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Update: The sale at $17.00 for the easy to use and very cool Alert Box Ads plugin is now live.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a brand new plugin called Alert Box Ads. It’s very cool, easy to use and comes with full Developer (Client/Flipper) rights.

You know those little “alerts” you get that sometimes pop up out of your system tray? Or you’ll see a box appear bottom right on a web site as you scroll down the page?

You can’t do anything but look at them can you? In other words they work, and they work really well. 😉

And this is what the Alert Box Ads plugin will allow you to do. Here’s a short video showing how it works:-

Let’s take a look at the features list.

  • Unlimited alert ads.
  • You can set a global alert ad for every page and post.
  • You can set ads for the Home and Archive “special” pages.
  • You can set an individual alert ad for a page or post.
  • You can disable alert ads on individual pages and posts.
  • Alerts can include HTML and links.
  • Alert box ads can be set to redirect to a URL when clicked.
  • 3 methods of displaying alerts:-
    – Immediately
    – After a set number of seconds
    – When the visitor scrolls down.
  • Create your alert ads using the standard TinyMCE editor – easy.
  • 5 different designs of alert ads included, more on the way.

I hope you agree that it has a really cool and well thought out feature set.

The 48 hour sale for Alert Box Ads will start today 11th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will cost just $10 during that period, so don’t miss out on the low price while it’s available.

-Frank Haywood

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Slide Out Tabs Pre-launch Sale

Offer Closed


I had a customer request for this plugin and I thought it was such a cracking idea that I just had to go get it done.

And like all the better ideas, what started out as a fairly small plugin has turned into something much bigger and fuller featured and I hope you’ll have your socks blown off by this plugin just as hard as mine were.  😉

Here’s a short video overview or you can just carry on reading.

Update: The video is now out of date as we changed the interface but it’s still very representative of the plugin.

The concept is a simple one and as far as I can see it’s been poorly done up to now.

The original request was for a plugin which added a set of 3 slim tabs to the right and left of the page which stayed in place when the page was scrolled up and down, but when hovered over would slide out onto the page.

The slide out would contain the content (HTML), and it could be a video, a sign up box, or anything you like, menus, images, whatever.

That was the ORIGINAL request.

We took it all a bit farther than that.  😉

I decided that rather than just supply a content box in the admin panel where you could paste some HTML… that we’d hook it all into the WP widgetised areas system instead.

What does that mean?

It means that when you create a new tab in the admin panel (unlimited – create as many as you think will fit), it also creates a new widgetised area (sidebar) for the slide-out.

Wow…  😉

Any widgets you drop into the newly created widgetised area get inserted into the slide-out just as if it were a sidebar.

This means you can insert HTML via a text widget, a menu, a sign up box, in fact ANYTHING you have a widget for, you can now insert into the slide-out.

I hope you can see how powerful that makes this plugin.

In theory at least, you could use a theme without a sidebar on the home page and instead use slide-out tabs.

When creating this I also realised that you might not want to put all the tabs on every page, and that you might even want to put different tabs on different pages, or even none at all.


We used the same method that Ads Manager uses of the built in developer system in WordPress called Conditional Tags, and we bent it to our will.

If you’ve never used the Conditional Tags system, then you’re in for a real treat as it gives you total flexibility in setting up rules for things to trigger based on whereabouts on a blog you are.

Built into the Conditional Tags system are rules that allow you to choose which post(s) or page(s) you want the tabs to appear on. Or if it’s the home page. Or the categories page, or the tags page. There are a massive amount of rules and you can also use negatives of those rules too.

So you can say “not on the home page” or “not on these posts” and so on.

This means you can stack tabs in the same position on a page, but show different tabs depending on where the visitor is reading your blog.

To put that another way, you might have 2 tabs on the left that are 100 pixels down and the same height. Normally one would overlay and obscure the other, but you can set the rules to say that one tab appears on the home page and the other tab appears on every post, but not on any pages.

Is that totally COOL or what? 🙄

I’m releasing the Slide Out Tabs plugin over this weekend starting at just $10, and I’ll drop you a line a few hours before I’m ready. It comes with personal use rights and also developer rights so you can install on client blogs. If enough people ask I’ll also consider releasing a blog flipper licence for an additional fee.


In the meantime, I’d also like to remind you that the sale for Instant Graphics Injection ends on Monday but you can currently get this massive pack for just $10 here.

