I Took One For The Team

Offer closed. A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) will be available soon at a higher price and paying 100% commissions. Stay tuned to your email for details.


Update: I just realised I forgot to put the PDF documentation in the zip. I’ve now updated the zip to include it, but if you’re one of the people who’ve already purchased you can also download the PDF here or just go back to your download page and grab the new zip from there.


This Friday we’re going to have a little sale for a brand new plugin that will make your WordPress blog go crazy evil viral all over FaceBook.

Phew!  That sounds exciting doesn’t it?

So what’s it all about and what’s up with the title?


I’ve done something I never thought I would.

I joined Facebook.

And the reason is because we’ve only gone and finally built a FaceBook plugin, haven’t we?  I knew it was only a matter of time really, but I wanted any FB plugin we created to have some tie in to WordPress sites, and it had to have a marketing angle of course, something to do with driving FaceBook traffic to a blog.

And so eventually Like Plus (Like+) was born.  No it doesn’t work with Google+ yet as we can’t get a Google+ account to configure and test it with, but as soon as we can and IF it’s possible, we’ll incorporate G+ into it as well.

(Update: I now have a G+ account thanks to Tim who *just* beat Ray to the punch. Thanks guys. I’ll try to put some time aside for it ASAP, I hae a couple of things I need to get finished first though.)

So I took one for the team and I joined FaceBook so I could use the plugin myself on my own sites.

What does it do?

Well, it’s a little like another one of my plugins called “Subscribers Only”.  In fact the principles behind it are very similar.

How it works is you can hide some important piece of text or HTML on one of your blog posts or pages, and it won’t be revealed until AFTER your visitor clicks the FaceBook “Like” button.


So your visitor clicks the Like button on your post or page for a ZIP or PDF or whatever it is you’re offering, and ONLY then can they get at what they’re after.

In return, YOU get a new “Like” on their FaceBook wall, which is then included in ALL their friends FaceBook Newsfeeds…

Muhahaha!  :twisted:


I’m sure you can straight away see how viral this can make your blog?  Hence the evil laugh.  ;-)

Their friends will see what they “Liked”, and some of them will click.  Some of them will “Like” it too  in order to get at your hidden goodie.  And it will then appear on their wall and their friends newsfeeds…  And so on.

You’d use it in conjunction with some killer offer you come up with to get people to Like it for you. Here’s the sequence of events:-

#1 – Once your visitor has liked it the content reveals itself – it could be a link to download a report they want.

#2 – In the background the Like then appears on their wall and in their newsfeed.

#3 – Their friends then get to see they’ve Liked something and may click the link to see what it is.

#4 – They read the offer and decide they want it too.

#5 – They Like it. Goto #1.

Viral or what? ;-)

The way I see it is, it needs to be used judiciously.  If you put it on every single post and page then it will almost immediately lose its effect.  People won’t want to “Like” everything on your blog.

What you need to do is set up a killer offer on a page or post.  Something really good.  Something where visitors will go “Yeah! I want! I Like!”


I’ve tested it, had it tweaked and re-tested and then had it tweaked some more. I’m happy with it.  So on Friday 12th at 6.00pm GMT we’ll have a little rising price sale.

Now I *could* be really evil and require you to “Like” the post or page first before you can get the link to the sales page, but for now I’m just toying with that idea.

I may even require you to “Like” the page to reveal the buy button.  ;-)

Yeah I might just do that.  Or some variant on it.

Here’s another idea.

Maybe you get to see the regular buy button with the regular price, but if you “Like” the page for me, then you get to see the discounted buy button instead.

Ooh yeah!  There’s LOTS of ways you could use this when you stop to think about it isn’t there?

And the upshot is, it makes your page VERY popular.

NOW can you see how powerfully viral this is?

Really POWERFUL marketing stuff…

Excited yet?

Worth having?  8-)

Please leave a comment below.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Ray Moore says:

    Hi Frank

    Would you like a Google+ invitation?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Ray,

      Someone else has just beaten you to it (hi Tim), but thank you for offering! It seems I can now send out 150 invitations myself!

      As marketers we all know the whole invitation thing is a ploy to make G+ popular and make it more viral. I wonder how we can use the same kind of thing with WordPress? This new plugin will help, but I wonder if I can come up with something else that works like the Google invitation system?

