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I’ve been considering for a while now about releasing Private Label Rights (PLR) for SmartDD LITE. I had a chat with Paul Freedman (the developer) about it and he’s agreed.

His provisos are that we only sell 10 PLR licences and that they’re $300 each.

Just so that you understand the value of this offer, the code for sale has regularly earned us $2,000 / month in profit with some months peaking at $4,000.

I’ve got some additional provisos to the two I agreed with Paul:-

#1 – You can’t use the name SmartDD, and you can’t associate either me or Paul with the product. To all intents and purposes it’s as if you created it from scratch. This will mean you have to remove all instances of the name SmartDD and our names from the code and documentation.

#2 – You can create as many derivatives of it as you like, and develop the code into larger applications. You must tell us what these are as you create and launch each one. We just want to keep an eye on what’s being done with the licences for your protection and to protect the value of the code.

#3 – You can sell Resale Rights (RR) or Master Resale Rights (MRR) to your newly named derivatives, but not Private Label Rights (PLR). Again this is to maintain the value of your purchase.

You can use the code as if you’d had it developed yourself, and we recommend you get yourself a developer from Scriptlance or Elance or similar to change the appearance. We don’t think it would cost you more than $50-$100 to do this, as the appearance is all held in style sheets. Change the style sheets and you’ll completely change the appearance of your software.

You’ll also get the raw Open Office text document to use as a base for your own PDF docs, and again you’ll have to remove all references to SmartDD / LITE and our names.

Okay that’s it. I’ll set up a page early next week where you can purchase PLR for SmartDD LITE and then let you know where it is here on this blog. The first 10 people to buy get a copy, everyone else will have their money refunded.

-Frank Haywood

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How Does PayPal IPN Work?

I’ve had lots of questions recently about PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification), both from SmartDD and Nickel Script customers. The recurring theme is how can IPN work on several sites?

If you’ve looked at the activation method for IPN, you’ll know that it’s by entering a default IPN URL into your PayPal profile. PayPal’s logic must be that if you want to use IPN, then you must have at least one site with a script that uses it.

I think this then is why the confusion arises, and I too was confused a few years ago when I first used an IPN script and wanted to accept PayPal payments on several sites. I thought that if there was only one IPN URL, then I could only use PayPal with one site.

Seemed logical to me, and I think to most other people too judging by the questions asked.

The truth is, as I mentioned above, it’s just a default URL and not the only one you can use.

When you have two sites that you want to use IPN with, just choose one and use that scripts IPN URL. Then when a payment comes in on the other site, the default IPN URL gets temporarily overridden by that second sites IPN settings.

It works by a setting sent in the POST message sent to PayPal. Inside there is the IPN URL that PayPal is to use for that transaction only. When payment is complete, PayPal sends the transaction data back to the site that initiated the transaction, and not to the default site.


So why does SmartDD require that you use the SmartDD IPN URL as the default one? Well the truth is it doesn’t, you can use any IPN URL for any script on any site you have.

The problem has always arisen though that if you’re using an auction site like eBay and selling goods on there (SmartDD v2 and above supports physical goods too), there’s no way to tell SmartDD how to handle the PayPal payment and transaction.

By setting the default IPN URL to point to your SmartDD installation, PayPal will send all the transaction data to SmartDD. As long as you have the title of your eBay listing also identically matched within SmartDD, that will trigger the SmartDD process and automatically send emails to your customer, and record all details of the transaction and your new customer within the SmartDD database.

And with the soon to be released version 3, you can also have CDs or DVDs created and automatically shipped to your customer without you having to do a thing. UPDATE – v3 is now out and supports the sale of physical goods as well as to have your CDs and DVDs drop shipped to your customers.

-Frank Haywood

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Nickel Sale For Nickel Script Now Live


It’s starting at $5.02 and the faster you get there, the cheaper it will be.

Some fun and games but it’s all working now.  Better still, because of the PayPal IPN mess, we’ve added a new feature today.

Testing proved it worked for us, fingers crossed it continues to work in battle.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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Nickel Script Delayed

Don’t worry folks, it’s going to happen today regardless.

David is adding an extra feature which will allow you to switch on a workaround any time PayPal mess up IPN like they have today.

He’s working on it right now, so let’s say it’s a 5.00pm GMT launch to give him time to finish it and me give it a quick test. If that then breaks something else, well, we’ll fix it as quickly as we can, but whatever happens I’m determined to launch the Nickel Script today!

-Frank Haywood

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PayPal IPN Problem

It seems that PayPal have just yesterday broken IPN.

From what it says in that thread, it’s not affecting everyone, and it seems clear that PayPal don’t even know what’s causing the problem themselves.

Can you believe that?

Worse still, I checked the Nickel Script and every single transaction is going straight into the error file.  David took a look, set it into sandbox mode and it works perfectly.  He  then put it back into live mode and it failed.

What’s really bad is, PayPal are letting the payments go through, but then because IPN isn’t doing its thing, the customers aren’t getting their goods.  Some people are reporting HUNDREDS of bad transactions that they’re going to have to fix manually.

Common sense says to me that they should be rolling back to the old version that worked for everyone.  But no.  They’re trying to fix the new version.

That tells me that there’s some change been made that they either don’t dare roll back to, or can’t.

I’ve asked David to tweak the script so we can still launch.  I’ll be supplying the standard version while using our tweaked version to deliver it.

As soon as PayPal know what they’re doing, we’ll apply any necessary fixes and supply that to you.  My guess is it won’t continue over the weekend, and when PayPal fix IPN, the Nickel Script won’t need any changes either.

If we can get it sorted at our end, launch will go ahead this afternoon at 3.00, but I’ll have an update closer to that time.

Who was it mentioned Murphy?

-Frank Haywood

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