AdSpurt Now On Sale

AdSpurt is a self-hosted php program that you can use on all your sites to replace or complement the existing advertising in your internet business. However, I see it as a direct replacement in most cases. AdSpurt creates hover ads.

With little warning and absolutely no fanfare, AdSpurt is now on sale for $47.

However, don’t despair as I’m running a short term special offer – more on that in a moment.

Before I get to the details of that offer, the price of $47 for AdSpurt is a temporary one and the final target price is $97. And just like TicketDesk Pro, AdSpurt is being sold via ClickBank and I’ve set the commission at 75%.

This means that for every sale of AdSpurt you generate, you’ll make getting on for $35 in commission, paid every 2 weeks via ClickBank.

(By the way, in case you didn’t know, ClickBank will now pay you directly into your bank account, which is a great improvement if you ask me. You have to receive 3 paper cheques / checks first, but then you can opt to get paid directly. My experience says the money turns up in your account either the next day or the day after – this in itself is worth being amazed at here in the UK given the way the UK banks conduct themselves – poorly.)

Okay, the special offers.

#1 – Everyone who signed up for early warning for the release of AdSpurt will get it for $17 for roughly 48+ hours – let’s say until 9.00pm GMT (4.00pm EST) on Saturday 6th December.

#2 – Every subscriber to this blog gets the same duration but for $22 – I have to differentiate between those people who took the time to sign up and confirm to get AdSpurt, and I think an extra $5 won’t break anybody’s bank. See the password protected post below – your password will have arrived by email if you’re a subscriber to this blog.

After 9.00pm (GMT) on Saturday, the price goes up for both those groups to $27 until Tuesday 9th at 9.00pm (GMT) at which point the special offers are removed and AdSpurt becomes $47 for everyone until I put the price up.

If you go to the AdSpurt site now:-

you’ll see it’s on sale for $47, and clicking the link will take you to ClickBank to pay. But don’t buy via that link yet.

The special offer locations will be communicated to the AdSpurt sign up group via email, and subscribers to this blog can get their link via the previous post which is password protected. The password will have been sent to you via email.

If you’re an RSS subscriber, I’m sorry. The deal is for email subscribers only.

Here’s early warning. If you’re an RSS only subscriber, sign up to receive emails of blog posts in the sidebar at the top right on the home page now. I’ll shortly be releasing a monthly subscription service (hopefully in the next week) at 50% off to all my blog subscribers.

It’s very exciting, and something I’m sure you’ll want. More on that in another post.

All sales for AdSpurt (and also TicketDesk Pro) will be handled by a centralised install of SmartDD.

(And the upcoming subscription service TBA will be handled by a prototype of SmartDD that handles memberships and subscriptions.)

I’m very pleased to say that SmartDD v3 is now an extremely powerful script, and in my opinion is much better than many of the more expensive scripts out there and is set to soon get even better.

But then I would say that wouldn’t I? 😉

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


I entered the password for admission to the Adspurt Special Offer page but only received a blank page. But that’s ok as it gives me an excuse to ask how your IPK promotion is going. How’s it going? 🙂

Frank Haywood

Hi Richard,

Just refresh the page and it should be okay – it’s a WP bug.

I have some very interesting news coming about IPK, but I won’t spoil it by announcing it here.



Gareth@Hover-Ads review

Hi Freank,
That is a very healthy and attractive click bank commission. Also it really helps when you can believe in the product that you are promoting. Thank you for this opportunity, very timely with Christmas bills just around the corner!
I have taking the liberty of linking this post to the first of my mini-sites promoting your software.

Best wishes and good luck

Joey Logano

Wow! Why didn’t anyone else think of releasing this type of program before? It looks very close to Kontera! Very cool 🙂