LIVE – Subscribers Only WordPress Plugin

The nickel sale for the Subscribers Only WordPress plugin is now LIVE starting at $6.97 and you can get to it here:-


The price will rise by 5 cents with every sale, so the sooner you get to it the lower the price you pay.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank – I just bought the plug-in (I wasn’t first in line, but close) and I have three questions:

1- How do you get this to work with EXISTING posts?

2-Will this work with ARTICLES (not mine) that I import into the blog?

3-For blogs that invite COMMENTS from subscribers, will this plug-in work so that only logged-in members see the new posts?


PS – I also posted this post on your May 29th topic page – but thought I should post on today’s.

Frank Haywood


#1 – Just edit your existing post, add a new “hidden” name, cut the text you want to hide from the post and paste it into the “Subscribers Only” box, then finally add the new “hidden” name tag where you cut the text from.

#2 – Yes, because all articles become posts once you publish them. 😉

#3 – It doesn’t affect comments, and I wouldn’t have thought you’d want to hide these as it’s user driven content. If you think there’s a need to hide those too, then give me a good case and I’ll get it looked at. (I might actually do it anyway.)


Josh at Value Slim

Missed out on this sale, any others coming up soon????