PLR Membership Re-opening

Update: The PLR membership is now OPEN and is currently $27.00/month until I reach my target number of subscribers. At that point I'll increase it to the regular price of $47.00

You can get to the sales page here:-


Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be re-opening my PLR membership at a temporary reduced price, and I’ll reveal that price now.  It’s just $27 a month for PLR to TWO product sets.

Or put another way, it works out as $13.50 each…  😉

But that price is only valid until I fill up my remaining slots to make the membership viable for me to continue to run.  (It’s been touch and go.)

Each month you’ll get PLR to 5 sales page designs, PLUS additional PLR to either a WordPress plugin or theme, or a PHP script or other program, or a special report or video set created by me.

It’s a pretty good deal.

Just the five sales pages alone are worth your membership.

Ask anyone.  If you were to pay to have ONE sales page created for yourself, they’d cost you $47-$97 depending on who did them for you, and all you’d get back is the design with uneditable PNG or JPEG files.

With the ones we supply you get Private Label Rights to the entire pack of 5, PLUS all the PhotoShop PSD source files.  In addition we make sure there are no hard-coded text in graphics (wherever possible) and in the few cases there are, we also supply blank JPEGs or PNGs so you can use your favourite graphics editor to add your own text.


As for the cost of developing the WordPress plugins and themes, you’re talking anything from five hundred to two thousand dollars and upwards – go find out for yourself.  So I think it’s fair to say that every month you’re getting between $750 to $2000 worth of products you can rebrand and call your own.

At the special relaunch price of $27 it’s not just a good deal it’s a smoking deal!


First I’d like to give you a bit of background about the membership.  I opened it in November last year, and everything went fine until about March when my one and only designer took an office job in Singapore.  He still does some part time work for me.

Then I had to fire one of my plugin developers as he was supposedly working full time for me and (when he slipped up) we found out he was also working “full time” for one of my friends.  (No wonder he was getting slower and slower…)

This left me with a full time plugin developer and a part time designer.

And then to make matters worse, my remaining developer decided to go look for an office job too and also went part time in June.

While this was all going on I just couldn’t find the right people to fill the gaps left behind and from April until now I’ve been struggling to fulfill the promise of 2 monthly PLR products as part of the membership.

It even got to the stage last month where I’d just about decided to close up shop on the membership as I couldn’t see how I could continue to deliver products like I had been – I’m certainly not a designer or a plugin developer.

And then out of the blue I picked up two new designers, one of whom can create WordPress themes.  Hurrah!

I then (by accident) found a part timer who is now in training to become my full time PA and Project Manager in March 2012.

But the icing on the cake is I also found a new full time coder, AND just this week my part time developer has increased her weekly hours to almost full time.

Suddenly I have a full set of staff and that makes the membership viable again.  And I also have enough “give” in there to make sure that if someone leaves then the membership won’t suffer like it has this year.


To kick off the relaunch of the membership with a bang tomorrow, I’m adding in some extras.  So instead of you joining and getting one month’s worth of products, I’m including a few more bits and pieces too.

The current product set is for August, but I’ve left July’s active too.  September’s will be ready next week.

So when you join tomorrow, you not only get July and August’s membership products, you’ll also get September’s too when I add it in a few days time.

That’s THREE months worth of membership in this first month.  (For existing members I’ll put something else in so you don’t feel left out.)

Forget pretty good, forget smoking, this is a RED HOT deal.

But ONLY when you join tomorrow at just $27 / month.

When I fill the minimum membership slots I need, then the price goes back up.

I’ll give you some additional details tomorrow and re-open the membership at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

-Frank Haywood.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Pol vanRhee

Glad to hear a full staff is back in gear! I’ve been a member of this since the beginning and there has been some great stuff that has come out of your head (and into my wallet) Looking forward to even more amazing plugins (and even some WP themes). Great job!

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Thanks for that. I love that feeling of satisfaction I get when a new product is done and added to the membership. And as I have another WP designer on board now, we should start to see a few themes in the mix too. I know there have been a few issues with the membership this last few months, but that looks like it’s all behind us now thank goodness.


Albert F A Matthews

That sounds really good Frank, How long is the $27 price tag lasting for ?
I do hope no idiots join as so many people nowadays de-value a good product straight
from buying it to selling it to redeem there money at a loss….. No Offense to anyone meant just what I see with a ton of products that we all can resell…..

Frank Haywood

Hi Albert,

I’ll hold it open at the low price until I see you join. 😉

Seriously though, don’t spend too much time hanging around when it goes live today. And as for idiots joining… Well I seem to attract some of the more sensible marketers out there, or maybe the others eventually filter themselves out, I don’t know. 😉

The trick to PLR is to make it unique so you aren’t selling the same product as everybody else. It’s worth just spending a few hours rebranding and making it totally yours before releasing it. That’s the not-so-secret secret that makes all the difference…


Albert F A Matthews

That is very true, However you speak of plugins and I have found that allot of plugins on WSO that people get giveaway rights to end up giving them away to build there lists than sell them for what they are worth is to the PLR I was relating to more. Any sneak peaks frank at what is in there this month as the sale page has no images ?

Frank Haywood

Hi Albert,

PLR is a different beast altogether than MRR. The marketers who are successful with PLR are those that take the time out to amend it so that it’s all theirs. The more you can do to differentiate yourself from the masses the better, and I’ve seen some people put together some very nice products from the PLR I’ve released. To do this, they’ve added value by including bonus items, making additional tutorial videos and adding reports. It takes a little time to do this, but it’s well worth it as instead of being a “me too” marketer, you get a unique product of your own.

