Nickel Script Delayed

Posted on by Frank Haywood

Don’t worry folks, it’s going to happen today regardless.

David is adding an extra feature which will allow you to switch on a workaround any time PayPal mess up IPN like they have today.

He’s working on it right now, so let’s say it’s a 5.00pm GMT launch to give him time to finish it and me give it a quick test. If that then breaks something else, well, we’ll fix it as quickly as we can, but whatever happens I’m determined to launch the Nickel Script today!

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Terence says:

    Your trials and tribulations are becoming quite a feature of your product launches Frank. Keeps us amused though.

  2. Frank Haywood says:


    Lol. Well it’s because I just GO FOR THEM. :-)

    And these are only pre-launches really, so I can make a few mistakes. When I officially launch these products and the world is watching, I’ll have to get it just right.

    But it’s probably more common than you think to be doing stuff right up to the wire.

    Last year Mike Filsaime launched his 7 Figure Code with several “Bullet here” comments on his sales page. ;-)

    He’d not long arrived back in the country and didn’t have time to finish the page…

    The good news is, everything is now working regardless of PayPal’s efforts, so in 15 minutes as I write this, it all goes live.


  3. Mighty PayPal is screwing up royally, it sounds like… kinda creepy since so many programs depend on IPN.

    So, color me curious, but when they get IPN fixed, does that break David’s fix?

    I’ve seen other launches with boo-boos on their sales pages, but it appears that they still are making some moolah, so you have the right idea. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. Frank Haywood says:


    No it doesn’t make any difference, it just sidesteps one of the checks that goes on between PayPal and your site.

    When IPN is working correctly again, you won’t even notice the difference with this new feature. You can then safely flip the correct function back on again.

    But it will stop a lot of headaches for people in the meantime.


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