Later this week, I’ll finally be launching the nickel sale for the nickel script itself.

I’ve added a few little tweaks to it since I used it last that I think you’re going to like. There’s one feature in particular that I know you’ll like a lot, and you can count on me to extend it with later versions.

In case you’re a new reader and you don’t know what a nickel sale is, I’ll explain.

The sale price of an item starts with a relatively low price, and with each sale it increases by a set amount, usually 5 cents, hence the term nickel sale. The sooner the item is bought, then the lower the price.

It’s an extremely powerful way of kicking up a lot of interest in a product, and pulling in a chunk of cash very quickly. As the starting price is usually low (much lower than the actual final release price of a product), a very nice bargain can be had when the item is bought in a nickel sale.

I’m still toying with the starting price and the final price after the sale is over, but I’ll announce more detail in the next day or so.

-Frank Haywood