      That would be cool wouldn’t it? :roll:


    • Pett says:

      Hi Frank,

      I absolutely love the concept of Facebook Like+ button and I purchased it as soon as it came out.
      However, I got stuck with a technical issue and I’m still unable to use it. The smiley face with the red + simply didn’t appear in the editor like it was supposed to after I activated the plugin and created a new page.

      Please, let me know how to sold the problem.

      Many thanks!

  2. Dale Cox says:


    This sounds like a really great plugin and I believe you will sell a ton…but think how REALLY GREAT it would be if you could tie an autoresponder into the like side to capture their email address!!!

    I’m just saying;
    Base Line Technologies
    Spring Hill, FL 34609

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Dale,

      We’re just getting to grips with the Facebook API now, but if it lets us do that (I guess the user would have to give permission) and then we tie it in with a flexi method of adding people onto a list, that would do it wouldn’t it? We just need to be a bit careful about how we implement it so that it’s as easy as possible to add different services.

      The next or the next version after that is my guess. Let’s get this out, address any issues and then we’ll put it on the todo list.


  3. Frank,

    This all sounds great but I think I speak for more than just myself when I say/ask, “Where the heck is Multiple Streams Theme 7 that I purchased on July 1st over a month ago?!”

    Please make mst7 your top priority and put the plugin(s) on the back burner until it’s done. IMHO the wordpress plugins that work with facebook market is getting way over-saturated anyway.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    Jeff Penchoff

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I know and I’m sorry, but it’s different people. The original designer IS looking at it and it wouldn’t surprise me to get it back from him this weekend.

      I am REALLY sorry it all turned out this way, and like I said you’ll get PLR to MST007 when its ready. I’ll only be doing that for those people who purchased MST007 in the pre-launch sale.


  4. Roger says:

    Hi Frank,

    I am not a Facebook fan, but that does not mean I should ignore that traffic source, sounds like a cool plugin, and as you say it needs to be used selectively, over use would kill it. Look forward to the Friday launch.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Roger,

      I’ve never been a fan of FaceBook either. But if it means a TON of viral traffic to my blogs, I’m going to eat my pride and embrace it with both hands.

      A few years ago, I saw what viral traffic can do for a product old or new, and ever since then I’ve been looking for some way to tap into it in a BIG way.

      This is it.


  5. Hey Frank,

    thats sounds greet the plugin, i will wait for this,

    hey when you need a google+ account maybe i can help you with this, because i have one of this accounts, send me your email adress and i will send you some email where you can create a google + account, so that you can test this plugin also for this,

    hey and how about my problem for the mst009 ( css folder ) when you think i can have it???

    best regards


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Olaf,

      I have the new version of MST009 and I’ll check it out a bit later this evening. Even if the designer hasn’t addressed your particular issue, I’ve thought of a workaround until he does. Not great, but it will do the trick until we can get it properly sorted. :-)


      • Hey Frank,

        nice plugin and i use it on some other page from me now, and i must say it works greet ;-) after i have installed my likes goes up more than 30% and my selling goes up also like 20% more now, because i take beheind there some smaller offer for some product, and it seems like the people want this kind of game ;-) ,

        thank for this greet plugin


        ps. but how about the mst009 version? i have test it, but there are still not showing the ä/ö and this kind of words, or have you not check it out ;-)

        • Frank Haywood says:

          Hi Olaf,

          That’s fantastic. It’s great to see someone putting it to good use and immediately seeing results. I come up with these plugins and I use most of them myself, with Like+ being high on my priorities to start pulling in traffic to my plugin site with a couple of freebies as the offer. But it’s always nice to hear someone coming back to me and saying “This is great! It works!” ;-)

          As for MST009, I’ll drop you an email in the next few minutes with the “foreign” (ahem) language fix – it’s just deleting a couple of lines from one of the files – it’s very easy to do. It means the problem titles will render in a different “fallback” font, but the change isn’t that noticeable, and a visitor wouldn’t know any different.


  6. Pol vanRhee says:

    Does it also add the page to the Facebook social Open Graph? And have a way to add a thumbnail either automatically or at least manually with the Open graph Edge? If it does, that would be worth it. Since the other plugin I have that does this only leaves a small “liked” reference with no image on the page, and the other one that does leave a great Open Graph Edge doesn’t do the lock very well/

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Pol,

      It’s always nice to hear from someone who’s done their homework. As I’m new to FaceBook, I haven’t even heard of the FaceBook Social Open Graph, but I’ll go find out about it.

