Update: The price is now $27.00.

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My staff have put together a little something for you and the proceeds will go directly into their pockets as their end-of-year bonus.

I didn’t have to do this, but I thought it was a warm gesture at this cold time of year.  🙂

(Well, at least it’s cold in the UK, with sub-zero temperatures down to -8 C and 5 inches of snow outside.  Not much by some peoples standards, but it’s the kind of weather that brings the UK almost to a halt.)

What they’ve done for you is to create a set of 5 sales page templates – which I think always come in handy – in both standard HTML and Page Template Plugin format.  These aren’t Christmas ones, they’re “regular” sales page templates, very clean looking.

Because we’ve also supplied them with the Page Template Plugin, this means you can easily use them to add sales pages to your blogs.

In case you missed the last update, you can now move the sections of your sales page around just by using short code tags.  And today we’ve been talking about how we can also allow you to use this plugin with posts as well as pages, which we’ve been asked about a few times now.

We’re not there yet, but we will be in the new year.  Then you’ll have a standard unified plugin that will allow you to add these special format templates to your posts AND pages.  😉

Any of the sales or squeeze page templates you have will all be updated to work with the new plugin when we release it in the new year.  It’s messy at the moment, but it will all get better.

Here are 60% original size screenshots of the designs.  OneTwoThreeFourFive.

The sale will open Thursday 23rd at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), at just $10.00 for the first 50 sales, rising to $12.50 for the next 50, and then to $27.00 for 100+.    As I said above, all proceeds will be shared amongst the staff as their end of year bonus.

I’ll drop you a line about 3-4 hours beforehand to remind you.


Content Replacement Plugin

There’s one other important thing to tell you.

Because the content replacement plugin we released last week has caused so much confusion as to how it works, and also because of clashes with a couple of plugins/themes, we’ve made a bug fix and a few subtle changes to it.

It’s now more intuitive to use, so you should find it works as you expect it to, not as we orginally created it to work.  😉

It made much more sense for us to do this as we seemed to really miss the mark in terms of usage with this one, and for that I apologise.

You now set a start and (optional) end date for the snippet you want to insert in your blog and paste in the short code.  The snippet will show as long as it meets the date/time rules for the server.

We’ve also made it so that you can now “stack” them so that as one (or more) expires, others become active either immediately or whenever you set your rule.

It’s much better.  Again, I’m sorry for any confusion caused by our initial release.

Sometimes we just get things wrong…

Finally, my apologies as I haven’t been around the last week to reply to blog comments due to minor family illness.  I *think* I’m now all up to date and I’ve emailed the people who left me comments trying to get hold of me.  🙂

-Frank Haywood