Gosh Aren’t I Lucky? (A Non-Lifeline Service)

My suggestion to you if offered the “opportunity” to sign up to a membership site with a regular monthly subscription is to ask yourself very carefully…

1. Do I really, REALLY need this subscription?
2. Does it add to my bottom line?
3. Is it a lifeline service (e.g. autoresponder, web hosting) I can’t do without?
4. Or will I just look at it once and never use it again, but be too scared to unsubscribe in case I miss some “special secret”?

If the answer to the first three is no, then don’t sign up.

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Check This Out

Check This Out:- http://laborliberator.com/the-day-that-never-comes/ -Frank Haywood

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SmartDD v2 Now Live

The new version of my digital delivery solution SmartDD (v2.00) is now “out there” and available for download. V2.00 introduces a number of new features, with many “under the hood” changes to pave the way for future enhancements we have … Continue reading

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Chronic Buyers Syndrome – Is This You?

The act of buying for many people is the temporary satisfaction of that need to feel they’re doing something to get closer to their desire of having an internet business.

But really, it’s the complete opposite.

The more you learn, the more you’ll suffer from inaction.

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The Big Secret

If you spend a few hours creating a product that you would buy yourself, you now have something to sell. Once you have something to sell, you can put up a sales page and start getting traffic to it. When you have people looking at your product, someone will buy. You can then build a mailing list of prospects and buyers that like what you have to say and you now have customers.

You automate that entire process, and you now have a business.

That’s the entire “secret”. Continue reading

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