#1 – There’s a new fully fixed and working version of the Page Template Plugin available if you have it – v1.0.4.  Just nip back to your personal download page and re-download it from there.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it now seems to work on all the servers we’ve tested it on and not just half of them.  Ahem.

A modified version of that bundle will be available as a WSO shortly with 100% commissions, so watch for my email about that.

In case you don’t know what the Page Template Plugin is or does, it allows you to easily set up sales and squeeze pages on WordPress.  Just activate, select a template, fill in the blanks and write some copy.  It couldn’t be easier.

#2 – Shortcode SEO is now ready if you missed my email the other day.  Again go back to your personal download page for that product and snag it from there.  Had some VERY positive comments back on it so it will almost certainly end up as a WSO.

The plugin does two things – a) allows you to create shortcodes containing HTML, PHP, javascript that you can place in your posts, pages and widgets, and b) optionally adds any meta name data to the header of your pages that to my knowledge no other plugin does.

It’s VERY flexible in the way it does its thing.

#3 – The weekend “twofer” plugin sale is still live until Tuesday.  Both plugins are SEO related and at $10 for the pair it’s a snip.  You can pick that up from here.




From time to time (average 2-4 weeks?) I’ll promote third party products that I think are truly worth getting.  I buy a lot of stuff and most of it is sub-par so you never get to hear about it from me.  I also DON’T buy a lot of stuff because I’ve learned to spot the stinkers a mile away (don’t get me started).

I’ve noticed that there’s most interest in tools and lesser interest in educational products (ebooks, videos, courses).  I guess it’s not that big a surprise when you consider what I do and the mailing lists I’ve built that I get a better response for scripts plugins and themes.

But I sometimes find a really good educational product that I want to share but because of the poor response I get I’m not sure if I should continue to do that or only tell you about useful tools.

Some people find these tip offs really useful.

The bottom line is I don’t want to bug anyone with things they’re not interested in.

You see my quandary?

(I’ve been experimenting with various ideas for updating subscribers outside of email, and one that I’ve considered is something I’m not sure would appeal.)

So my question is should I continue to promote educational products too, or just stick to plugins, scripts and themes?

-Frank Haywood