Continuing with my updates about how good Info Product Killer is, I just made my first sale of a Jumperoo and a commission of £4.79.

Yee-haa! 😉


At today’s exchange rate that’s $7.06.

Okay, now you might say “Well hang on Frank, how much has it cost you to make that seven dollars and six cents?” and that’s a good question.

o It’s cost me about 6 hours of my time to set the first site up. I’m getting faster.
o It’s cost me $79 for the IPK course.
o It’s cost me $17.76 for 2 years registration of the domain.
o My web hosting is a fixed cost I bear for my other sites so it’s effectively free.

Let’s ignore the time it cost me to set the site up and just look at what I’ve had to pay out, so that makes it $96.76. After another 13 sales via that site, I’ll be in profit.

But hang on. I’m also setting up other sites too as I go, in fact I almost have my own tweaked template and a set of PSDs I can use to set up any site, making it all cookie-cutter simple.

I’ve taken out a few .info domains at $1.19 each (99c + 20c) as I believe it doesn’t really make any difference what the extension is if you get everything else right using the IPK OPSEO method.

So my costs for further sites will be extremely low. I already have the course, the domains are only $1.19, and my estimate is it takes me about 2 hours to do everything now I know what to do.

If I let the Jumperoo site take the brunt of the initial cost, then every other site I put up will be immediately in profit when the first sale is made. If the Jumperoo site is anything to go by, that’s after 12 days.

I tell you what, let’s be fair about this. Factoring my time and involvement into the equation, lets say each site is in profit after the 10th sale.

At this point, I don’t know how long it will take to get to the 10th sale but I think a fair guess is 6 weeks? Remember the Jumperoo site didn’t even get onto page 2 of Google UK until last Friday which was 6 days after the site went live, and it only got onto page 1 yesterday.

09-11-2008 – Site live and linked from this blog to get it indexed.
14-11-2008 – Site appeared on page 2 of Google UK.
16-11-2008 – First order but no earnings.
18-11-2008 – Two more orders, but still no earnings.
19-11-2008 – Site now appearing on page 1 of Google UK.
19-11-2008 – First sale and a £4.79 ($7.07) commission.

So if it’s only taken 10 days to get my first earnings, I think 6 weeks is a conservative estimate for any other sites I put up to pay for themselves? I’m expecting to make more commissions this weekend when people really start searching online for Christmas gifts, but I believe it doesn’t reach its peak until about the 8th December, so we have a couple of weeks to go yet.

That means for the rest of the year these sites are making a profit. Even though Christmas will be over, there are still birthdays etc. which will mean income through out the year.

So the more sites I put up will mean more profit. That’s easy enough for anyone to understand isn’t it?

Now I know that sometimes you can put up a site and nothing happens. Yes I have a few of those knocking around. Those are all for info products, and despite the traffic that I get to those sites, for one reason or another they don’t convert. It’s likely because I’m addressing a niche that isn’t keen to buy the info products I may be offering.

But when it comes to physical products, by doing a bit of market research using the methods detailed in Info Product Killer I can see immediately if there’s a buying market or not.

I’ve proven that to my own satisfaction with the Jumperoo site.

All I have to do now is duplicate the initial effort.


Sometimes we can get so bound up in what we’re doing that we miss the obvious.

The obvious in this case is that physical products that get lots of searches are likely to be by people who want to purchase them.

That’s especially true when people look for terms like “cheapest this” or “buy that“.

When those people find your site, you pretty much know what the outcome is going to be.

And if you’ve done your homework and there aren’t that many competing pages, you’ll find yourself getting visits from those buyers. And that’s what’s happened with the Jumperoo site.

Here’s a quick pic of the traffic the site has received over the last couple of days.


My hands are up now. I think that Jumperoo site SUCKS BIG TIME. It was my first attempt and even though it’s rubbish, look what’s happened.

I made my first commission, hopefully with many more to come.

I hope that if you haven’t made anything with IPK yet, that you’ll soon feel the nice warm feeling I did when I saw that first commission earning in my account, punched the air and shouted “YES!”


-Frank Haywood
P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get IPK by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get it at $79 instead of $147.