Those that don’t do very well with PLR are those that treat it as MRR. If you’re selling the same product as everyone else then unless there are strict rules on pricing, then within 24 hours the price is worth $1 or zero.

Yes I’ll have some images for the September products on the sales page on Monday when I release them.


Greetings Frank Haywood.

And congratuations on your new PLR product relaunch. I hope you do not think that tomorrow is Friday. Remember Frank tomorrow is actually Thursday not Friday.

Frank must be going crackers and thinks that Thursday is Friday.

Frank Haywood always gives really good value on a Friday evening.

Anyway I am in and I hope I do not miss the signal to click on the button to join the new monthly plr membership site.

Good luck, Colm.

Frank Haywood

Hi Colm,

Hehe. Thank you.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have been proven to be the best days to launch a new product or site. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – I’ve seen the stats.

But… I typically like to do things on a Friday just as the weekend is starting. That way I feel more chilled as even though I can work my own hours (and days) to suit me now, I still enjoy the weekends and there’s something pleasantly refreshing to see sales being made during “leisure time”. 🙂

I have plans for the weekend (work) so I wanted to keep a day clear this time round.


Hi Frank,
I WAS looking forward to joining you BUT….
I am an English teacher in China and in a different time zone ( not an easy wait for 1pm and hit the button ) more like coffee, coffee, red bull, red Bull and repeat until ASLEEP !! 🙂
I will have to wait up until about 4am to get the early launch window.
The last time I tried doing something like that I fell asleep…..
I often suffer with things because of my location, ( there are lots of restrictions here in China including the Internet ).
So it looks like I will HAVE to pay FULL price to be a member.
I understand my location is my problem.
Good luck, I think your re-launch is a done deal anyway.
Quality products and Service.
Best wishes,

Frank Haywood

Hi Bob,

Oh no! I know it’s a problem for our Australian cousins too, but there just isn’t a viable workaround for it. Somebody suggested I run different start times for different time zones by geo-IP, but that can be bypassed with a proxy etc. For instance I have a VPN in France and a Windows VPS in the US which gives me two different IP addresses (3 including my own), and I can’t be alone in doing that.

I can never tell with these events how they’re going to go. Sometimes they go ballistic, other times they go at a leisurely pace. There’s every chance that when you check the page the price will still be $27.

I tell you what. Whatever happens, I’ll hold the price to $27 for 24 hours. That should give everyone a chance to get in.


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hey Frank,

nice too hear the good news about your team, i will hope that it comes now all better for you and for us 😉 ,

i will wait for the order link to take the membership, and maybe it will solve all my last problems 😉 what i have, even i miss two working produkts, bbtw you are the best developer of this kind of stuff withe the best priceing,

best regards


Frank Haywood

Cheers Olaf. 🙂


G’Day Frank… Congratulations as to building a team that you come across as being very excited to work with into the future. This can only bode well for you and all.

As for the PLR Membership I’m going to the sales page after this and sign up. I have never done something like this ever, but having learn’t how to build websites, seo and keyword research, feel I’m ready and confident to make 2012 a success.

Kind Regards

Hi Frank
It would be helpful to actually see what membership includes. you mention templates,etc but if I can’t see the quality of them I wouldn’t invest in them. screenshots or anything would be great. I can’t imagine why anyone would buy something like this if they can’t see what they are getting? Glad to see you are getting the help you need, hope all goes well

Frank Haywood

Hi LB,

As you mentioned, yes I’ve been getting some extra help, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with the new guys trying to get them up to speed, and getting some bugs fixed in some of the plugins that the latest version of WP broke, and trying to respond personally to customer emails, and some other things, and some other thing and so on. It’s been a bit hectic and I have huge list of things to be done that seems to be getting bigger. Yes, having staff means you can do more, but there then seems to be more things that need to be monitored. It will calm down eventually, but for now it’s bit nuts.

And all of that means that I’ve left the products off the sales page where normally I’d put them on. And the reason why people HAVE been buying is because they know they’re getting SIX products this month instead of the usual two. I’ve left July and Augusts in place, and on Monday I’ll be adding Septembers, then removing July and Augusts a couple of days later. There’s a good reason for you. 😉

If I get a chance (slim), I’ll add them to the sales page and / or update this post before sending one last email out about the special price.


Hi Frank,I bought the membership but did not receive any download link or passwords.

(Unique Transaction ID #2P621170Y8186484N)

Please advice.Thanks!

Frank Haywood

Hi Richard,

You would have been redirected to the welcome page after returning from PayPal, and also *should* have received an email with a link to your personal download page. I’ve just re-sent it to you, go check your spam box.


Veronique Berri

Hey Frank , youre doing it again, a bargain of a life time. PLR membership for $27 per month.
when I here plr, I usually cringe, because theres so much bad quality out there, but I know with youre products Frank , the quality is certain and for the price, well say no more. Its make you realise how much we do get ripped of out there in the IM world.

cheers Frank

a big Fan


Frank Haywood

Hi Veronique,

Thank you for your faith in me. I have a new developer, plus two new designers, a content writer and big list of good ideas, so watch this space! 😉


Hi Frank,is it possible to add a video to introducing each of the WP plugin you have in the PLR site? It will be easy for us to explain the function of the plugin then using words to Our Customer .

Hope you can make a video and upload to Youtube for both the July and August PLR plugins.And when will the Sept plugin be out?