48 Hour Special – Multiple Streams Theme

Update: I’ve uploaded a few videos on the usage of the theme here:-



Since I closed the door on the first Multiple Streams Theme for Business and Pro Bloggers three weeks ago, I’ve had a stream of requests asking when it will be available again.

Happily, the multiple income streams theme for WordPress is now available for immediate purchase at just $17 for the next 48 hours.  After that the price will rise ($27) for 14 days while we set up the official site, and then finally rise again to its regular price.

But until 6.00pm GMT on Friday Monday 5th July, you can get it for just $17.

PLEASE don’t do what some people have already done and beg me to sell it at the original pre-order price, I won’t be moved on this, and $17 is still an incredible bargain considering the work that’s gone into it and what you’re getting.

I also only intend to sell 200 copies in total, and 60 have already gone on pre-order, leaving just 140 remaining.

And this bundle is so good I don’t expect to hit the final price before closing the doors forever on the theme.

What bundle?

Well, we wanted to make sure that the theme you were buying was as flexible as we could possibly make it.  So we also included one of two new plugins I’ll be releasing shortly.

Ads Manager

The plugin we’re including is called “Ads Manager” and is incredibly powerful.

When you see how it can display or suppress ads on your site, you’ll be blown away at how useful it is.

Ads Manager allows you to only display ads to visitors based on rules you select or create.

This is because if you have regular visitors to your blog, then they’re going to get pretty fed up seeing the same old ads the whole time (I know I do) and prevent “ad blindness” from setting in.  Now you can just tick a box that stops an individual ad from showing to your regulars.

You can also do things like only show a particular ad to visitors who have come from search engines.  Or only show the ad on posts that are more than 2 weeks old.

And just to really give you some power over how and when your ads are displayed, we also included WordPress Conditional Tags as one of the rules you can set.  There are a LOT of tags that can be used and you’ll find out where to find them in the included mst-readme.txt inside the zip.

So for example, you could add is_front_page() to the conditional tags box and your visitors would only see the ad on the front page of your blog.

Or you could add is_single() and your visitors would only see the ad on a post and not on your front page, or you could use is_page() and the ad would only appear on pages, and so on.  You can even specify individual posts and pages, or put another way, it enables you to show different ads on different posts and pages.

It gives you almost total control over your ads and it’s PERFECT for use with the Multiple Streams Themes.

Key Points

Here are the key points of the theme and plugin bundle:-

o Designed to provide you multiple income streams.
o Carefully placed subscriber sign up box in the “Golden Triangle”.
o Latest posts at a glance.
o Featured freebie.
o Movable “featured” boxes and ads, all widget driven.
o Product spotlight.
o Time sensitive offers.
o New releases.
o Themed sidebar ads for your affiliate links.
o Sidebar ad graphics are editable.
o Ideal for use with the “Subscribers Only” plugin.
o Multi-site usage licence for sites you personally own.
o Both WP 2.9 and WP 3.0 with Custom Menu versions supplied.
o WordPress AutoResponder being updated to work with the theme.
o Only 200 copies will ever be sold.
o Ads Manager plugin included for free.

In all, the Multiple Streams Themes will provide you with everything you need to become a pro-blogger if you’re not already, and will certainly improve your sites appearance if you are.

You can see an annotated JPEG of the design here:-


The theme has been designed with you in mind and allows you to create a blog where you can build your mailing list (vital), review products, and promote multiple products as an affiliate.

In other words it’s been designed to make your life easier.

Update:  The special is now over, but you can still get the theme for $27 until we officially open the site.  There are 38 copies left as I write this.

Buy now

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi there Frank, hope you are well.
I am now back from my holiday in Spain and have been awaiting the release of the theme.
I purchased the pre-order offer and was wondering if:

1) The Ad’s Manager will be available for those who purchased the pre-order offer


2) When will the theme be available for downloading?

I can’t wait to start using this theme on my blogs.
Take care

Hi Frank, please ignore my last comment. I went to my download page and managed to download the theme and Ad Manager plugin.

Frank is there a way of adding a logo in the header bg as opposed to using text for the blog title etc.

Take care

Frank Haywood


Not without a lot of hacking around in the theme code I would have thought. Go to Appearance >> Editor and edit the header.php. Look for the bit that says:-


There you can see the title. It’s not just a case of amending the code there though, you’d have to go work with the CSS too.


Hi Frank

Thanks for shouting me out in your email (I was one of those that begged for the $10 price again lol!!). Two questions, I don’t see a space for an RSS Subscription or Twitter Subscribe section, how flexible/customisable is your theme to include these somewhere, could you give me a few examples of where these could fit in please (ideally I’d like these at the top)?
Also, would the subscriber box work with another widget I have that handles this instead of your own subscriber plugin?

Thanks 🙂

Frank Haywood


Lol! I name no names!

