Richelo Killian has been doing just that.

I met Richelo at a seminar in 2006, and for 3 weeks after that he bullied coached me every day by asking me if I’d launched SmartDD.

He knew that every day I delayed getting things “just right” was a day lost in sales. It was just what I needed.

Richelo has just written to me and here’s a snippet from the email:-

I am launching my $3K Every 2 Weeks Using PLR Coaching round 2 at the moment. Round 1 was a HUGE success! It sold out in 5 days flat! This time round, I am NOT limiting the number of people, but, I am limiting the closing date for sales.

The coaching starts on 17 April, and the sales page will stop working at midnight on 16 April. This is handled by software, so, it will stop.

I know I could do with a bit of a refresher – we ALL need coaching – so I’m signing up to it myself .

If you want a bit of background to this, about six months ago, he wrote a post on the Warrior Forum that became one of the most read and commented on posts ever.

He outlined his personal system for making $3,000 every two weeks from private label products (and not just ebooks, but other plr products as well, including software and scripts).

Knowing Richelo the way I do, I know he is way too up front to BS you. He does what he says and he’s now offering to teach you his methods in his personal mentoring course.

I know it will be excellent value for money, and that’s exactly why I’m signing up myself.

You can read his original Warrior Forum post at the link below – and find out how you can sign up to be tutored by Richelo in the art of turning PLR into profits.

PLR Coaching by Richelo Killian

See you on the course.

-Frank Haywood