-Frank Haywood

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I Took One For The Team

Offer closed. A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) will be available soon at a higher price and paying 100% commissions. Stay tuned to your email for details.


Update: I just realised I forgot to put the PDF documentation in the zip. I’ve now updated the zip to include it, but if you’re one of the people who’ve already purchased you can also download the PDF here or just go back to your download page and grab the new zip from there.


This Friday we’re going to have a little sale for a brand new plugin that will make your WordPress blog go crazy evil viral all over FaceBook.

Phew!  That sounds exciting doesn’t it?

So what’s it all about and what’s up with the title?


I’ve done something I never thought I would.

I joined Facebook.

And the reason is because we’ve only gone and finally built a FaceBook plugin, haven’t we?  I knew it was only a matter of time really, but I wanted any FB plugin we created to have some tie in to WordPress sites, and it had to have a marketing angle of course, something to do with driving FaceBook traffic to a blog.

And so eventually Like Plus (Like+) was born.  No it doesn’t work with Google+ yet as we can’t get a Google+ account to configure and test it with, but as soon as we can and IF it’s possible, we’ll incorporate G+ into it as well.

(Update: I now have a G+ account thanks to Tim who *just* beat Ray to the punch. Thanks guys. I’ll try to put some time aside for it ASAP, I hae a couple of things I need to get finished first though.)

So I took one for the team and I joined FaceBook so I could use the plugin myself on my own sites.

What does it do?

Well, it’s a little like another one of my plugins called “Subscribers Only”.  In fact the principles behind it are very similar.

How it works is you can hide some important piece of text or HTML on one of your blog posts or pages, and it won’t be revealed until AFTER your visitor clicks the FaceBook “Like” button.


So your visitor clicks the Like button on your post or page for a ZIP or PDF or whatever it is you’re offering, and ONLY then can they get at what they’re after.

In return, YOU get a new “Like” on their FaceBook wall, which is then included in ALL their friends FaceBook Newsfeeds…

Muhahaha!  😈


I’m sure you can straight away see how viral this can make your blog?  Hence the evil laugh.  😉

Their friends will see what they “Liked”, and some of them will click.  Some of them will “Like” it too  in order to get at your hidden goodie.  And it will then appear on their wall and their friends newsfeeds…  And so on.

You’d use it in conjunction with some killer offer you come up with to get people to Like it for you. Here’s the sequence of events:-

#1 – Once your visitor has liked it the content reveals itself – it could be a link to download a report they want.

#2 – In the background the Like then appears on their wall and in their newsfeed.

#3 – Their friends then get to see they’ve Liked something and may click the link to see what it is.

#4 – They read the offer and decide they want it too.

#5 – They Like it. Goto #1.

Viral or what? 😉

The way I see it is, it needs to be used judiciously.  If you put it on every single post and page then it will almost immediately lose its effect.  People won’t want to “Like” everything on your blog.

What you need to do is set up a killer offer on a page or post.  Something really good.  Something where visitors will go “Yeah! I want! I Like!”


I’ve tested it, had it tweaked and re-tested and then had it tweaked some more. I’m happy with it.  So on Friday 12th at 6.00pm GMT we’ll have a little rising price sale.

Now I *could* be really evil and require you to “Like” the post or page first before you can get the link to the sales page, but for now I’m just toying with that idea.

I may even require you to “Like” the page to reveal the buy button.  😉

Yeah I might just do that.  Or some variant on it.

Here’s another idea.

Maybe you get to see the regular buy button with the regular price, but if you “Like” the page for me, then you get to see the discounted buy button instead.

Ooh yeah!  There’s LOTS of ways you could use this when you stop to think about it isn’t there?

And the upshot is, it makes your page VERY popular.

NOW can you see how powerfully viral this is?

Really POWERFUL marketing stuff…

Excited yet?

Worth having?  😎

Please leave a comment below.

-Frank Haywood

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HTML Switcher – The Last Plugin?

Update: The WSO has just been approved, and you can get to it here:-

HTML Switcher – 5 Star 5 Pack

If you intend to promote it, go to this WSO+ approvals page and request approval and I’ll do it right away.  I’m around for the rest of the evening probably until after midnight so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a sale for what *may* be my last new WordPress plugin for a little while…  We’ll see.

I have a lot of work to do promoting all the other ones, and I have staff working on some exciting standalone scripts like Affiliate Click Pal.

