3 For 1 Weekend Sale

This weekend for 72 hours starting at 6.00pm GMT, I’m doing a final sale of 3 complementary WordPress plugins before placing them on their individual sales pages and adding them to the affiliate scheme.

(I *have* already pre-released all 3 to a small number of people and so you may already have them. This is a final sale for those people who don’t…)

I call them my “control” plugins and I use all 3 of them on most if not all of my blogs. Combined together, they move WordPress closer towards being a full blown CMS. I believe they should actually be part of WordPress and not just plugins, but there you go. One day maybe.

#1 – Ads Manager

The first of these three control plugins is “Ads Manager” and is incredibly powerful. It allows you to display ads and other text and HTML in widgets depending on lots of different rules you can set.

Here are some of the features and the kind of thing you can do, it’s not an exhaustive list.

o Stop an individual ad from showing to your regular visitors who would probably already have “ad blindness”.
o Only show a particular ad to visitors who have come from search engines.
o Only show the ad on posts that are more than 2 weeks old.
o Use WordPress Conditional Tags such as is_front_page() so your visitors only see the ad on the front page of your blog.
o Use is_single() and your visitors would only see the ad on a post and not on your front page.
o Use is_page() and the ad would only appear on pages, and so on.
o Specify individual posts and pages, or put another way, it enables you to show different ads on different posts and pages.

It’s very cool and is one of my favourites.

#2 – Widgets In It

This plugin allows you to place ANY WIDGET in any POST or PAGE, not just in the sidebars.

When you activate the plugin, it creates a new sidebar on the widgets page. You can then drop any widgets you want into it as normal.

Then when you create or edit a post or page, there’s a new drop down appears on the edit page which contains all the widgets you placed in the sidebar.

This means you now have ultimate flexibility and control over your ads by using these two plugins in combination.


o Ads Manager lets you set rules for displaying ads.
o Widgets In It allows you to place widgets (including ads) inside your posts and pages.

There’s a video that shows you how Widgets In It works on this page here:-


#3 – Contextual Widgets

This final control plugin “Contextual Widgets” allows you to decide which widgets will appear on which parts of your site. It works with ALL standard widgets, not just the ones I’ve released.

Now I know you might still be wondering a bit at the moment, but I’ll try to explain.

You know how a WordPress theme allows you to drag and drop widgets into the sidebars? Well it’s usually a case of all or nothing. Once you’ve dropped them there, all you have is the same widgets in the sidebar on *every* page and post on your site.

There’s no way of saying you don’t want to see a particular widget on a certain page.

Until now.

With “Contextual Widgets” you can choose exactly in which context each widget will appear.

So you may decide that you only want to place a particular ad in a sidebar on a particular page (context).

Example #1

You write a blog page that discusses the importance of building a mailing list (the why), but you don’t put in any details about the steps they need to do it (the how). Over in your sidebar are your affiliate ads for an ebook on list building and an autoresponder service that only shows on that page, i.e. in that particular context.

Example #2

A visitor arrives at your site via a search engine and lands on one of your tag or category archive pages. They see an ad that’s nowhere else on your site.

Example #3

A visitor to your home page sees links to some of your best articles in the top of the main sidebar. They click on one of the links and end up on the page they’re interested in, with a strongly related ad to the article, while your list of articles has been moved further down the sidebar.


Aha! Get it?

There are plenty of contexts built right in:-

o Home – Your site’s blog page if it isn’t set to your front page.
o Front Page – Your site’s front page which can be different to your blog.
o Post – Individual posts, ie not your home/blog page.
o Attachment – For your attachment pages, e.g. movies, audio and images.
o Author – Author archive pages.
o Category – Category archive pages.
o Date – Date archive pages.
o Tag – Tag pages.
o Search – Search results pages.
o Page not found – Your 404 error pages.

Plus every single page you create gets auto-added to the list of contexts. So every page you write about any topic can be set to show its own unique ads.

