Thanks for your patience in what’s been a frustrating time trying to get it all up and running.

The resale rights nickel sale is now live at:-

You now have 2 hours head start on my mailing lists.

The install video is up, I’ll add the usage video in the next hour or so.

If there’s a problem with your purchase, DON’T PANIC! Just raise a support ticket and I’ll sort you out.

Please be patient if there IS a problem, but don’t fret as you’ll get your purchase as soon as I’m able to get it resolved for you.

The nickel script I’m using is brand new and was having changes made to it just a couple of hours ago.

We’ve tested it through repeatedly and it’s all working now for us, but you never know for sure what other little bugs haven’t shown themselves to us during testing.

Enjoy your resale rights to SmartDD Lite, and thanks again for being on my blog notify list.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. I’ll have another nickel sale for my help desk software up very soon. Again, you’ll get first notification.