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Taking Stock And A 12 Month Strategy

Yes I am still here. Thank you to all the people who’ve asked if everything is okay, and where I am. Your concern is appreciated, I’ve just been lying low. Well, actually I’ve taken a little time out to take … Continue reading

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Choosing Keywords and Good Domain Names for IPK Sites

I’ve come up with a preliminary method of deciding which keywords and domains to register for IPK sites. Simply it’s the number of exact match search multiplied by the number of phrse match search, and then dividing it by the … Continue reading

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Site Builder Now Live

After a few 20 hour days, the Site Builder which currently comes as part of the Price Comparison Service is now live. Personally I think it’s a stunning bit of software and will cut your creation time of IPK style … Continue reading

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Site Building Service Beta

After a few 20 hour days the beta Site Builder is ready to launch. This is currently free to everyone using the Price Comparison Service and Paul and I feel it’s reason enough alone to subscribe to the service. We … Continue reading

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Info Product Killer Price Comparison Service Expanding

The price comparison service I launched just before Christmas has been steadily getting better. It’s worth mentioning that the Link Share API seemed to be broken and was returning intermittent data, but they’ve now fixed it. I bet their merchants … Continue reading

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