Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

There's a correlation between those people who take responsibility for their lives and those who are successful in all aspects. There's an equivalent match for those people who don't achieve and those who point the finger at everything and everyone else for their condition. [more...]

There’s a correlation between those people who take responsibility for their lives and those who are successful in all aspects.

There’s an equivalent match for those people who don’t achieve and those who point the finger at everything and everyone else for their condition.

Look, it’s like this. Once you take responsibility for the fact that where you are in your life right now is no-one’s fault but your own, is when you can take the next step and do something about it.

Are you with someone you don’t like any more? Got a job you hate? Feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have any money and you’ve racked up huge credit card bills?

Whose fault is it?

Go look in the mirror.

And before you respond back and say “ah yes, but…”, well, that’s just an *excuse*. If you’re unhappy, that’s you that’s done that, sunshine, no-one else.

Don’t agree?

Okay, just tell me, who is the person that’s responsible for your life?

Is it me?

Is it your government?

Is it one of your parents?

Did one of the above make the decisions that got you to where you are today? Are the reasons you are where you are, because those things in the past just happened to you?

Or are you prepared to face the truth that your life is your life? And that you are all grown up, and that you are responsible for everything that happens to you?

You make decisions every day about your life, and you should know that you can make dramatic changes with the smallest of those decisions.


Today, I’m going to accept responsibility for my life. I don’t like my job, and I don’t much care for working for other people, so I’m going to do something about it.

I’m going to create a product, and I’m going to offer it for sale online.

While I’m working on the traffic for that, I’m going to create another related product, and put that one on sale too.

And another, and another…

Trust me. That’s all it takes. That’s all there is to it.

It’s not a secret. If it is, it’s the worst kept one ever.

Make a decision, NOW. Take control of your life.

Take some simple steps, and change things forever.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hey Frank,
Ouch! The truth hurts.
But everything you said is
right on the button, and certainly
made me think after cringing a little.

Good on you for… Well being Frank.
All the Best

I agree with almost everything you say, except this:

“Trust me. That’s all it takes. That’s all there is to it.
It’s not a secret. If it is, it’s the worst kept one ever.”

Actually, I think it’s a secret that’s been hidden in broad daylight – that’s why so many people just can’t see it.

I like your attitude Frank. Clean and up-front. Of course, “I” am responsible.

I have d/l your ebook template and installed Open Office. Let’s see if I can get you a draft package of templates before the end of January.


Hey Frank

I know my life is in my own hands and totally accept that.

I have started to take action to get me to where I want to be, so watch this space!

Sally 🙂

Good going Frank,

I could not agree more with you. Maybe you go more into detail as to why some of us/me are procrastinators rather than doers. How do we affect that part of our psyc that holds us back from making those DO decisions or at least the action part of them.

You are great.


Simon Preacher

Absolute truth Frank. The reason why we are where we are today is because of the decisions we’ve made in the past. The reason why we are going to be where we want to be in the future,is because of what we are doing today. I think the number one killer poison,is the habit of refusing to take responsibility of our mistakes.Its time that we accept our faults,pinpoint our weaknesses and take corrective action that will eventually usher us into our desired lifestyles. there is a sying which goes…..” as long as it is today, do not harden your hearts…”. Figure out what this mean.

Once again thanks Frank for this post.


Dan B Cauthron

O Frank – truer words were never spoken ….

sounds like you’ve spent a ton on therapy, or else you know Bill W. pretty well

Wishing all the best
Dan B. Cauthron

Ernie Hodge

Great article Frank. This is one of the bigger reasons the world is in the shape it is in today. No one wants to take responsibility for the things they have done or are doing. Thanks for putting it they way you have. I may want to put this on one of my web sites, with your permission of course.

Hi Frank,
Interesting theory but I dare say just a little harsh.
It’s really not fair to blame people for things that they have no control over.
I have “taken your steps” and nothing’s altered.
‘I’m going to create a product, and I’m going to offer it for sale online.’
Well, it’s STILL offered for sale but, after eight months I’m still waiting for my first sale.
That was my SECOND product – the first has been “on sale” 14 months and has produced ONE sale.
OK so I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “working on the traffic”. How can you work on traffic?

Anyway, this is long enough and boring enough so I’ll be off.

Those pretty “Bookmark It’ pictures, do they actually DO anything?
Surely, if you bookmark something, it’s on your own PC. No use bookmarking anything on someone else’s site.

See ya.

Peter Williamson

Hey Frank,

Your words may be tough but true.
People of today want to may things handed to them. You are responsible for you own lot in life. Realize this and things will be better for you in the long run. Thanks for the great reading.


Bob Marconi

Sorry, I respectfully disagree with you!

When something goes wrong for me and I look in the mirror it’s ‘that other guy’ I see, not me! My alter ego.

The April Fool Baby – yes that’s my birthday! So I have someone to blame!


Marthe Dumas

Hi Frank,

I’m glad to find someone who think like me.

My late husband always uses a Shakespeare phrase that sound a little bit like that. ” Be strong and loyal towards yourself” meaning, it’s the decision that you take that gone decide of your life. I think the same thing.
People must learn that responsability is not culpability. You must say to yourself: OK I choose the wrong path. That’s it that’s all. Now, I learn from it and I continu in an order way.
Don’t beat your head on the wall.


Fisayo Adeyemi

You are correct only to some extent…I think.

I’m more with Bob Marconi but we just have to use every obstacle as a stepping stone. This is so important so that we don’t dance much to the tune of circumstances beyond our control.

And note that every good thing you could record about yourself, whether putting ideas into products or whatever, just count your self lucky.

Some people would do better than you but..CIRCUMSTANCES!

On personal discussions, I share some of these things.

Steve Roberts

Dead right Frank,
Absolutely agree. There are 2 parts to this, -the things in our life that we can control. One of the problems here is that many people don’t or won’t accept that they do have control over most of the issues that are affecting them.
-the things in our life that we don’t have control over – like government decisions, interest rate rises etc.
There is no point wasting energy blaming the people that have made those decisions, your energy is much better spent dealing with your new situation and working out how you are going to best deal with it.
Get over it and get on with it!
Thanks for the article it is always good to read these things from time to time, just so we can smarten up our act again.

Donna Maher

Frank, another right-on article about why we succeed or fail. It’s the law of attraction at work every moment, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. We attract bad things just as easily as good things, since everything is energy anyway.

The hardest ‘pill’ I ever had to swallow in my entire life was the “I am responsible for everything that’s happened to me and everything that is wrong in my life today.” I just wish I’d learned it in my twenties… oh the grief I’d have saved.

Thank you AGAIN for spawning some outstanding commentary and for sharing from your heart, as you always do.

Just part of why I love you so much! I wish I’d been that wise when I was your age… I’d be a billionaire by now!!!!

Donna “A forever FH Fan”

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