      Yes the plugin allows you control over the comment, the thumbnail (there’s a default image you can specify in the settings), the title and the URL that gets sent to FaceBook when someone likes it, although it will try to send some defaults if nothing’s filled in (you don’t want to do that as you don’t know for sure what might get sent to FaceBook).

      So yes to anybody who’s eyes have just lit up, this plugin could be used for evil purposes if you’re so inclined as you can put the Like button on one page, but when the visitor clicks it, they end up Liking another with a completely different description.

      Now that may or may not work for anyone thinking about it, but you’d lose the viral aspect of the plugin if you do that, so it’s probably not a good idea.

      P.S. I retrieved your comment from the Akismet spam folder.

  7. Steve Debo says:

    Can the plug in code be adapted to html pages? Or do you know of an HTML equivalent? I have blogs, but I also have web sites!!

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Steve,

      It probably could be adapted for HTML pages, but I have the feeling it would be a little complicated to do with little reward. One of the reasons that WP is so popular is that you don’t have to create a MySQL database, you just tap into the WP one which makes it all a lot simpler.

      Then again maybe we don’t need a db for this one. We’ll have a chat about it at this end, but don’t hold your breath.

      P.S. I retrieved your comment from the Akismet spam folder.

  8. Hey, Frank

    I always read your emails, because I buy all your plugins and always want to get in on the best price. But today’s email was its own reward. It really made me smile.

    Thanks for an entertaining break. I really enjoyed your writing.

    Naturally I’ll be back here tomorrow at noon (my time) to grab this great new plugin.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      Hehe. Well I’m glad I bought a little ray of sunshine into your day. I’ll try harder to continue to do that. :-)

      You know I think there’s something in the air because I keep mixing my days up too, and my children who are on 6 weeks holiday have no idea what day it is, they’ve just lost total track and because I’m here all the time there’s no beat-beat of a working week and weekend.

      It’s Thursday tomorrow BTW and I’m running the sale on Friday, so you’ll be a day early if you come back tomorrow – I’m writing this on a Wednesday. ;-)

      The good news is I just got the latest version of the plugin back and it’s all hunky dory except for one minor niggle and that will get fixed tomorrow, so it’s all on for Friday.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Kathleen, I just checked – you were the first buyer. ;-)

      Use this plugin for good, not evil…


  9. Frank,

    I think you have hit another “home-run” (or what would that be in cricket?) with this idea! I cna’t wait to get my hands on it…


    • Frank Haywood says:

      You know Jim, I’ve no idea whether that’s cricket, rounders or baseball. I’m one of those strange blokes that don’t like spectator sport, so I’ve sort of lost the hang of all the terminology. If I’m doing it then it’s interesting, but if I have to watch other people I very quickly lose interest. Seen one football match, seen ‘em all is the way I see it. My dad was really disapointed when he took me to a couple of football games when I was 7 and that was it, I’d had enough. But I must have been a puzzle to him because I loved to play footy in the park. “Jumpers for goal posts.” Luckily my younger brother was mad about football so the pressure was off. ;-)

      Anyway. I’m waffling…

      And you’re right. I can’t wait to see this thing in REAL action. Let’s see what happens on Friday with the buy button. ;-)


  10. Sarge says:

    Feature request: option to automatically send out a second free gift a few days later for those that don’t hit the unlike button.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Sarge,

      Yeah that’s a good one. I’m not sure if it can be done, but we’ll have a chat about it here and see what we can do for a later version.


  11. Frank !

    I did not knew You hang out with Jeffreys !

    He is a hard worker, I not always agree (im just stubborn) with him but he gets around with pals & he is not afraid to live and show his KOTOBOT theory live while he fails and shows how he is resolving his failure. That takes a brave man so he must be stubborn too. Don’t let him fool You into the busy fool routine, this is his brilliance where he shines, he can motivate (*kough* talk you into *kough*) people!

    Enough blaber, im here to give You an G+ invite, reading You can not test your software.
    If you please mail me at


    Your loyal customer,

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Themelis,

      Thanks for the invite, you’ve been beaten to the punch by someone else. :-) I’ve grabbed your details though and I’ll contact you when I get a few spare minutes.

      Yes Alex is an extremely hard worker (like me, hehe) and he’s very good at what he does. Your point about stubornness is a good one, but isn’t that a fantastic trait to have? If you’re very confident something works, then work it hard and don’t give up!

