The video at the end of this post details the bonus plugin I’m including as part of this low cost release of this latest Multiple Streams Theme later today.

Now I know I didn’t have to do this and that I could have released the plugin and templates seperately.  There’s certainly a market for these I now know for sure.  But rather than do that, and the fact that it’s coming up to the season of goodwill and all that…


…I decided to include this plugin with MST004.

A bit mad I know, and it’s like throwing money away, but what the heck.  😉

Last week I released the other half of this plugin which allows you to add sales pages to any of your WordPress blogs, which will then survive theme updates and changes.

This half of the plugin does the same thing, but the difference being it allows you to add new subscriber squeeze pages to your blogs.

If you’re not sure what a squeeze page is, it’s a page that is designed to “squeeze” the name and email address from a visitor.  ie turn that visitor into a prospect with the final aim being of turning them into a customer.

And from my perspective, this plugin is another step towards turning any WordPress blog into a total marketing machine.

We’re getting there, step by step…  😉

And as you’re a subscriber I’m more than happy to reward that you’re here with me by giving you the very best deals at each step of the way towards that total marketing machine.

This is what I’m going to do.

The FIRST FIFTY sales of MST004 will include the bonus plugin at just $10 for both the theme and the plugin.  Outstanding value I know.

(Update: Now at $12.50)

After that, I’m putting the price up to $12.50 for the next fifty, then $17 until the full MST site is live (just a couple of hurdles to jump) together with the affiliate scheme (which I’m being bugged for), and then the theme will be set at $27 without the bonus plugin.

Does that sound more than fair?  I’ll just recap.

1-50 = $10.00
51-100 = $12.50
100-??? = $17.00
Site live = $27.00 but no bonus templates.


It’s a cracking theme – our best yet – and there’s a bonus plugin with templates included.


There’s just one downside to this plugin, and I’ll come clean with you about it now.

You can’t yet run it at the same time as the sales page plugin we released last week.  This is because it uses the same method and there’s a clash.

Here’s what we’re going to do to fix it in January…

We’ll release a new unified plugin to everyone for free.

You then install and activate it and copy ALL your templates into the /templates/ directory and the plugin will auto-recognise which ones are squeeze page templates, and which ones are sales page templates.

You’ll then find that instead of a single drop-down, there will be a choice of two, selected by a radio button.  You then select which type of page you’re creating and the templates for that page type will appear.


I think I’ve already mentioned this here on this blog, but what we want to do is provide a single method of adding many page templates to your blog which survive theme updates and changes, and which is a standard method that all designer / developer types can use to create their own template packs.

In the new year the plugin will be free (and always will be), but we’ll charge for the templates.  😉

Today you’ll be getting five squeeze page templates as a free bonus when you buy MST004.

The sale will go live at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today, Friday 10th December.

I’ll add a new post at that time together with the payment link and send you an email.

And finally, here’s the video of the bonus plugin and templates.

[mc id=”1106″ type=”video”]mst004-bonus-plugin[/mc]

-Frank Haywood