This last week or so, I’ve been suffering increasingly from a lack of focus, and I think I’m actually a bit shell shocked.  😉

I know this has happened to you too because it happens to everybody.

The answer is to take a deep breath and prioritise.  Even that’s not always possible, and sometimes lots of things come to a head all at the same time.  Like this last few days.


#1 – It looks like SmartDD v3 (SDD) is just about ready to be unleashed onto the world.  There’s just the massive task of documentation and re-doing the site.  Oh okay, we have several installers to build too, the free version, the full version, and an upgrade version.

#2 – I’ve just received the latest version of the Instant Survey Script (ISS) – yeah I’ve kept that one fairly quiet, but it rocks.  Easy to install and use, and something everyone with an internet business should have.  It has a couple of nice features in it that lift it above similar scripts and services.  And of course it will be a fraction of the price, especially to you my lovely readers.  😉

I have to install that tonight and give it a whirl.

#3 – I have a new version of AdSpurt (AS) to install with a very nice new feature in that I think is completely unique, but I have been completely wrong before, so we’ll see.  Both David and Paul have worked on this one, and Paul is now looking to see if he can sort out a memory problem on some servers.

When we have that licked we’ll be ready to go.  Again, I’ll install it later today to check it out, then build a new licenced version and send it out to the people who have a test copy.

I won’t be releasing AdSpurt in a nickel sale as I think it’s a little bit special, but I will be doing a discounted pre-launch price, probably $47, but don’t hold me to that.

#4 I have JV Manager 1 installed on my server, but I’m having real problems working out how it works.  I reckon I’m 95% of the way there, and I think it’s just terminology that’s confused me.

If you’re an expert on JV Manager 1 and want to set up a couple of dummy products / sites for me so I can see how it’s done, you can have everything I release for the next 12 months.

And I have some great scripts coming for your internet business…

Project APE.
Site Flow Manager.
CMS Anywhere.

Plus a host of smaller items in between.

So if this appeals to you and you really know what you’re doing with JV Manager, raise a support ticket at:-

addressed to me.  If you have some example sites you’ve put together yourself that I can see just to put my mind at ease, then please include those too.  😉

#5 I have a new JV Manager.  She’s agreed to work for me, and I know she’s a real go-getter, and if anyone can pull in lots of new JV partners, she can.  With a background in sales, I’ve already seen her ability to get people to agree, and that’s one of her real strengths.

We’ll eventually turn her efforts into a product and we’ll be sharing all the little tips and wrinkles she uses to make the sales.  What could be better than an inside look at how to find and convert potential JV partners?

-Frank Haywood