      I’m 100% positive that most people that fail online do so because they jump about trying different things and give up when they don’t see instant results. Business doesn’t work that way – you need to have a long hard think about what it is that will “float your boat” and then start working hard on it. Along the way you might change your mind about your business, but that usually only comes as a result of better education through the prolonged experience of having worked at something.

      I do have to correct you though, hehe. I had a long chat with Alex, and while he says that everything that he’s been doing works fantastically (and he’s the man to show you if you don’t know how), it’s only now that he’s putting a system into place which will mean he has a consistent business. That’s where the comment about being a busy fool came from, and I have to say I’ve been doing just the same thing. It’s only been the last couple of months that I decided to change a few things and put some systems in place (independently of my conversation with Alex), that I’ve actually seen some pretty amazing results.

      It does take a lot of hard work. Anyone that tries to sell you a “push-button” business isn’t being totally fair with you.

      We all need to find our own way, and Alex is pretty damn good at helping people do that. Whenever I catch up with him every so often, it’s always interesting to find we’ve had similar experiences and come to similar conclusions and we’re both changing things based on our experiences. :-)

      In case anybody’s reading this and wondering what the heck we’re talking about, it’s this and well worth checking out:-



  12. Byrt says:

    Frank I can’t wait! I got hooked just by your “muhahaha” evil laugh.
    Sydney AUS

  13. John Wilson says:

    Frank, I think a discount for a Like would be OK.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi John,

      I’m glad you think so, I do too. Let’s see what other people say… ;-)


  14. Leslie says:

    Hi, Frank

    This plugin sounds useful, in certain contexts.

    Not at all keen, however, about the idea of having to ‘Like’ a section of the page in order to BUY SOMETHING FROM YOU.

    I don’t use Facebook. And I don’t want my WP plugin purchases (about how to get viral traffic from Facebook, no less!) turning up in my, uh… Facebook feed.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one. Although, who knows; maybe I am.

    I understand how it works quite clearly from your description.

    Let your affiliates promote it the way it should be promoted. Asking potential buyers to dance like bears for the priviledge of buying is not exactly my cup of tea. Or am I just being a grumpy b*****d?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Leslie,

      You might be, it looks like 1-1 so far. I’ve certainly danced like a bear in the past to get hold of things, and a few years ago as an experiment I did a deal here on this blog where I required people to give me a backlink in order to secure a discount, and loads of people did it.

      And were really happy that I’d done it. Not one complaint.

      But we’ll see. And hey if you *really* feel bad about liking in order to buy, maybe liking in order to get a discount would be better. Then the choice is out of my hands and all yours. You can then choose to stand by your principles and pay more if that’s important to you. :-)

      Let’s see what other people think though – I still haven’t read all the comments yet, I’m approving them and replying as I go.


  15. Gray says:

    Hi Frank,

    I am trying to start out in the offline business, which will, no doubt, include Facebook ;-)

    This plugin sounds great, but at what price will it start at? I will be poised with my index finger quivering just waiting for the Buy Now! button to appear. However, with 4 kidz & a disabled wife I look after it all depends on the price. Either way, I hope you have plenty sales ;-)



    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Gray,

      In these sales I run, the price is always low to begin with, typically $10, and sometimes I start at $7. I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to run the sale, so let’s see how it goes after I’ve slept on it. :-)


  16. Chuck says:

    I’m afraid I’m also one of those without a real facebook account. Liking it with one of those ‘fake’ fb accounts will do your cause no good!

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Well mine is now a real Facebook account. ;-) I saw no reason when setting it up not to go the whole hog. Someone has already found me (hi Arnold) – I didn’t hide too hard – so let’s see how it all goes.

      For this experiment (I test LOTS of things), I don’t mind if you have a fake FB account, it would still be nice to get the Like. :-)


  17. Maury says:

    Hi Frank,
    I think the idea for FaceBook Viral WordPress Plugin sounds good, and I think I have at LEAST 20 of your WP plugins, but please don’t force me to “like” this or I don’t get the best price. I’ve always disliked that tactic from other marketers – I’ve always felt like this was written “arm twisting,” and I’ve NEVER wanted to take part in those sort of sales tactics. JMO – please don’t do it.

    Best regards,

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Maury,

      Okay that’s 2-1 against, possibly 3-1 against if you count Chuck and his fake FB account. Not looking good for the people who want me to offer a Like for a discount.

