A couple of weeks ago, I told you I had a plan to help you after eBay slapped all digital goods sellers from the 1st April.

Since then, there’s been a lot going on.

If you bought Dave Lovelace’s special offer, you’ll now know how to create your own CDs and DVDs to sell on eBay. You’ll also know where you can get an international dropshipper that will do Print On Demand (POD) for your CDs and DVDs and then send them directly to your customers.

That still leaves the problem of automating the delivery process.

Well, I now have that solved for you.

My SmartDD developer (Paul) has been working on the solution that will allow you to automatically let that international dropshipper know when you’ve made a sale via SmartDD.

The dropshipper will then send your customer their goods, completely hands off from you.

It’s just like selling digital goods again.

Only this time, you can actually earn more money.

Think about it, the perception of most people is that a physical product has much more value than a digital product.

So instead of charging a dollar or two for a download and building your list in that way, now you can charge $15-$25 for a CD, and still build your mailing lists at the same time.

Plus you get all the benefits of having emails automatically sent out to your customers, including the follow up 24 hours later, and you can even supply them the goods as a download too if you want to.

And the beautiful thing is, you remain within eBay’s new rules.

We’ll be releasing it later this week as SmartDD v2.1 – we’re just doing some final tests to make sure the process works perfectly, and then I’ll make the announcement.

I told you I had a plan.

The good news is, this Step 2 is just the first part… 😉

-Frank Haywood