I hope by now you can see how powerful this third plugin is, and how it gives you an extra level of control over your blog that a standard WordPress installation doesn’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Starting tonight at 6.00pm and until Monday morning you can get all three plugins for just $17, then that’s it. The chance are the next time you see these for sale will be individually at $27 each, so this is your final chance to get them if you don’t already have them.

At 6.00pm tonight this post will be updated and the payment link will automatically appear. On Monday at 9.00am, the payment button will disappear (powered by the Content Replacement plugin).

-Frank Haywood

New Multiple Streams Theme – MST008

Update 6th July 2011:

The videos for this theme have *finally* been completed and you can see them here:-


Update 22nd June 2011:

MST008 has been updated to v 1.0.1 due to an easy to fix but annoying bug…

Some people may have been having a “headers already sent” problem with this theme. We didn’t see this on our test bed, so maybe the server(s) we’re using are more forgiving than others. It happens when some spaces or blank lines get inserted into a PHP file where they shouldn’t be.

Happily, WordPress know about this issue, and there’s an explanation of it here if you ever come across it yourself.

Just go back to your personal download page and grab the latest version, we’re sorry about any inconvenience.

Update: I’m sorry for the delay, the theme and plugin bundle is now available. There were a number of small issues I had with the theme, now all resolved. Please go back to your personal download page and you can grab it from there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Offer Closed


The latest in the Multiple Streams Themes (MST008) is now *almost* complete, and on Friday 26th May at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’ll be running a 48-hour 50-copies-only PRE-ORDER sale at $10.00.

It comes with a nice selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, a selection of built in page templates, plus plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the header, top boxes and top and bottom ad areas, change footer text and add analytics code if you don’t have the Script Manager plugin.

And of course the theme supports the common WP 3.x features of custom menus, and background. That second one allows you to further lighten the feel of the theme or darken it down if that’s your preference.

And… after several requests we’ve added an extra “ad sidebar” at the top, so instead of the usual 3 ad blocks for sign ups, freebies, etc, there are now FOUR.

And finally, we’ve included a slider area at the top under the menu where you can place presentational images, extra ads etc.

It’s really nice, very businessey, probably the most professional looking theme so far… ๐Ÿ˜‰

More on this tomorrow, but just in case you’re thinking “Hang on! I’ve bought all of them – what happened to MST007?” Well, someone else is working on that one, so they’ve got a bit out of order. When it’s done I’ll release it don’t worry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For now, MST008 isn’t quite ready as I’ve asked for a couple of under-the-hood changes and I’m expecting to get it in the next few days.

You can get a sneak preview of the theme here:-


The pre-order sale starts tomorrow at 6.00pm BST (British Summer Time, which is GMT+1).

-Frank Haywood

New Multiple Streams Theme – MST006

The latest in the Multiple Streams Themes is now complete, and on Thursday at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’ll be running a 50-copies-only sale at $10.00.

It comes with a nice selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, a selection of built in page templates, plus plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, and bonus Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the header, top boxes and top and bottom ad areas, change footer text and add analytics code if you don’t have the Script Manager plugin.

And of course the theme supports the WP 3.x features of custom menus, custom header, and background. That last one allows you to further lighten the feel of the theme or darken it down if that’s your preference.

It’s really nice… ๐Ÿ˜‰

More on this in the next 24 hours, when I’ll post a link to some videos.

You can get a sneak preview of the theme here:-


-Frank Haywood

Corner Peel Ads Nickel Sale


The nickel sale for the Corner Peel Ads plugin is now live, and you can get to the sales page here:-


You can now also click the corner peel ad after refeshing this page.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


The plugin is now working very nicely, and we’re just making a final tweak to it to add a couple of little extra features before we release.ย  If we find we can’t get them in for tomorrow, we’ll just go with what we have and then release the additions in a few days time.