      This is *really* interesting. :-)


  18. Brazilian greetings dude, good your offering, makes me understand how to succeed in this grizzled hair, burning neurons in solutions for Internet workers (sorry joke). If the price is good, so take my plugin.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Joel,

      Okay I’ll take that as a maybe if the price is right. So let’s call it 3-1 against a Like for a discount.


  19. Annelize says:

    Sounds good. There is a similar plugin on the market with the choice of Facebook and Twitter (that is what I think I just saw watching with one eye a webinar on Commission Ignition, however, did not pay enough attention). So, I wonder how yours differs from this one.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Annelize,

      Yeah I guess we could add Twitter too. I’ve just had a G+ account invite and opened it, but not yet had time to have a play with it. My intention is if it’s possible to also do the Google +1 thing too. That would be really cool wouldn’t it? A choice of FB, G+ or Twitter.

      I’m getting some great suggestions here, thank you.


  20. Looks like a great plugin for promoting offers and partial content to double traffic

    Im all up for that

    Great Little Plugin – Waiting

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Albert,

      I’m sure there’s ways of using this plugin that haven’t even occurred to me yet. Somebody at some time will say “Can it do this?” and I’ll go “Aha! Yes it can!”

      I’m just waiting for it to happen. ;-)


  21. Sven says:

    well, sounds intresting,but all the others who doesnt like the content wont see anything and maybe got angry.
    And after all I have undergone at Facebook I prefer Google+
    So I hope there will be a test version and/or the price will be cheap.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Sven,

      You’re right. But then life is all about choices. If there’s enough leverage – if the offer is good enough – then I’m certain that people will go open a FB account in order to get it. They may never use it again, and never have any friends on FB, but it would always be their choice.

      And in the end some people will walk away. But that’s okay. We don’t all like the same things or like the same people, and the person making the offer and the person not accepting it then clearly aren’t a good fit. That’s life.

      It’s all choice.


  22. Harold Figgs says:

    Frank, I got your email for the auto-blogging 101. Thanks again for the direct attached book to the email. Also sorry someone stole the domain name from ya. I had that happen to me last year as well. Also, I thought auto-blogging 101 was a plugin you developed. any way that’s what I was looking for. No worries though. Is there an early bird special you can dish out for this viral facebook plugin or an early bird email so I can be ready to purchase when you go live with it. I got to have that…..!

    Info4unow Marketing

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Harold,

      It’s my own stupid fault. I should have been paying attention. I’ll dig that plugin out and send you a copy, give me a nudge at the weekend when it’s (I hope) a bit quieter.

      And yes, the early bird special is 6:00pm GMT tomorrow (Friday 12th). I’ll send an email out tomorrow afternoon with the link to the page, and also update this post with it too. Then at 6.00pm (1:00pm EST) I’ll send another one out. But when you know where the sale is you can just hang around on that page until it goes live and refresh it at 6:00. ;-)


  23. Hi,

    I have sent an invitation to Goolge+ ;-)


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Diego,

      Love the Gravatar. Thank you for the invitation, you’ve been pipped to the post though by Arnold S I’m afraid. :-)


      • Gravatar: Every SEO must have a cat… they say :-)

        Regarding G+, now that you have the invitation maybe you will be interested in adding new functionalities to your WP plugins. ;-)

        All the best,

        • Frank Haywood says:

          Hi Diego,

          Absolutely I’ll be adding more to this plugin. I keep getting really good suggestions to improve it, and I even think there’s a much bigger product here in terms of an ebook, videos, plus the plugin all at a much higher price as a mini-learning course.

          If I later go that route, I’ll give all buyers of this deal access to all the other stuff too when available at no extra charge.


  24. Anthony Harris says:

    Hello Frank,

    I note that someone mentioned wanting a discount for a “like”, and your suggesting that might be possible.

    Well that seems unfair. Some of us on your list dislike Facebook, but are willing to give it a go because this plugin has considerable potential. Now as I understand it, in order to “like” something on Facebook, one has to have a Facebook account (well, as it happens I do, but don’t know how to use it and haven’t the time at the moment to learn).

    Why should any customer, but using myself as an example, who buys almost everything you produce (in two cases twice in error, but those are issues for later) suffer a disadvantage?

    Facebook “friends” aren’t friends at all, but loyal customers and subscribers may well be.

    I tend to agree with Leslie’s sentiments earlier. I’m sure you understand.

