I just thought I’d let you know, my first IPK site http://www.jumperoo.co.uk/ has now been indexed by Google. I would guess that in a few more days it will appear on page 1 although it’s not showing anywhere I can see at the moment.

Not wanting to take anything to chance though, I’ve started to build some back links to the site, although I believe it may be unnecessary to get onto page 1. The competition is very low for my search terms, and with the links back I’m creating I should be able to get into position 1 in time.

Let’s wait and see.

As an indicator of what I expect to happen, the guy who told me about IPK launched his first site 1 week in advance of mine. He’s now in position 5 on page 1 and has already seen his first commission payments come in.


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-Frank Haywood