List Building Nickel Sale Today At 3.00pm GMT

Apart from a nickel sale for the Nickel Script itself, this may likely be the last nickel sale promotion you’ll see me do for a while.

I almost have all the results I want, and the release version of the Nickel Script is coming to fruition.

So today at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST), Jonathan Paston of Monday Madness is doing a nickel sale for a really cool list building product – a set of videos, an ebook and a bonus audio.

The sale starts at just $2.02, so it’s easily within everyones reach.

Just to say it again, Jonathan has been selling this for $77 without the bonus audio – this is a special that he’s done only because he wanted first go with my new Nickel Script, and the agreement was he’d give you a special deal which also helps me in return.

Why does it help me?

Because if you know how to build a list, then you may be interested in promoting my products for me as an affiliate. I have a lot of new tools coming out this year, and I need you to promote them for me.

So by me giving to you in this way, I actually benefit myself. It’s always up to you of course if you choose to promote for me or not, I won’t pressure you.

Please don’t miss the sale today – 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST) – a post will appear on this blog with the link to the site. If you’re quick, you’ll get it for under $5.

-Frank Haywood.

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  1. P. Eric Willms says:

    Firstly, there is no link to this product. That would be helpful. So I went to and they selling a book called the traffic hybrid system which is selling for $9.97, nothing like $2.02 or even close. I have one option to think of and that is that this is not the right product. Can a link be provided to the correct product?


  2. Frank Haywood says:


    Yes at 3.00pm GMT when it starts.



  3. Michael says:

    Im looking for the nickel sale for the Nickel Script itself. Is this included with the Monday offer or where can i get the script?


  4. Frank Haywood says:


    That won’t be for a couple of weeks yet, and it will be done through


  5. Michael says:

    Right, do let me know.

    I think it could be very usfaul to drum up sales.

  6. Michael says:

    Does List Building Nickel Sale come with any reseller rights? It doenst say anything bout that.

  7. Frank Haywood says:


    No it doesn’t, this is one of Jonathans own products.


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