I’ve received an email this morning bringing up the point about “how many techniques that have been taught in the past no longer work”.  It further goes onto say that’s why I should be involved in the newest methods.

I disagree.

A “new” method introduced 6 months ago probably didn’t work then either, or if it did, it had a very short life span as it became widely adopted and then abused.  And todays “new” method won’t work tomorrow for the same reason.

The methods that do work reliably and consistently year after year are no secret and are tried and tested, it’s just that many people think that there is some extra “secret” that they don’t know about, and if only they did it would make all the difference.


Okay, you want THE secret?  The ONE thing that will make a difference?

It’s you.

Look at the top of the screen.  It says “Product Creation, Traffic, List Building, Automation = Internet Business”.

There’s your secret.  That and don’t bullshit people.

I would add to that list “building a relationship with your customers”, but that really comes under list building, and so does copywriting.

If you spend a few hours creating a product that you would buy yourself, you now have something to sell.  Once you have something to sell, you can put up a sales page and start getting traffic to it.  When you have people looking at your product, someone will buy.  You can then build a mailing list of prospects and buyers that like what you have to say and you now have customers.

You automate that entire process, and you now have a business.

That’s the entire “secret”.

Anything else is largely irrelevant.

Sure there are techniques to all of these topics, but you don’t need to learn them to get started.  You’ll pick it up as you go along.

The important thing is to get started, and stop chasing after the “newest thing”.  Let the secret chasers do that while you pull your finger out, create a product, and turn your expensive hobby into your lucrative business.

-Frank Haywood.