Update 6th July 2011:

The videos for this theme have *finally* been completed and you can see them here:-


Update 22nd June 2011:

MST008 has been updated to v 1.0.1 due to an easy to fix but annoying bug…

Some people may have been having a “headers already sent” problem with this theme. We didn’t see this on our test bed, so maybe the server(s) we’re using are more forgiving than others. It happens when some spaces or blank lines get inserted into a PHP file where they shouldn’t be.

Happily, WordPress know about this issue, and there’s an explanation of it here if you ever come across it yourself.

Just go back to your personal download page and grab the latest version, we’re sorry about any inconvenience.

Update: I’m sorry for the delay, the theme and plugin bundle is now available. There were a number of small issues I had with the theme, now all resolved. Please go back to your personal download page and you can grab it from there. 🙂

Offer Closed


The latest in the Multiple Streams Themes (MST008) is now *almost* complete, and on Friday 26th May at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’ll be running a 48-hour 50-copies-only PRE-ORDER sale at $10.00.

It comes with a nice selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, a selection of built in page templates, plus plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the header, top boxes and top and bottom ad areas, change footer text and add analytics code if you don’t have the Script Manager plugin.

And of course the theme supports the common WP 3.x features of custom menus, and background. That second one allows you to further lighten the feel of the theme or darken it down if that’s your preference.

And… after several requests we’ve added an extra “ad sidebar” at the top, so instead of the usual 3 ad blocks for sign ups, freebies, etc, there are now FOUR.

And finally, we’ve included a slider area at the top under the menu where you can place presentational images, extra ads etc.

It’s really nice, very businessey, probably the most professional looking theme so far… 😉

More on this tomorrow, but just in case you’re thinking “Hang on! I’ve bought all of them – what happened to MST007?” Well, someone else is working on that one, so they’ve got a bit out of order. When it’s done I’ll release it don’t worry. 😉

For now, MST008 isn’t quite ready as I’ve asked for a couple of under-the-hood changes and I’m expecting to get it in the next few days.

You can get a sneak preview of the theme here:-


The pre-order sale starts tomorrow at 6.00pm BST (British Summer Time, which is GMT+1).

-Frank Haywood