At Last! The Nickel Script Gets A Nickel Sale

Posted on by Frank Haywood

Later this week, I’ll finally be launching the nickel sale for the nickel script itself.

I’ve added a few little tweaks to it since I used it last that I think you’re going to like. There’s one feature in particular that I know you’ll like a lot, and you can count on me to extend it with later versions.

In case you’re a new reader and you don’t know what a nickel sale is, I’ll explain.

The sale price of an item starts with a relatively low price, and with each sale it increases by a set amount, usually 5 cents, hence the term nickel sale. The sooner the item is bought, then the lower the price.

It’s an extremely powerful way of kicking up a lot of interest in a product, and pulling in a chunk of cash very quickly. As the starting price is usually low (much lower than the actual final release price of a product), a very nice bargain can be had when the item is bought in a nickel sale.

I’m still toying with the starting price and the final price after the sale is over, but I’ll announce more detail in the next day or so.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Frank,

    “There’s one feature in particular that I know you’ll like a lot…”

    I already do – what’s the feature?

    Later this week? You know how to keep the suspense going, don’t you?

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the script at long last, even without knowing what the surprise feature is.

  2. Hi Frank

    Looking forward to getting my hands on your nickel script. Great for building a list of buyers too.


  3. Frank Haywood says:


    It’s a little thing I’ve had included in this release version, but it’s a goody and I should have put it in for the other nickel sales I’ve run. I like it, you’ll like it, everyone will like it, and I’m sort of kicking myself for not including it earlier.

    Suspense is very important…


    Yep. This new little feature is geared at doing that.

    Here’s the thing. I won’t tell you what it is until after you’ve bought.

    Oooh, the suspense…

    I hope you’re taking notes. ;-)


  4. That’s a clever idea, but what’s a specific item you would use it for? Plus, if the item does become really popular, couldn’t someone just buy it low, put it on ebay, and sell it to someone else for less than what the current price is?

    Not trying to bash your idea or anything, it’s very good and has some potential, but just throwing this out there as constructive criticism.

  5. Frank Haywood says:


    are examples that jointly have resulted in thousands in sales for me.

    If a product is very popular, then it’s up to the product owner to take care to stop it from being copied.

    And what’s to stop anyone from buying anything high and putting it on eBay other than the law and copy protection?

    In the examples above, Ticket Desk Pro is the only one with a licencing scheme (ionCube) in place to prevent copies from being sold. When I release it at the full price of $47 and then later $97, only those people who have registered will be given access to the members area where upgraded versions will be released.

    You can use nickel sales to quickly build yourself a list of buyers, and you’ll find out more about how you can do that after you purchase the Nickel Script. ;-)


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