Hm, you know what? I’m not a big fan of either RSS or Twitter, so neither of those were at the top of my list. Make people join your mailing list instead, that’s where you want them! 😉

What you could do if you must have them near the top though, is use one of the 3 big boxes, say “Latest Posts”, and then go to “Appearance >> Editor” and edit functions.php. Look for the bit of code that says //LATEST POST EDIT HERE. You’ll see all the code that makes up that box including the title etc.

With a bit of trial and error (back up functions.php first) you should be able to insert your own code and graphics to display RSS and Twitter links.

Alternatively, you could create a text widget with your code in, and drop it into the Top Sidebar. Again, a bit of trial and error and you should get it working. Or settle for a text widget in one of the sidebars.

Personally, like I said, I wouldn’t bother. Hardly anyone uses RSS (definitely techies only, and while I consider myself a techy, RSS never “took” with me) and Twitter isn’t much use either unless you’re someone famous (singer/comedian/actor/writer) and want to keep in touch with your following.

The subscriber box is also editable in functions.php, and as long as the plugin you’re using generates form code, you should be able to insert it in there. I have the WordPress AutoResponder (WPAR) developer working on a form code generator for WPAR right now for this very reason. I don’t think a widget in that space is going to work, but I’d love you to try it out and prove me wrong. 😉


Hi Frank,

I have a question about features in the Ad Manager. Does it enable you able to put multiple ads in one block and rotate them.


Frank Haywood


No, but you can put ads in the same block with different rules, so one shows on one page, while another only shows on posts, and another only appears on the home page. Is ad rotation important to you? And if so, how important is it compared to having fine control over your ads?

Actually there’s a fairly swizzy Ad Rotator out there I seem to remember, do a Google and you’ll find it.



Hello Frank…

I have WP-Socrates.
Is there any need for yours?
Do they work together or what would be your advantage?

Does the Ad-Manager work on any site – Socrates too?
And on non blog sites also? – Or just on blogs?

Please let me know before I am too late.
(If possible via email!)



Frank Haywood


I used to like all-in-one themes like Socrates, Mandigo and Flexibility, but now I’m not so sure and I now recommend people get Artisteer instead as you get far more flexibility over layout and design because it’s all your own work.

And if you use the right plugins, you can have all the flexibility and functionality of a custom theme like these.

So why would you then buy my Multiple Streams Theme (MST)?

Well the above themes and Artisteer are all tools to generate themes for niches. MST is a theme aimed at business and pro bloggers – ie it’s been designed to help directly bring you in income from a multiple of sources for your own personal site(s).

And because we’ve given you some standard ad graphics to use, you could easily use the theme together with Ads Manager to run your blog and set up various links to products you want to promote while keeping a standard look and feel throughout. Of course there’s nothing to stop you from using banner graphics from the sites you want to promote, but if you don’t like them, you can use the built in graphics we supply with the theme.

Ads Manager is a WordPress only plugin that you can use on any WordPress site with any theme and it comes as a bonus item with MST.

I’ll also shortly be releasing it bundled with another plugin called “Widgets In It” which allows you to insert (almost) any plugin within your posts and pages too, and not just your sidebars. When used in conjunction with the rules in Ads Manager it’s very powerful stuff.

Imagine being able to insert ads directly into your pages, and then only displaying them when certain criteria are met. It’s limited only by your imagination. For instance you could insert two ads for the same product in a post, but with one being on special offer.

You could set it up so that the “normal” ad would be seen by new visitors that come from search engines, while your regular visitors would see the discounted ad instead. The discount is their reward for being regulars. 😉


Hope you’re still in the office Frank?

Another quick question, do we receive ALL the images as PSD files so that we are able to edit them too? I ask this as you mention the sidebar graphics are editable, however practically everyone would also want to edit the eBook graphic contained within the Subscriber Box at the top left.

Please respond ASAP before this offer ends and I miss out again on the reduced price!!!

Frank Haywood


It’s okay Dave, I realised earlier that it’s Independence Day weekend in the US, and as people began to sign off yesterday for a few days I’ve decided to leave it open until 6.00pm (GMT) Monday.

I’ve done some videos that I’ll edit and upload tomorrow that show how the graphics work.

I know exactly what you’re asking because I’ve been annoyed with themes and sales pages that I’ve bought where parts of the graphics are stuck to others and you can’t edit one without messing up the other.

No, I’m not supplying the PSDs because you don’t need them. The designer has done a brilliant job and the eBook graphics etc are all transparent PNGs sitting on top of the other graphics. All you need to do is replace any of the graphics with your own as either a transparent PNG or GIF and they’ll look great.

Likewise, I’ve supplied copies of all the ad graphics without any text on them so you can just go add your own using PhotoShop or GIMP or whatever you prefer.