    Your friend,

    Anthony Harris

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Anthony,

      Hehe. Well it looks like 4-1 against then so it doesn’t look like I’ll be asking anyone to Like the page to get at the buy button this time round.

      I’m not going to upset any of my friends here by doing that. ;-)

      You can probably see though what a strong technique this is though, especially if linked to a rising price sale? You’re always going to get some people say “no thanks” to begin with, but I believe the pressure of a good product at a lower price in return for a Like is going to change people’s minds. Especially if it’s a brand new buyer – I’ve gone for the “what do you guys think” option here as I care about what’s important to you – but a brand new buyer will see the full price, see the option of a discount and then make a decision whether they want to Like it or not.

      It’s sort of like an instant discount coupon they purchase by Liking the page.

      And at the end of the day, it’s always the buyers choice – buy at full price, buy at a discount, or don’t buy at all.


  25. that plugin is just what I’ve been looking for

  26. Isidro says:

    Hi Frank,
    Sounds like a good one. I have an FB account but I know very little about it. I hope to get more into it soon. I am still on dial up because there is no broadband available in the woods where I live. Even satellite is out without cutting a few really nice trees. I guess I’m giving you a NO vote for the FB only discount. Maybe a pat on the back for those who use FB this time. ;)

    Be well,

  27. Alex Albert says:

    Hi Frank,

    when this will be avalible ??


  28. I hate Frank ! Every time I think of something this guy has already thought,created and selling it!
    Killer idea Frank again ill be buying

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Hehe. Look, just because I’ve done it, doesn’t mean you can’t out and do a better job of it. About half my ideas are original, a quarter are variants on other people’s ideas, and some of them I’ve just done my own version of them.

      Competition is good. It arouses people’s interest and knowledge, especially when there are product comparisons to be made to give people something to talk about. You just need to make sure that when you do yours, it’s better than mine in some way. Some people will like yours, some will like mine. We both benefit from the increased publicity and interest. ;-)


  29. Alexandra says:

    Hi Frank,

    as always, I read every and each of your announcements, always good stuff and your writing is great ! :-)

    I’m a bit surprised of the passionate dimension of the “Facebook or not Facebook” debate. I do understand why people don’t like Facebook, I myself have an account that is only used to publish my posts on autopilot. I really don’t have time to spend on Facebook to chat with fake “friends” and in fact I don’t really understand how it works !

    I find your plugin interesting for its viral power, that’s all. And there are always alternatives to offer something to our visitors.

    Nobody here complains about having to subscribe to an autoresponder to get a gift or a discount or whatever…

    Why not give to people the choice to use one system or another ? It could be a way to get rid of this “Facebook problem”. :-)

    It’s just an idea for other purposes. Not for this particular sale as most of us have already subscribed ! :D


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Alexandra,

      Ah thanks for that, we all love compliments. :-)

      FaceBook is okay, you just have to be VERY careful who your “friends” are, and VERY careful about what you publicly post. There are still the vast majority of people out there who don’t realise that once you put something on the internet, it’s ON THE INTERNET. Plenty of people have lost their jobs for posting they went on a bender the night before and rang in sick, or they hate their company and name it. (Incredible.)

      I’ve avoided FaceBook up to now, but I think I’m going to embrace it and see if it hugs me back. :roll:

      And you’re dead right about people not complaining about signing up to a mailing list in order to get at something, so why complain about having to “Like” something? It’s all about choice. You do or you don’t, and there’s no use in complaining about it as most of the time no-one cares. ;-)


  30. Derek Pryde says:

    Hi Frank.

    Just bought your new plugin.

    I’m not a great fan of facebook, but I can see plenty of good ways to use this to go viral.

    Well worth 10 bucks.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Derek,

      Well I’ve never seen the good side of Facebook, but just recently I’ve realised there must be all sorts of ways to promote my sites using FB and the chitter-chatter that seems to constantly be happening there. ;-)

      So this is my first stab at it. I reckon if I put my thinking cap on I can come up with some more tools to do so. And as soon as we get to grips with G+, you can be sure I’ll upgrade Like+ to take advantage of Google’s new community.


  31. Kathlene says:

    Hey Frank,

    I just bought this thing. Does it come with any destructions on how to make it work? It is pretty empty at the moment.

    It loads lovely, but now what do we do with it?


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Kathlene,

      Ah yes, I not long ago realised I hadn’t included the PDF, so I’ve just done a quick update and added it to the zip. You can either go back o your download page, or go to the top of this post and I’ve included a link to the PDF there.

