Gosh Aren’t I Lucky? (A Non-Lifeline Service)

It seems I’ve been picked out of lots of other entrepreneurs for an opportunity to contribute to a book about earning my first $100 online.

I can see the benefits to both sides, 100 entrepreneurs contribute 2-4 pages which then fills an ebook. The 100 entrepreneurs then promote the ebook, and make the full $27 in commission earnings (100%) in typical 7 Dollar Script style. The organiser gets buyers signed up to their list. Buyers get to see how a wide range of other entrepreneurs made their first slug of money, which may give them ideas to do the same.

Everybody wins. There’s even a slim chance that someone might spot my story amongst the 99 others and I might get one or two click-throughs.

Yeah, okay I’m up for that. Especially as I’ve already written it up here on my blog.

Hang on! There’s a catch! I have to sign up to a $37 / month membership site.

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

I need to sign up to a membership site like I need a hole in my head. So I think I’ll pass on this one. It’s not the money, it’s my time is too valuable to waste on a non-essential membership site.

My suggestion to you if offered the “opportunity” to sign up to a membership site with a regular monthly subscription is to ask yourself very carefully!

  1. Do I really, REALLY need this subscription?
  2. Does it add to my bottom line?
  3. Is it a lifeline service (e.g. autoresponder, web hosting) I can’t do without?
  4. Or will I just look at it once and never use it again, but be too scared to unsubscribe in case I miss some “special secret”?

If the answer to the first three is no, then don’t sign up.

Take my advice and save yourself some money.

If you have any non-lifeline memberships, unsubscribe now, stop pouring money away, and likely get some time back in the process.

(Incidentally, now I stop to think about it, I wouldn’t recommend how I made my first money online. I guess lots of other entrepreneurs made their first money by doing things they’d no longer give the time of day to, so maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.)

-Frank Haywood

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One Comment

  1. Hey Frank,

    Yeah it all sounds like a good deal until you throw in the membership site. That’s ridiculous. I’m going to go unsubscribe from a few membership sites right now myself. I ussually don’t unsubscribe from them until a credit card expires and they cancel my membership after I neglect to go re-enter a new credit card number. Lazy and stupid. How much money has gone down the drain.

    You have also fully inspired me to go work and develop my list. I’ve developed a list over the years. It has thousands of people on it. Who knows how many of those will bounce. But I never send to it. Money sitting right there on the table and I don’t pick it up. Huh. I baffle myself.

    No more. It’s on my list to work my list. We’ll see how it works. All my competitors are doing it. Must be they are making some dough or just have nothing else to do. Guess I’ll go find out.



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