Hey Frank…

Thanks for that lengthy and detailed answer.
This is surely worth a sale LOL
Communication and relationship building sells better with me than any product features.
…Well not quite, but please everybody look and see how important this is!!!
And it makes me feel comfortable to buy, as I feel I can come back for any further questions later – not just at selling time.
Great example Frank! Keep it up.




Thank you for taking time to make the videos. This really make is easier to visualize the value you are offering. As always, you deliver in spades!


Michael Pedzotti

@Nat: Nat, I visited your blog and was wondering if you have tried turning off the tickbox that requires comment contributors to register before being able to add comments? I have never left a comment on a blog that has that barrier in place. I wonder if it might increase the amount of traffic and conversation on your site, that is, unless you specifically do not want to encourage comments 🙂

Frank Haywood

@Michael Pedzotti:

Widgets In It will soon be released as a bundle together with Ads Manager for $10 for a few days before a regular price is set. Everyone that already has Ads Manager via Multiple Streams Themes wll be offered Widgets In It at $5 for a few days before I set the final price. 🙂


@Michael Pedzotti:
Well that explains it. I never intended for that barrier to be there.
I’ve been getting the Multi Streams Theme edited and configured to my taste.

Please comment away on my work in progress.


Do you know off hand if Max Banner Ads Pro will work OK with this theme and your plug ins as many of my sites that I would like to use this theme with, the ads are controlled and monitored by Max BA Pro.


Frank Haywood


I can’t see why it would be a problem as long as MBAP has widget support? Why not get the theme and if it’s a problem I’ll refund you.


Hi Frank,

I bought the Multiple Streams Theme when it was first offered (JDB) but then I realised I don’t have the necessary skills to make it my own, so I’m intending to pay someone to work on it for me. Please tell me…what skills would a freelancer need? And can you recommend one?

I KNOW this is cheeky but you ARE just up the road from me, so I feel as if I know you!!


Anne (Leicester. UK)

Frank Haywood


It depends what you want doing to it. If it’s just a tweak of the graphics then you should be able to find someone on one of the freelance sites to do it for under $50 I guess.

Is that the answer you were looking for?


Michael Pedzotti

I agree with Nat on the videos. They are a great “under-the-bonnet” guide for using MST. Frank I am very interested in the “widgets-in-it” widget (2nd last video). I recall you saying something about it in an email, I think, but cannot see the widget in the download zip. Will that widget be part of the MST package or an add-on?


As I said before, the videos you did on the Multi Streams Theme put a lot of extra weight on the scale to purchase. Not only did you show us the Theme, but some of the other plugins in the works. (…can’t wait for “Widgets In It” to be released).
I have a big followup request.

Would you make a video showing your WP Autoresponder features? Please?
I am intrigued by the simplified, integrated communications, but would like to see how it all hangs together.

Thanks for considering.

Frank Haywood


Yep okay. There’s a lot of development going on with the WordPress AutoResponder plugin at the moment, including double opt-in. We’ve also fixed a couple of things that got a bit misundertstood (it always happens) – one of them was the importing of subscribers from the WP subscribers list. It wasn’t supposed to work *quite* that way and I’ve now clarified it.

We also spotted the reason for a recurring bug that we’ve now permanently fixed (we hope).

Here’s a list of current development:-

#1 – Form creation for use on static pages etc.
#2 – Add the ability to choose double opt-in.
#3 – Add the ability to export subscribers.
#4 – Add the ability to select all subscribers to receive a broadcast email or only those who have seen up to a certain autoresponder message.
#5 – Add the ability to publish broadcast messages as posts.

I believe #1 – #3 are now done, but I haven’t tested yet, and there may be some more changes. That leaves #4 – #5 to be done, which are likely to take the longest.

Ah, we’re also taking out SMTP support from the plugin and instead moving it into a separate plugin so you get the benefit of using SMTP with all your plugins that send email – this will be bundled with WPAR as part of the purchase.

Unlike similar plugins, we’re also adding in email send throttling so if your host limits you to say 200 emails per hour from your domain, you’ll be able to set that limit and emails will be throttled so that only that amount are sent each hour until the full send is complete. What would normally happen with many hosts is they would just discard any emails that go over the 200 limit, so this will be a useful addition.

When all these are complete I’ll do a few videos to show off the features. 😉

After this,the next slug of development for WPAR would be to add the ability to have multiple lists and also integrate with third party autoresponder services. So at the same time as people subscribe to WPAR, you’ll also be able to subscribe them to your preferred service too if you wanted to. There are a few caveats with that and we’ll have to see how we implement it all, but that’s what we’re aiming for. It may be we can only do all of it with ImnicaMail as they have an API, and other services may be left out. We’ll see.

That would be a major version release (2.x) and is at least 3 months away. All additional features up to v2+ will be freebies, but v2 will definitely be a small upgrade fee.

Watch this space.