Everybody likes free upgrades.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Corner peel ads are those nice little ads that look like a small piece of the web page has peeled away.ย  When you hover over them, they peel back more of the page to reveal your ad.

I believe the trick with these is, you don’t have to always have them active.ย  Just activate them when you have something new you want your visitors to see.

While you can have them running the whole time, I think that quite often, “less is more”.

I believe it’s more acceptable to people that they see a slide up ad more often, and to see the page curls only when there really is something special going on.


Tomorrow (Tuesday 5th) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), the nickel sale for the Corner Peel Ads plugin goes live.

The first person to get there will get it at just $6.97, and the first 20 buyers will get it at under $8.00.ย  Usually the first 100 sales occur in the first hour, so the faster you get there the better the bargain.

I’ll send out a reminder a few hours before the sale starts tomorrow, and then another email at 6.00 when it does go live.ย  I’ll also put a new post here on my blog with the link at the same time.

I have a feeling this is going to be very popular, so it’s probably a good idea to be here sooner rather than later.

-Frank Haywood

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Slide Up Ads Plugin Finally Ready

Offer Closed



What can I say?ย  My sincerest apologies to all those nice and patient people who pre-ordered the plugin with a promise of 10 days to delivery.ย  It’s now been about an extra 18 days after that, but it’s finally done and is now in use on this blog, which you may have already noticed…

My only excuse is that while we started with a clear idea of what we wanted from the plugin, it just got out of hand like things do sometimes, and we made it bigger, added some more features, and finally spent several days discussing the merits of rules on visits or views before me finally deciding views was better (for now).

(That debate is NOT over yet, and we’ll probably add visits to the rules when we can.ย  If it makes sense.)

Like I said, the plugin has ended up being much bigger than we intended it to be.

Originally it was going to be a few pre-defined templates with some simple rules on when to display the slide up.

Then the “feature creep” started.ย  The upshot is we’re very late with release, but to all those people who pre-ordered, you’ve got yourself one of the years bargains.ย  I’m very confident that we could sell this plugin as it is now for $47 day in day out, so all those people who grabbed it for $10…ย  Well done.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what did we add that made it take so long?

  • LOTS of pre-defined templates – 44 variants in all
  • An easy to understand method ofย  creating your own templates
  • A colour picker for an optional plain background slide-up
  • Autoresponder sign up code parsing and reformatting
  • Comprehensive rules system that governs when and how often the ad shows
  • THREE ways of visitors closing the ad, selectable by you
  • Two different “Content Types” for the ad – autoresponder and link/HTML
  • Finally, a way to reset the ad when you create a new one

I’m sure that once you’ve installed the plugin that you’ll be impressed by our level of thought about the admin panel.ย  Even so, there’s still a couple of little “niggles” I have with it that we’ll fix in later versions, plus a couple of bigger features I have up my sleeve.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a screen shot of part of the admin panel:-

Slide Up Ads Settings
And a picture of the drop-down rules:-

Slide Up Ad Rules

The colour picker if you’re using a plain background:-

Slide Up Ads Colour Picker

And the buttons that can be added to the slide up ad:-

Slide Up Ad Buttons

Note in that last image that there’s the usual X (which always appears on the ad), an optional minimise button which will allow the visitors to close the ad for a period you decide, and also an optional power button which will close the ad permanently until you use the “Reset Viewers” check box on the admin panel settings page.

So…ย  What comes next?

If you pre-ordered, just go back to your personal download page ( you did bookmark it, right?) and you’ll now be able to download the plugin.

If you didn’t pre-order, then for a couple of days you can still get the Slide Up Ads Plugin for WordPress for $17 before I set the regular price.

Thanks again for your patience, and I’m sorry it took far longer than we thought it would.ย  I hope you think the additional features we added made the wait worth while.ย  We’ll *try* not to do that again.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you now want to get the plugin at a discount and before I set the regular price, then for a couple of days you can get it for $17 by using the buy button below.

-Frank Haywood

Offer Closed