Speaking of which, I’m now 95% confident I’ll be releasing that to you on Monday if you pre-ordered it.

(I’ve just received a new version that can now send out emails to both customers and affiliates, and it’s ready to go but depends on me doing the written documentation and videos over the weekend.  I know you’ll want that doing, so please bear with me, we’re nearly there.)

Back to this last plugin…

The original idea was for a plugin that could switch the payment button depending on where the traffic was coming from.  The reason being that if it was affiliate traffic, then it could show a ClickBank button, and if it was plain old search traffic, it would show a PayPal button and you get paid right away.

But I then realised it would be more realistically used to switch in and out absolutely any HTML at all.

So for instance if the traffic to the site was from a search engine, then the plugin would detect this, and show a snippet of HTML according to the rule you set up.

This could be an image/banner ad, or a special deal for new subscribers or whatever.

We also included the ability to add multiple rules, and we decided it should be as flexible as possible in order to show different HTML for different circumstances.  So you can add multiple click sources to one of your rules, and also use * wildcards with them.

Like this:-


If none of the rules are met, then it will show some default HTML you added, or even nothing at all.

That last one is so that if someone has bookmarked your site or is following an email link that you’ve sent them, then clearly they’re already regular visitors, so you won’t want to show them an ad to subscribe.

Make sense?

Tomorrow at 6.00pm GMT I’ll be running what I believe is this last plugin sale for a while through this blog.

It’s NOT the end of an era though, as I don’t intend to stop altogether.  This will just be a little pause in the process while I readjust everything.

Maybe I’ll have another one for you in a couple of months time…


The 50 copies only $10 sale will start tomorrow evening at 6.00pm GMT (1.00PM EST or Summer variants).

-Frank Haywood


P.S. PLAhh customers will get some nice news over the weekend.  😉
P.P.S. MST007 *should* be finalised tonight and as soon as it is I’ll release it to you.
P.P.P.S. As I said above, ACP will be out on Monday.
P.P.P.P.S. *phew*

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Delayed Widgets and Delayed Text Widgets

Offer Closed


Hamant Keval posted a comment on the post for the sale I ran this last weekend asking how the subscription box slide-down in my sidebar worked:-

While i was here I noticed that you had that subscription form appear in a slide down – I could not stop my eyes from going there!

What is that plugin ?
I would like that one for sure

Thanks again for these great super sales

It *is* a cool effect, and I do that with a plugin I released at the beginning of the year called “Delayed Widgets”.  It adds a little delay timer to ALL of your widgets (where possible – most of them) so that you can choose how long before the widget reveals itself in your sidebar(s).

It *was* currently on sale at $17 here on my blog, but as Hamant is so excited about getting this I asked him if he’d like me to run a quick sale, and he said yes.  (I have a tight schedule on at the moment and I’m running out of time.)

So effectively immediately for the next couple of days, I’m making a final 30 copies for sale at $10 her in this post.

As a sweetener, I’m also including a bonus copy of another similar plugin called “Delayed Text Widgets”.  It’s a direct text widget replacement that functions in exactly the same way as the regular WordPress text widget, but is often easier and more appropriate to use.

And as a second sweetener, I’m including RESALE RIGHTS with the SECOND bonus plugin “Delayed Text Widgets”.  (Not the main plugin.)

Hmm, here’s a thought.  My affiliate scheme is *just* around the corner.  You could add your affiliate link for the bigger version of this plugin “Delayed Widgets” into the bonus plugin and distribute it.

When people click it to find out about the bigger plugin, they get cookied.

When they buy, you earn 50% commission.  When they buy any other one of my products, you continue to get 50% commission on everything.  ACP refreshes the ClickBank cookie and so artificially extends it longer than the normal 30 day CB cookie.

So, you get:-

#1 – Delayed Widgets for personal use on all your blogs.
#2 – Delayed TEXT Widgets that you can give away or resell with your aff link included, promoting Delayed Widgets.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?  😉

If you already purchased this plugin earlier this year, then go back to your personal download page and you’ll see that the second resale rights bonus plugin has been added.  🙂

Offer Closed

-Frank Haywood

P.S.  In a couple of weeks I’m hoping to show you a plugin I’ve just come across that I think is totally awesome.  It’s one of those easily underestimated “OMG, this is GENIUS” plugins and I wish I’d thought of it myself.  More on that soon.  🙂

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