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An Apology And Some Exciting Updates

I have some really exciting news to share. (Well… I’m excited about it, you may not be.) First a very public apology. In the last few weeks and months:- I’ve lost some full time staff that are now part time. … Continue reading

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PRE-ORDER Sale – Affiliate Click Pal

Offer Closed As a thank you for being a subscriber, I’m releasing 50 PRE-ORDER slots for my new unified affiliate script – Affiliate Click Pal – at just $10 each this weekend. Let’s run through a quick list of the … Continue reading

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Affiliate Scheme Madness and Beta Testers

I know I’m a little crazy sometimes and I do change my mind about things, and if you’ve noticed this about me, this next bit should come as no surprise. Right after getting the unified affiliate scheme all installed, configured … Continue reading

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48 Hour AdSpurt Special (Re-Launch)

Update: This offer is now CLOSED. *** One of the BEST products I’ve ever released is a script called AdSpurt, and today and tomorrow I’m running a $20 special for it plus another bonus script thrown in for good measure. … Continue reading

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AdSpurt Now On Sale

AdSpurt is a self-hosted php program that you can use on all your sites to replace or complement the existing advertising in your internet business. However, I see it as a direct replacement in most cases. AdSpurt creates hover ads. … Continue reading

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