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Send In The Bulldozers

Here’s an idea for you, something I’ve wanted to do myself but haven’t had the time to do it. First, scour your hard drive and put together a mega package of products, something like the subscriber offer I make to … Continue reading

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Nickel Script Videos

I’ve uploaded three videos to the Nickel Script web site that show you how to install, set up and use the Nickel Script. You can view them here:-


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Nickel Sale For The GIMP Videos Now Live

It’s starting at $5.02 and the faster you get there, the cheaper it will be. http://www.gimpvideos.com/NickelSale/ (By the way, with any luck there will be a new version of the Nickel Script released on Monday.) -Frank Haywood

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GIMP Videos Nickel Sale

Okay, just a quick post to say that everything looks ready for the nickel sale for a set of 12 videos from Stan Craigie showing you how to use The GIMP, and ultimately putting together your own mini-sites.

In case you didn’t know, The GIMP is a free graphics tool that with each release gets closer to rivalling the enormously expensive Photoshop. You can even load most Photoshop format PSD files into The GIMP.

This means you can take advantage of the huge number of existing PSD files out there on the web and use them in your own creations. In fact I just checked my hard drive and I have resale rights for 40 graphics headers in PSD format.

I really want this sale to succeed for Stan, so I tell you what…

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Nickel Sale – How To Create Your Own Web Site And Graphics

The other day Stan Craigie contacted me to let me know that he’d finally finished putting together a set of videos on how to create your own sales page graphics using a free graphics tool called The GIMP.

So I took a look at what he’d done, I was impressed (I didn’t know you could do that with The GIMP), and then I suggested he top it off by creating an additional video showing how to create your own sales page, which he’s now added to the set.

I won’t go through all the details, but the videos will show you how to create ebook covers and software boxes WITH reflections and shadows. He’ll also show you how to create sales page objects such as order buttons.

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