      Sorry. :roll:


  32. Darren says:

    Hi Frank
    just bought your plugin, was not 100% sure of what it did however you seem to put out some great stuff. Installed and tested, WOW great plugin and great concept.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Darren,

      Well thanks for the faith in me, and thanks for the compliment.

      What I’m going to be doing is putting together at least one sexy little bundle that affiliates can give away. They will at least contain a rebrandable report so you can pepper your affiliate links through it. Wouldn’t it be really cool to get people to sign up to your mailing list with one offer, and then direct them to a Like page for another?

      You then get both a new subscriber, and potentially someone liking your blog too. ;-)

      It needs a bit of thought as to how to constrtuct it, but I think it’s well worth it.

      Watch this space.


  33. Scott says:

    If this does what I think it does and there’s no conflicts, i’m really gonna love it – buying now – 10 bucks = multiple site use?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Scott,

      Yep, all my plugins, themes and scripts you can use on all the sites you personally own. If you want to install on client sites or blog flip, I’ll be releasing a low cost client/flipper licence in a few days time.


  34. I just implemented this plugin as a test to see how it goes.

    As always Frank, you put out practical, useful, and easy to use plugins that can be implemented immediately.

    I bought it, downloaded it, read the instructions. Then I uploaded it to my server and wrote a blog post and published it.

    the plugin was the fastest part about that new blog post. The long part was writing it and it’s only maybe 200 words!

    Thank you again!

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you. This is looking really good, way better than even I thought it would be. I have some urgent things I have to get done first as people are waiting for me, but as soon as I get them all out of the way I’ll be all over this plugin.

      For me the most exciting part is being able to offer a discount on a sales page in return for a Like. I’d previously come up with an alternative method of offering a discount, but I think this could be much better – maybe even the two can complement each other. I can’t wait to have some spare time to test this out.

      Imagine this. You get to a sales page and the price is $47 OR you can “Like” the page and you get it for $27. Wow. ;-)

      Sure, some people are going to walk away, and some are going to open a fake FB account to “beat the system”, but there will be enough genuine people to make it all worthwhile and send it viral across FaceBook.


      P.S. I retrieved your comment from the spam box.

  35. Nancy Boyd says:

    Frank I’m a bit confused. Is the google+ plugin different from the viral FB plugin?

    The one at the top of the page is not the same as what you’ll be releasing today, is it?

    Thanks for clarifying.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Nancy,

      There won’t be a separate plugin, it will all be part of Like+ IF it’s possible to do it – we don’t know enough about G+ to do it.

      Like+ as released today works with FaceBook. IF it’s possible, we’ll also make it work with G+ when we know more about it, and it looks like we’ll be including Twitter too once we know more about the APIs. If we have to separate them out into individual plugins for technical reasons, you’ll get all 3 if you buy today and we’ll supply the other 2 when they’re done – no timescales yet though.


  36. Valda says:

    Hey Frank, how’s you? (I’ll be emailing you shortly re our discussion).
    Frank as you know I’ve got just about all your WP Plugins. This FB like plugin does sound like a great plugin. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of Facebook so I may take longer to decide whether to purchase this on or not….. no offence.
    To be totally honest, I’m not too keen on the idea of forcing somebody to do something before they get a freebie or before they are able to make a purchase.
    So because I’m not keen on that kind of tactic, I can’t see any use for this plugin that’s why I may not purchase it. However I do wish you good luck with this sale and I am sure there are many people out there who will use this great viral plugin.
    Finally don’t place a “like” for a discount, your prices are low enough to warrant and extra bonus lol.

    Take care

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Val,

      In reverse order, thank you, your long experience with me means you know I always like to offer my stuff at rock bottom prices to those people who stay on my list and pay attention. ;-)


      As for forcing people, no worries, this kind of thing is always down to personal preferences. However… ;-)

      What you *can* do is give people an honest choice and a killer deal. They can pay full price for a product ($67) or Like the page first and get it for $27. That way it’s up to an individual whether they accept the deal or not. No-one is forcing anyone to do something they don’t want to, you’re putting the choice in their hands.

      Sure some people will go “Ugh! I’m not doing that!” and then complain to you, but do you really want people who are going to complain about being offered a great deal as a customer? They will *always* complain about everything – some people aren’t like us, and that’s what they do. I think it’s better to weed them out at the front end for the sake of a few lost sales later on.

