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PLR Membership Re-opening

Update: The PLR membership is now OPEN and is currently $27.00/month until I reach my target number of subscribers. At that point I’ll increase it to the regular price of $47.00 You can get to the sales page here:- http://www.plahh.com/ … Continue reading

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Really GOOD Membership Software

I’ve looked all over the place for a GOOD general purpose membership script, preferably for WordPress.  Have I found one? I’m still looking. A weakness I’ve noticed in many of the membership scripts is you’re either IN the membership, or … Continue reading

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Brand New PLR Software Site Pre-Launching Today

I’m very excited to be able to tell you that something I’ve been working on for several weeks now is finally coming to fruition. Last year I decided I wanted to help you get rid of your job and start … Continue reading

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PLR Software Of Your Own

I passionately believe that the best online business model is selling software. That’s because the perceived value of software compared to say an ebook is far higher. Well, after a few false starts, it looks like the new software PLR … Continue reading

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Support Desk Reminder

The reason I’ve posted this reminder is because when I checked my email yesterday, I’ve had 3 people who are clearly frustrated because it seems I’m not answering their emails.

In fact, I’ve answered all of them, including all 4 of Catherine’s (if you’re reading this), so don’t think I’m ignoring you. Email gets checked twice a week now, with my goal for it to be once a week, but the support desk gets checked several times a day.

The problem is, as I’ve said before, even though I have both domain keys and SPF records in place to authenticate my email (and I also use AuthSMTP on some accounts), ISPs insist on filtering a lot of what they consider to be business email. From their point of view, they supply internet services to home users and therefore will only allow “home usage” email to be delivered.

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