I just got this – I was second to do so – and I’ve checked out the contents.

Hats off to you for something you did that was very clever. I’m going to make a blog post about it for my own subscribers – I think it’s something many people would miss and yet it’s simple and only takes a few moments.

We both know that 80% and up of the people buying are likely to promote it for you because they don’t take enough action, dont’ we?

And apologies in advance, I won’t be one of the 80%, but I will give you some kudos in my blog post tomorrow!

mike@do follow blogs

Hi Frank

I like the idea of a nickel sale, actually I bought both, the PLR stuff and the nickelsale script. You are really offering cool stuff!


Frank Haywood


I think I know what you’re talking about. 😉

And you’re absolutely spot on. It took me about 20 minutes to make the changes, and I guess if I take the time now I could pretty it all up and just do an even faster cut and paste with graphics included.

I know you’ll do the same, but for those who don’t, well, who knows where it will all end up? 🙂


Hey thanks for that. Yeah, nickel sales are really cool aren’t they?