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I Took One For The Team

Offer closed. A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) will be available soon at a higher price and paying 100% commissions. Stay tuned to your email for details. ***Update: I just realised I forgot to put the PDF documentation in the zip. … Continue reading

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HTML Switcher – The Last Plugin?

Update: The WSO has just been approved, and you can get to it here:- HTML Switcher – 5 Star 5 Pack If you intend to promote it, go to this WSO+ approvals page and request approval and I’ll do it … Continue reading

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Delayed Widgets and Delayed Text Widgets

Offer Closed*** Hamant Keval posted a comment on the post for the sale I ran this last weekend asking how the subscription box slide-down in my sidebar worked:- “While i was here I noticed that you had that subscription form … Continue reading

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Content Replacement and Subscribers Only Weekend Sale

Offer ClosedUpdate: Image for Content Replacement plugin for Lars. *** Today 8th July at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST plus Summer variants), I’ll be opening a weekend sale for two of my favourite plugins.  You may have missed them in the … Continue reading

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3 For 1 Weekend Sale

This weekend for 72 hours starting at 6.00pm GMT, I’m doing a final sale of 3 complementary WordPress plugins before placing them on their individual sales pages and adding them to the affiliate scheme. (I *have* already pre-released all 3 … Continue reading

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