      I mean come on – you gave them the choice of paying $67 and not having to Like the page, or Liking it and getting a whopping discount. If a new buyer comes to your page, you’ve immediately started their “training” as to how you do things. We don’t all get on, we don’t all like each other, not all people are a good “fit” for each other, and it’s just the same with buyers and sellers.

      As an example, over the years lots of people have unsubscribed from my mailing lists because they don’t like my style or boyish good looks :roll: and that’s okay. It just makes for a better experience for me and the people who stay. We get on okay don’t we? Mostly. ;-)


      As for the biggish email I sent you, I hope you’ve carefully considered what I said and that you’ll go take action on it. I’m happy to share some recent results with you, and I’m TELLING you, that’s what you need to do. IT WORKS. ;-)


  37. Kevin says:

    Hi Frank

    Do you have an example page to illustrate the content locking feature?

    Is the locked content covered up in some way? Or does it just not appear at all? It would be good to see an example.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for that. If you download the PDF I’ve now added at the beginning of this post, you’ll see plenty of screen shots as to how it works, and I’ll put up some more sales material and examples when I add it to the PluginGreat.com site.

      I *was* going to give you a direct example of how the plugin works by requiring that people “Liked” a page before revealing a discounted buy button, but that will have to wait until I put the official sales page up on Plugin Great.

      Look, get it now while it’s still cheap. You have 60 days to ask for a refund, but I don’t think you will. In about a week, the price will jump to $xx (TBD) and you’ll be thinking “WHY? Didn’t I get it in the weekend sale?” ;-)


  38. Scott says:

    I was under the impression that whomever hits the “Like” button on your post, whether you have it set blank / default for that page, or for any other URL (like the companies FB page) , then a notation that they did so would appear on their wall, but that doesn’t seem to be happening?

    I did submit a support ticket early this morning, but there was nothing in the selection dropdown for this particular plugin…

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Scott,

      I just checked the ticket and Liked your page and it appeared on my wall. On your page, I can now see the text underneath – “Type in …. as the promo code before checkout ” so it seems to be working as it should.


  39. Hey Frank,

    i have some question about this plugin, because i have test now a nice new combination with this greet plugin, but it will not work so i will like ,:-(

    i have test it with your countdown plugin but about some risen it will not show the countdown text after the like clicking,
    or will this not work when i put some other plugin in the text what it will show behind the like button???

    because when this kind will work, i think then it is the best plugin on the www.

    i hope i can become a quick message about this from you

    best regards


    ps. how you will see my problem on the mst009 theme, have you find it out why it will not show the text???

    • Hey Frank,

      i am again ;-)
      i have just see that the plugin not write anymore the text on the facebook wall, can you check this out please,

      because i dont now why it will not show anymore on facebook the Text,

      best regards


      • Frank Haywood says:

        Hi Olaf,

        The other night I found a thread on WordPress.org that said there was a problem with the FB API at the moment, and it’s been like that for a couple of weeks apparently, going on and off, so sometimes it’s working sometimes it isn’t. I didn’t bookmark it, and now I can’t find it again to show you. :-(

        Perfect timing to co-incide with me releasing my first FB plugin!

        Let’s hang on for a few days and hopefully it will start working again…


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Olaf,

      Hmm. Yeah you’re always going to be in unsafe territory when you’re trying to get one plugin to work inside another. Sometimes it will work, often it won’t. I would try to avoid it if possible.

      I’ll have a think about this, but I can’t promise anything as I expect it’s a little tricky to do.

      P.S. MST009 – Yes – would you check those FTP details again, I still can’t login to your site. :-(

      • Hey Frank,

        nice to hear about the like plugin, i was think that it will be some fb problem, i will test it out more now,

        i have send you some email with some screenshot about my login data, this sound very straing because the ftp login data are write, when you want we can make one time some skype meeting and you can go by team viewer on my pc, maybe we make some time table so that we can meet on skype, you can send it by email to me when you have time, for me is in the moment all time good, because i have free time from work ;-)


        my skype name is ” olaf_firma “

        • Frank Haywood says:

          Hi Olaf,

          I just tried logging in again this afternoon and I got into your site – I don’t know why it worked this time, I just clicked the connect button and I was in. Anyway. I’m a bit tied up right now but I’ll check it out properly tomorrow when it’s a bit quieter. I’m sure it’s something really simple. Well I hope it is… :roll:


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