Info Product Killer Update

I just thought I’d let you know, my first IPK site has now been indexed by Google. I would guess that in a few more days it will appear on page 1 although it’s not showing anywhere I can see at the moment.

Not wanting to take anything to chance though, I’ve started to build some back links to the site, although I believe it may be unnecessary to get onto page 1. The competition is very low for my search terms, and with the links back I’m creating I should be able to get into position 1 in time.

Let’s wait and see.

As an indicator of what I expect to happen, the guy who told me about IPK launched his first site 1 week in advance of mine. He’s now in position 5 on page 1 and has already seen his first commission payments come in.


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Info Product Killer

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-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


I checked out the Jumparoo site, very interesting…I hadn’t heard of IPK yet, but I really like the concept, even if their header looks a little morbib (big knives dripping with blood kinda creep me out.)

I have a question though – Would it make sense to create a site like your jumparoo one and then put some ebay affiliate listings under it? (kids toys sell like crazy on ebay i think) Or would that hurt you more than help you?

Gareth@Squidoo Back Link

This is really interesting Frank, it is great that you are so open and you are willing to keep us updated. How many backlinks do you think it would take to get a website listed? (I know it depends on their “authority”).

I have done a link from a “lens” on Squidoo to see if that works.

There is a great free tool at that I find incredibly useful for checking the keyword density of the websites I build, (OK, alright, I admit it,and for checking the keywords of my competitors!)
I use it with Firefox but it is supposed to work with explorer as well.

I am hooked, I keep checking Google to see if your page has appeared as well.

All the best

Ernie Hodge


Thank you very much for sharing this info/system with your mailing list.I’m in the US but I must use the one word you use over there to describe really good things – Brilliant!


Ernie Hodge

Frank Haywood


I’ve had a think about this. I reckon you could put some eBay listings on there as long as you hide them.

My logic is, if you have more content on the site about the product you’re promoting, then that’s good and you may end up with people landing on those pages after doing a search. Ideally, you want them to go off to Amazon and buy the brand new one so you get the Amazon commission. (Maybe you don’t.)

So on your eBay landing pages, it may be worth still promoting Amazon heavily with a BIG image – all you need is for them to click to Amazon to get cookied. Plus have clear menu links back to the home page of your site etc.

On the regular non-eBay pages of your site, you don’t want people clicking through to the eBay listings in my opinion, unless you’re okay with that. BUT… You still want to get the eBay pages indexed and spidered regualrly.

So maybe it’s worth creating a site map page and putting a single link to your eBay page(s) on there. That way it will get spidered and indexed so you increase your chances of someone finding your site, but you still get your visitors to go off to Amazon to earn your commission.

I think the only way you’ll know for sure is to test, and that could take some time. Test with the aim of making it your long term strategy if it works out, and scrap it if it doesn’t work. Maybe a blog format would work for your eBay stuff – I’ll perhaps talk about that another time.

I guess you’d want at least 2 months testing without the eBay pages and 2 with. And you probably want to do it from February to avoid all the fall-out from Christmas and the January sales.


If I’m open about it, it will keep people’s interest. 😉

My Jumperoo site got indexed purely because I mentioned it here on my blog with a direct link back. My blog post was indexed almost immediately as the Google spider comes here a lot, but the Jumperoo site took about 48 hours before the spider came visiting.

Next will be a bit of a shuffle while the Google algorithm decides where to rank the site, and I guess a week is a reasonable time for that to happen. I also thought it was worth using 3WL to make sure my site eventually gets to the #1 slot for my search terms. It can take up to 3 months, but then it will start earning regularly as the Jumperoo looks like a very popular item.

I use SEO Quake with Firefox too. I keep it turned off and just turn it on to check if pages have been indexed or not.


IPK has a HUGE potential for all of us, and certainly for me it’s a refreshing change.

Brilliant it is!