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What can I say?  My sincerest apologies to all those nice and patient people who pre-ordered the plugin with a promise of 10 days to delivery.  It’s now been about an extra 18 days after that, but it’s finally done and is now in use on this blog, which you may have already noticed…

My only excuse is that while we started with a clear idea of what we wanted from the plugin, it just got out of hand like things do sometimes, and we made it bigger, added some more features, and finally spent several days discussing the merits of rules on visits or views before me finally deciding views was better (for now).

(That debate is NOT over yet, and we’ll probably add visits to the rules when we can.  If it makes sense.)

Like I said, the plugin has ended up being much bigger than we intended it to be.

Originally it was going to be a few pre-defined templates with some simple rules on when to display the slide up.

Then the “feature creep” started.  The upshot is we’re very late with release, but to all those people who pre-ordered, you’ve got yourself one of the years bargains.  I’m very confident that we could sell this plugin as it is now for $47 day in day out, so all those people who grabbed it for $10…  Well done.  😉

So what did we add that made it take so long?

  • LOTS of pre-defined templates – 44 variants in all
  • An easy to understand method of  creating your own templates
  • A colour picker for an optional plain background slide-up
  • Autoresponder sign up code parsing and reformatting
  • Comprehensive rules system that governs when and how often the ad shows
  • THREE ways of visitors closing the ad, selectable by you
  • Two different “Content Types” for the ad – autoresponder and link/HTML
  • Finally, a way to reset the ad when you create a new one

I’m sure that once you’ve installed the plugin that you’ll be impressed by our level of thought about the admin panel.  Even so, there’s still a couple of little “niggles” I have with it that we’ll fix in later versions, plus a couple of bigger features I have up my sleeve.  😉

Here’s a screen shot of part of the admin panel:-

Slide Up Ads Settings
And a picture of the drop-down rules:-

Slide Up Ad Rules

The colour picker if you’re using a plain background:-

Slide Up Ads Colour Picker

And the buttons that can be added to the slide up ad:-

Slide Up Ad Buttons

Note in that last image that there’s the usual X (which always appears on the ad), an optional minimise button which will allow the visitors to close the ad for a period you decide, and also an optional power button which will close the ad permanently until you use the “Reset Viewers” check box on the admin panel settings page.

So…  What comes next?

If you pre-ordered, just go back to your personal download page ( you did bookmark it, right?) and you’ll now be able to download the plugin.

If you didn’t pre-order, then for a couple of days you can still get the Slide Up Ads Plugin for WordPress for $17 before I set the regular price.

Thanks again for your patience, and I’m sorry it took far longer than we thought it would.  I hope you think the additional features we added made the wait worth while.  We’ll *try* not to do that again.  😉

If you now want to get the plugin at a discount and before I set the regular price, then for a couple of days you can get it for $17 by using the buy button below.

-Frank Haywood

Offer Closed


Posted by Frank Haywood


Will this work on a standard web site? (i.e. NOT a wordpress site)

Frank Haywood


No, it’s just for WordPress. Maybe one day we’ll create standalone versions of some of the plugins and this would be a good candidate, but no plans yet.


Frank Graham

I pre- ordered and have been waiting. Will you be sending those of us that did order a link to the product? Thanks

Frank Haywood

@Frank Graham:

D’oh! Frank, how long have you been buying my stuff? 😉

Always bookmark your personal download page and sign up to mailing list for that product. Many times I only send out updates to a particular product based mailing list and if you’re not on it, you miss all the good stuff.

Go raise a support ticket at and someone will find your download link. Or better still, go check your email on about the 31st August and you should see an email there with your link in it.


Dave Jackson

Can we see a sample of the banner that slides up? Can you add your own image? Whats the final output look like?

Willard Solomon

Hey Frank

I am having a problem with the slide-up ads on the Multiple Streams Themes 1 or 2
It does not show period.
I can supply the urls of the blogs if you need them

Willard Solomon

@Willard Solomon:

Hey Frank
Support dept said a wp-footer php code need to be added just above the closing tag in footer. here’s the one I used
I copied and pasted one from a theme were slideup was working and it took care of my problem on my other two blogs with the Multiple Streams Themes 1 & 2

Frank Haywood

@Willard Solomon:

Oops, sorry, fixed. Go back to your personal download page for those themes and you can get the fixed version.

