In 2-3 hours time at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST), I’ll be running a nickel sale for 24 hours only.  After that I’ll take the page down.

Those that want it will have grabbed it by that time.

Actually saying it’s a nickel sale is wrong.  The price is going up by 10 cents with each purchase, so really it’s a dime sale.  The Nickel Script will allow you to set any price increase per sale.

The sale is for a set of new NO RESTRICTIONS PLR (Private Label Rights) reports, all in the Internet Marketing niche.

The NO RESTRICTIONS bit is very important.  Most PLR sales come with restrictions of some kind or another, such as “you can’t sell it on auction sites” or “you must charge a minimum of $17”.

With all of these reports you can do anything you like with them.

My suggestion is you edit them to your own style (you don’t need to do this, but it’s a nice touch), and then use them on giveaway sites to list build with.  Or maybe use them with a traffic exchange, again to list build.  Or even use the 7 Dollar Method of list building.

Or of course, you can sell them in a nickel sale using the Nickel Script.

I want you to build your own list, so that you’ll be able to promote my products, make more money from doing so, and in the final outcome we both win.

I already mentioned it yesterday, but for those that buy, I’ll throw in an extra freebie for you in a few days time in the form of a Windows program that will generate affiliate tools pages for you.

I’ll be using it myself to build pages for all my own products.

If you don’t want to miss out on this, and you want to get it at the lowest price, come back here at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST) to get the link for the sale page.

-Frank Haywood