Site Building Service Beta

After a few 20 hour days the beta Site Builder is ready to launch. This is currently free to everyone using the Price Comparison Service and Paul and I feel it’s reason enough alone to subscribe to the service.

We reckon it will cut down the time needed to build an IPK style site to around an hour or less.

To give you an idea of how it works, last week my wife started putting up sites using the best web editor around – Dreamweaver – under my tuition. She put her first site up in around 4 hours using my own personally tweaked template which is designed for speed. Her second site took around 2h 30 to do. And she’s been getting faster since.

Today she sat down with the final version of the Site Builder and put up a site again in about 2h 30. She said that even though it was new to her yesterday, it was far easier to put up a site with it as most of the keywords etc. were already filled in. All she had to do was add some text around the pre-filled links and amend a couple of graphics.

What slowed her down was me talking too much.

Now I know that’s not much of a testimonial – it is my wife after all – but bear in mind only 3 people have even seen the Site Builder at all so far.

Tomorrow we’ll be enabling it for everyone using the Price Comparison Service. I’ll say it again, it’s a beta. It’s a VERY GOOD beta, but there may be one or two niggles. We’ve squashed most of the bugs in the last few days and it would be naive of us to expect we have them all.

In a few days time when we have all the bugs out, we’ll take it out of beta.

As I said earlier, it’s free to everyone using the Price Comparison Service.

It won’t stay like that forever though. Shortly we’ll be raising the price of the Comparison Service and the Site Builder will become a separate paid for service. That isn’t a scarcity tactic to get you to sign up now, it’s just the way we decided to do things all along.

Anyone who already has the Site Builder as part of the Price Comparison Service will continue to get it for free as long as they remain subscribed.

If you’re umming and ahhing, stop it.

Grab the Price Comparison Service now while it’s at its lowest price and get the Site Builder included for free.

Now that’s what I call a bonus! 🙂

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, come take a look at the forum and say hello.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Geoff Robertson@self improvement

That is good news Frank. Will you “personally tweaked template” be part of the Site Building Service? I am looking forward to trialing it for my first IPK site. Thanks for being so generous with all these tools you could easily have kept for yourself.


Frank Haywood

Hi Geoff,

Yes it will be, and you’re welcome. 😉