PLR Reports Nickel Sale Is Now Live

It’s started at $17.17 and the faster you get there, the cheaper it will be.

The sale now includes TWO unadvertised bonuses which I’ll send an email out to all buyers in a few days .

-Frank Haywood

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PLR Nickel Sale – 24 Hour Special

In 2-3 hours time at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST), I’ll be running a nickel sale for 24 hours only.  After that I’ll take the page down.

Those that want it will have grabbed it by that time.

Actually saying it’s a nickel sale is wrong.  The price is going up by 10 cents with each purchase, so really it’s a dime sale.  The Nickel Script will allow you to set any price increase per sale.

The sale is for a set of new NO RESTRICTIONS PLR (Private Label Rights) reports, all in the Internet Marketing niche.

The NO RESTRICTIONS bit is very important.  Most PLR sales come with restrictions of some kind or another, such as “you can’t sell it on auction sites” or “you must charge a minimum of $17”.

With all of these reports you can do anything you like with them.

My suggestion is you edit them to your own style (you don’t need to do this, but it’s a nice touch), and then use them on giveaway sites to list build with.  Or maybe use them with a traffic exchange, again to list build.  Or even use the 7 Dollar Method of list building.

Or of course, you can sell them in a nickel sale using the Nickel Script.

I want you to build your own list, so that you’ll be able to promote my products, make more money from doing so, and in the final outcome we both win.

I already mentioned it yesterday, but for those that buy, I’ll throw in an extra freebie for you in a few days time in the form of a Windows program that will generate affiliate tools pages for you.

I’ll be using it myself to build pages for all my own products.

If you don’t want to miss out on this, and you want to get it at the lowest price, come back here at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST) to get the link for the sale page.

-Frank Haywood

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Nickel Sale – 24 Hour Special

Tomorrow, Tuesday 24th June, at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST), I’ll be running a nickel sale for 24 hours only.

The sale is for a set of new NO RESTRICTIONS PLR (Private Label Rights) products, all ebooks, all in the Internet Marketing niche.

By no restrictions, I really do mean no restrictions.  Usually with PLR there’s some sort of a restriction on what you can do with the product, for example it might be that you can’t give the product away, or charge less than $47 for it.

With all of these you can do what you like with the products.  I was very tempted to keep my mouth shut, and just put my name on all of them and then use them on giveaway sites to list build with.  Or maybe use them with a traffic exchange to list build.  There are lots of options.

Then I had a better idea.

I decided to let you do it instead.  The way I look at it, if you build your own list, you’ll be in a position to promote my products, make money from doing so, and we both win.

So it makes good business sense for me to pass these onto you and enable you to build your own internet business.

However, this nickel sale will be a little unusual in that I’m only running it for 24 hours, and I’m only selling 100 copies.

So whichever comes first, the sale will be closed.  For those that buy, I’ll throw in an extra freebie for you in a few days time – an affiliate tools page generator which I’m intending to release in another nickel sale next week.

A well known marketer released one of these tools a few weeks ago and I believe he’s charging $67 for it.  You know me, I won’t charge you anywhere near that anyway.  But if you grab this offer you’ll be getting two good deals for the price of one.

Watch this space.

-Frank Haywood

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I’ve been considering for a while now about releasing Private Label Rights (PLR) for SmartDD LITE. I had a chat with Paul Freedman (the developer) about it and he’s agreed.

His provisos are that we only sell 10 PLR licences and that they’re $300 each.

Just so that you understand the value of this offer, the code for sale has regularly earned us $2,000 / month in profit with some months peaking at $4,000.

I’ve got some additional provisos to the two I agreed with Paul:-

#1 – You can’t use the name SmartDD, and you can’t associate either me or Paul with the product. To all intents and purposes it’s as if you created it from scratch. This will mean you have to remove all instances of the name SmartDD and our names from the code and documentation.

#2 – You can create as many derivatives of it as you like, and develop the code into larger applications. You must tell us what these are as you create and launch each one. We just want to keep an eye on what’s being done with the licences for your protection and to protect the value of the code.

#3 – You can sell Resale Rights (RR) or Master Resale Rights (MRR) to your newly named derivatives, but not Private Label Rights (PLR). Again this is to maintain the value of your purchase.

You can use the code as if you’d had it developed yourself, and we recommend you get yourself a developer from Scriptlance or Elance or similar to change the appearance. We don’t think it would cost you more than $50-$100 to do this, as the appearance is all held in style sheets. Change the style sheets and you’ll completely change the appearance of your software.

You’ll also get the raw Open Office text document to use as a base for your own PDF docs, and again you’ll have to remove all references to SmartDD / LITE and our names.

Okay that’s it. I’ll set up a page early next week where you can purchase PLR for SmartDD LITE and then let you know where it is here on this blog. The first 10 people to buy get a copy, everyone else will have their money refunded.

-Frank Haywood

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Make $3,000 Every Two Weeks From PLR

Richelo Killian has been doing just that.

I met Richelo at a seminar in 2006, and for 3 weeks after that he bullied coached me every day by asking me if I’d launched SmartDD.

He knew that every day I delayed getting things “just right” was a day lost in sales. It was just what I needed.

Richelo has just written to me and here’s a snippet from the email:-

I am launching my $3K Every 2 Weeks Using PLR Coaching round 2 at the moment. Round 1 was a HUGE success! It sold out in 5 days flat! This time round, I am NOT limiting the number of people, but, I am limiting the closing date for sales.

The coaching starts on 17 April, and the sales page will stop working at midnight on 16 April. This is handled by software, so, it will stop.

I know I could do with a bit of a refresher – we ALL need coaching – so I’m signing up to it myself .

If you want a bit of background to this, about six months ago, he wrote a post on the Warrior Forum that became one of the most read and commented on posts ever.

He outlined his personal system for making $3,000 every two weeks from private label products (and not just ebooks, but other plr products as well, including software and scripts).

Knowing Richelo the way I do, I know he is way too up front to BS you. He does what he says and he’s now offering to teach you his methods in his personal mentoring course.

I know it will be excellent value for money, and that’s exactly why I’m signing up myself.

You can read his original Warrior Forum post at the link below – and find out how you can sign up to be tutored by Richelo in the art of turning PLR into profits.

PLR Coaching by Richelo Killian

See you on the course.

-Frank Haywood

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