) Tuesday 3rd March.

Plugin Great members can already find the plugin in the members area.


-Frank Haywood

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Magic View Tube Plugin

Update: The sale for the Magic View Tube plugin for WordPress is now live at just $10.00 for the first 48 hours or 50 copies, whichever comes first.

It will then rise to $17.00.

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It enables you to add YouTube videos to your page and then display different ads underneath the video AT SPECIFIC TIMES while the video is playing. In other words you can run relevant ads or calls to action at corresponding times.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

You can use HTML in the ads, so it could be a simple link, or a graphic.

o Unlimited ads can be created
o Multiple ads per video
o YouTube suggested videos are disabled
o Create your own “end frame” via HTML for when the video ends
o Optional auto pause of video when user clicks away
o Optionally disable player controls
o Insert videos into pages and posts via TinyMCE editor button
o Everything done within WordPress
o Editable styling for ad messages
o Use HTML in ads including images and links
o Developer licence during this sale only

With Magic View Tube, you get the control over how your video is displayed, what calls to action your viewers see, and even whether or not the link back to YouTube is shown.

-Frank Haywood

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Clever Marketing, I Think…

There’s some very clever marketing I’ve just come across. Or at least I think it’s clever on the face of it, I haven’t quite thought it all through yet for the pros and cons. It’s hot off the press of my mind and onto here.

When (if) I find out more about how this works I’ll let you know.

At any rate it’s certainly something I’ve filed away in the back of my head for future reference.

So what is it?

A couple of days ago I was sent an email about some FaceBook software. I don’t use Facebook in my personal life but of course it’s very important for a lot of people including my own family members.

(My dad has a FaceBook account that he uses to “stalk” the rest of the family, leaving funny and vague comments on various posts the family make and any photos they upload. My eldest son is often killing himself laughing at things his grandad has written…)

That aside, when I hear about some new software, I always go check it out because you never know what use it might be.

It turns out this software lets you post optin boxes together with teaser videos on FaceBook.

Don’t confuse this product with a $67 launch that’s going on at the moment that I guess you’ve probably had emails about. (Not from me.)

This product isn’t that, it’s something very similar, but doesn’t have ONE of the features of the larger product.

In any case… I took a look at the sales page, watched the explanatory video (it could be a service, I haven’t bought yet, but it looks like it) and scrolled to the bottom to see the price – it was a one-off $20.02 on a rising price sale, which I thought was reasonable.

So far so good?

I then forgot about it but left the page open in a tab. I’ve been hibernating my laptop the last couple of days so I knew it was there for when I got back to it.

My inbox has had quite a few emails for this (slightly?) bigger $67 product, so I took a look and thought it was just like the one I’d left open in a tab. It’s not the same thing, and it’s definitely a different product as it also has a countdown timer you can add, which the first product didn’t have.

So I decided to go check out the details of both on JV Zoo, and did a search for the first product. I then got stopped in my tracks because I found 38 products that matched the description.

I opened the first one and clicked the sales page.

It was the same product, same sales page, different price – $11.

I clicked on some of the others – all the same domain, same sales page, different prices, with the lowest I could see at $7, all with different sellers offering different commission rates for affiliates in JV Zoo.

Hmm. Brain engaged and I did a bit of thinking.

The clever marketing bit was that the creator of the product didn’t appear to be selling it himself. I could be wrong.

Each page had its own reference in the URL (?r=9999) which I originally thought was the affiliate ID. I now realise it was a way of identifying each vendor and so placing the correct payment button on the sales page.

My guess is – because I haven’t bought yet – is that the original creator is selling a service, and so will gather the name and email of each person who signs up for it regardless of where they’ve come from.

It’s as if he’s selling it with 100% commissions, but isn’t inserting himself in the sales process at all.

In other words, he’s building a list of buyers without any of the hassle or risk associated with being a product vendor.

I’ve not seen anyone else do this, and it could well be the start of something big – a new trend in selling and list building. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

I just thought you’d like to know, and to say that you heard about it from me first.  ;-)

-Frank Haywood

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What To Do? A Dilemma

I have a dilemma.

(As I’ve written this, I’ve changed my mind a couple of times but I think I’ve made my mind up.)

Here’s my problem. Every week I generally buy at least a couple of products.

Sometimes it’s a learning product, sometimes PLR, more often it’s a tool of some sort, and occasionally I sign up to a new service or membership.

I think I *might* have “a bit of a problem” and thank goodness there’s no online equivalent of the home shopping channel.


At least most of the stuff I actually look at I don’t buy as it’s a newbie / sucker purchase. Looks pretty but holds no value, kind of thing.

(Okay I sometimes fall for one, and did this week, but you’ll never hear about it. It was PLR for an ebook that fell in line with something that I’ve been thinking about and I thought there might be at least some useful information in it. It was total junk, clearly written by someone who knew how to use Google but knew nothing about the actual subject matter and kept using stilted phrases like “one can always tell…” I guess I can use the graphics and ecover after editing.)

Once I’ve purchased something, I then make a decision as to whether I want to tell you about it and give a recommendation to buy.

My guess is there’s on average one or maybe two products each month that I think “float my boat” and actually make the grade.

But I STILL may not send an email out about it.

And then *sometimes* there’s SEVERAL products all at once that are REALLY good, and I’m left with the dilemma of either telling you about all of them, or choosing the best of the bunch.

But *sometimes* there’s no “best” because they all provide different things.

They’re all equally as good in different ways. It’s a dilemma.

For example, this last week or so, I’ve told you about

1) A cracking WordPress theme called OmniPress.

2) How to get your videos to convert.

3) How to generate free traffic in HUGE niches – I love this and want to tell you more about it as I think it’s a licence to print money.

4) And yesterday about 2 mobile products.

Build your own mobile apps.
Mobile templates.

It’s madness!

That’s way more than I feel comfortable promoting in such a short period.

Worse still is I was going to tell you about something else that is incredibly cool until I spotted it only works in Google Chrome. (I’ve written to them about it, so hopefully they’ll get that fixed soon.)

And then last night I bought SOMETHING ELSE that is BLOODY FANTASTIC!

So I thought to myself “What do I do?”

I’m already feeling the embarrassment of sending out too many promotional emails in too short a period, but this is great stuff that I know at least some people reading this will like.

If not one, then another.

I know we’re all different and you may not agree with everything I write about, but key for me is that I think ALL of these products are really good, but in different ways.

Some of it is about selling. Some of it is about traffic. Some (last nights) is about list building. Some are one or more of the previous and are also useful tools. It’s all stuff I’m interested in, and as you read my ramblings I think you’re probably interested in it too.

You know what?

Writing this has (I think) helped me sort this out in my head.

I feel like I have a duty to tell you about the good ones, no matter if they all appear in a lump like this last week.

If we were down the pub having a drink, we’d definitely be talking about them.

And I’ve just realised that here’s the acid test. ALL of these I’ve immediately told family members about and even showed them, either my wife or one of my sons.

Now thinking logically (ahem), if I’ve been excited enough to tell my family about them, then I should be telling you too.

I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

I actually feel a bit emotionally exhausted writing this, so I’ll sign off now saying that I would genuinely appreciate any comments on this below.

Thanks for reading.

-Frank Haywood

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