Rather than go through that though, all you really need to do is edit footer.php and add this to it immediately above the closing /body tag:-

We’ll make sure that’s in all our themes from now on. 😉


Derek Taylor

Thanks Frank! I really like what you’ve done with it. I can’t wait to begin using it.

Will this work with the G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager plugin for wordpress ?

Frank Haywood


I can’t see why not as long as G-Lock gives you form code to paste into a web page. You can then use that form code to paste into the “Link” HTML box within the plugin and the name and email address will appear there.

That’s all I’ve done on this blog.


Agence Index Web Marketing – Montreal

How can I not notice that big blue sliding up ad??

Great stuff as always Frank!

Hi Frank,

Nice plugin that will get a lot of use. One problem I am having is the “text” slide up is actually the “subscribe” template. Also, all of the templates are geared to CB/download types of products and visitors. Right now, I am focusing on physical products and the templates are not ideal for that visitor. Getting the “text” template might address this, but is it possible to get a good-looking template to provide additional/surprise/incentive info to the visitor like “Fact” or “Did You Know” or “Consider This” or “Limited Time Offer/Act Now”. I know this is easier said than done, but I think it would add even more value to this slick little sales aid.

Keep up the good work with your reasonably priced, high-value plugins for us. I’m a fan…

Frank Haywood


I’m always happy to oblige. If you can give me some concrete information I can pass onto my graphics guy I’ll get some more templates done – I’m just worried I’ll interpret what you’ve said incorrectly , get it all wrong and you’ll think “Well thanks for nothing!”

If you look in the zip, you’ll see we supplied all the PhotoShop PSDs, so if you have PhotoShop (I know not everybody does), you’ll be able to amend them. Would it help if we put blank JPEGs in the zip too so that you could use a free program like The GIMP to add your own text and graphics to the base templates?

I have a feeling we intended to do that anyway, but I’ve just looked and we haven’t, so I’ve made a note on my todo list.

And thank you very much for that last comment. You’re the key reason I do what I do at the prices I do them at. 😉


Thanks for the quick and thoughtful reply, Frank. I am pretty good with PhotoShop but it didn’t cross my mind to simply make the changes I need — duh! Problem solved…

By the way, I was #20 on the peel-away promotion – what a deal!!

Keep ’em coming.


Jeffry Pilcher | The Financial Brand

Hi Frank,

I’ll gladly pay $47 for this plugin if the answer is yes to these questions:

1. Can I put a custom banner ad of any size (JPG, PNG, GIF) that I create into the slide-up strip?
2. Can I hotlink the entire slide-up strip? (Or is there always a [click/submit] button?)
3. Can I control the height of the slide-up strip? (FYI – It looks like the bottom of yours is getting cut off.)
4. Can I control the length of time the slide-up strip is visible?

Thanks much,

Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher
The Financial Brand

Frank Haywood

Hi Jeffry,

Sorry about the delay in replying, I’ve been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks.

#1 – No, not of any size – there’s a fixed dimension height (90 pixels) that the plugin will accept, but yes you can design your own and set the width of the left hand section. The remainder of the slide up image is a single pixel width image that tiles across the bottom of the screen. I hope that makes sense.

#2 – No you can’t hotlink the entire thing, but that’s a really good suggestion. I’ll get my developer to include that as an option. There are two kinds of HTML entry you can paste into the HTML box in the admin panel – one is autoresponder code, the other is link code. The difference between the two is that the autoresponder has some formatting applied to it to style it correctly within the ad.

#3 – Not the height – see #1. I’ve just realised while looking at it here on this blog that I’m using the original version which has an extra line feed at the top. The latest version removed that and so allows the text to be presented higher up the ad. I’ll go install it later.

The ad looks okay on my machine in FF, IE and Opera. I have the status bar turned on within FF and the ad looks good, if I turn it off, the text is very close to the bottom. Maybe that’s it?

#4 – No, but that’s another great idea, thank you. I’ll get that implemented too.


Reply to this comment and I’ll send a free copy to your email address in return for your great input.

Thanks. 🙂