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There’s a link to a WP PLR tutorial site further down, but first…

I had an email from Ted G (hi Ted!) asking how to move the WordPress page tabs (the menu items that run along the top of the page).

I’ve been taking it for granted that everyone that uses WP knows this and I’m a dummy for doing so. Of course not everyone knows all the ins and outs (neither do I) and it’s stupid of me to make such a silly assumption.

I apologise for that assumption, and I’ve made a short video for Ted and everyone reading this who don’t know how to do it.

At the other end of the scale, another customer (hi Martin!) has created something that has blown me away.

He’s built a huge (and I mean MASSIVE) site of high quality WordPress training. (It’s something I’ve considered doing for a long time but I don’t think I need to do it now.)  It’s not just videos he’s created, but also lots of text and screenshots, diagrams and flow charts, infographics, the lot.

Better still, Martin has released all this with
Private Label Rights (PLR).

So now there’s two very cool aspects to this.

#1 – If there’re things about WP you want to learn, then this is the way to do it, there’s no two ways about it. And as a sideline you could set up your own tutorial service too.

#2 – If you already sell WordPress products or services then these are ideal to provide to your customers.

For example, let’s say you have offline clients that you’ve set up WP site for, and they’ve asked about how to use it.

You could spend a lot of your own time showing them what to do.

Or you could give them access to the training material that “your team” has put together for you.

Either way you get to charge them for it.

I know I’d be VERY hard pushed to go to the level of detail that Martin has and this is something that is well worth checking out.

I’m talking about tutorials with WordPress training videos, HUNDREDS of screenshots, diagrams and flowcharts, infographs, links to resources, links to related tutorials, PLUS blog posts, training emails, updates and additional training content.

It’s a VERY cool deal and you can get to it here.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Art Leslie

Frank …

A bit misleading to say the least. While the site mentioned may be
full of excellent WP training content, you fail to mention that it is
a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP site. Not a buy once and done. Plus,
material is added monthly, meaning it is NOT a complete training site.

I think your readers should be AWARE instead of finding out after
they get through all the material on the site. Unless, of course,
this was by design to hopefully get more people to buy. I am
assuming, of course, that you are getting an affiliate commission.

No, this doesn’t have to be posted. Just my personal opinion that
once people realize what is going on, they won’t be too pleased.
Especially since “membership” is not mentioned anywhere on your post.

I might have been interested even though I’m pretty well versed in WP.
But NOT for a site that is going to continually add (what’s left out now)
and ding me every month for $47.


Frank Haywood

Hi Art,

I’m sorry I didn’t intentionally leave that out and it does say it’s a monthly membership on the sales page and also on the payment page too, one of which is where I guess you spotted it?

Today’s Payment: $47.00
Includes 1 month of service.
Future Payments: $47.00
Billed every 1 month until cancelled

Maybe it’s my fault for offering such good deals in the things that I do that’s given you a false impression of how everybody else does things?

Anyway… If you look at what Martin is offering it really is a killer deal if you have clients that are asking for training. The material that Martin is worth way more than $47/month and I know he’s going to be putting the price up. If you had to duplicate everything he’s done for your own clients or customers then you’d be facing an enormous task to come to the same level of quality.

And it’s all PLR!

I think it really is a snip of a price for what you’re getting.


Art Leslie

Thanks for the reply Frank …

Don’t disagree on the fact that you always bring good things forth.

Was just concerned it might turn people off to find out it was for a membership and not a one-off deal.

Also, apologies if original comment sounded a bit gruff. Afraid I wasn’t operating on much sleep at the time. I also wasn’t thinking of it from a standpoint of using it as on-going training to use for “others”. 🙂

*Note to self: Get sleep before opening mouth.

Frank Haywood

Hi Art,

Yeah I should have made it clearer though shouldn’t I?

Apologies accepted, and I’ve done the same thing through lack of sleep. To my shame I was once so rude back to a customer who had been rude to me that I’ve regretted it ever since. I quite liked him and I know I can never fix things between us after the exchange. Water under the bridge I guess, and a lesson for me.

One thing about my partnership with Mandy that we both appreciate is that we can step in and take over when one of us is tired and feeling grumpy. 🙂

All the best,