It seems that PayPal have just yesterday broken IPN.

From what it says in that thread, it’s not affecting everyone, and it seems clear that PayPal don’t even know what’s causing the problem themselves.

Can you believe that?

Worse still, I checked the Nickel Script and every single transaction is going straight into the error file.  David took a look, set it into sandbox mode and it works perfectly.  He  then put it back into live mode and it failed.

What’s really bad is, PayPal are letting the payments go through, but then because IPN isn’t doing its thing, the customers aren’t getting their goods.  Some people are reporting HUNDREDS of bad transactions that they’re going to have to fix manually.

Common sense says to me that they should be rolling back to the old version that worked for everyone.  But no.  They’re trying to fix the new version.

That tells me that there’s some change been made that they either don’t dare roll back to, or can’t.

I’ve asked David to tweak the script so we can still launch.  I’ll be supplying the standard version while using our tweaked version to deliver it.

As soon as PayPal know what they’re doing, we’ll apply any necessary fixes and supply that to you.  My guess is it won’t continue over the weekend, and when PayPal fix IPN, the Nickel Script won’t need any changes either.

If we can get it sorted at our end, launch will go ahead this afternoon at 3.00, but I’ll have an update closer to that time.

Who was it mentioned Murphy?

-Frank Haywood