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For a long time now I’ve been saying that having a personal blog is a very good idea, but a lot of people still don’t get it.

People like to buy from people, not from busineses, and as an example of what I mean, the first thing I always do when considering purchasing a product is do a quick search for the product owners name.

If I find it, I take a quick look at the site just to see if there’s a real person behind it all and for peace of mind, and in most cases it’s a blog.

Usually if there’s a couple of other products they have for sale, I check them out too, and at any rate blogs are good place to see if there’s any special deals going on, like product bundles at a reduced price.  I’ve managed to pick up a couple of those and been really pleased with the purchase.

Make sense so far?

But there’s also a traffic aspect to owning a blog too, which isn’t apparent until you stop to think about it.

My answer doesn’t vary…

You can buy traffic, or you can generate it yourself.

By buying traffic I mean any method that costs you money.  Pay per click, banner ads, directory listings, affiliate traffic (you pay a commission), hiring content writers to write articles and submitting them and so on.

Generating it yourself is for all those people who have the time but not the money to buy it.

And doing it yourself (or seeming to) is a lot more effective in most cases than paying for it, as it’s the “Holy Grail” of traffic generation – highly targetted.

It’s certainly easy to do.

#1 – Write something interesting and useful for your target niche and post it on your blog.

#2 – Go hunting for similar blogs in your niche and leave valid and interesting comments.  Can I EVER stress this enough?  No “me too” comments EVER.  Okay?  If it’s a good enough comment, then REAL people will start to click through and find your site.  When they do, capture their name and email address.

#3 – Sign up to a few forums in your niche, put a link back to your blog in your signature, and get involved in a few interesting threads.  I’ll say it again, no “me too” comments.  Be helpful, and don’t discuss stuff you don’t understand.  If you see a thread that’s gone bad, such as a flame war or has gone over the top in some way, DO NOT COMMENT.  If you join in, you will be seen as a jerk and won’t be taken seriously.  Remember, you want to help and be interesting.  REAL people will start to click through and find your site.

#4 – Goto #1.

If you have products for sale, then list them somewhere prominent on your blog, but not “in-your-face” prominent.  The sidebar near the top after your sign up box is just fine.  (Remind you of any blog you know?)

Traffic that comes through to your blog means people will find ALL your products.  If you run affiliate schemes for your products (and you should be), then people signing up will drive even more traffic directly to your sites.

Wow!  It’s as simple as that, it really is.

You may even want to pump it all up a bit…  How?

Well, here’s a brilliant method I’ve just learned about that will bring in a torrent of traffic to your blog.

Yes it takes some work, yes you might find it a bit scary, but if you have the chutzpah and energy to do it, the rewards are incredible.

And… you don’t have to go at it as hard as this person did, you can also scale it down just to try it out.  But definitely, definitely…  Doing it will bring you in highly targetted traffic, guaranteed.

You can read more about it here:-

-Frank Haywood

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How To Easily Get Lots Of Backlinks

This is a simple enough method, and can be done fairly quickly and easily.

You register on a forum, go to your user control panel, and then enter just two backlinks in your sig (signature) section.  You DON’T need to make a post, just register and add your backlinks in your sig using either HTML or bbcode depending on the forum.

The next time that search engines hit the site and crawl it, your backlinks will be found via the members directory.

Easy huh?  And you can leave it at that if you want to.

You may be thinking that this is spam, but well… it’s borderline and I think it’s okay as nobody ever has to see the links, just the search engines.


If you want to go a little further, and leave a couple of USEFUL comments too (I can’t stress this enough) on an existing post, then that’s fine.  But for goodness sake, don’t make it a “me too” post.  Make sure your comment actually adds to the thread and is helpful in some way, and is at least a couple of paragraphs.  (The same goes for blog commenting.)

It won’t get deleted, and you help someone.  The universe is happy with the trade and so is the forum owner.

The benefit is that there are some threads on posts that can end up getting decent PR (if you’re worried about such things), and the idea is your backlinks will carry more weight.  But if you do decide to do this, you do have to take a little bit more care.

It’s usually a good idea to register, make your comments, wait a week, and then log back in and add your sig in the control panel. Most forum software will then auto-add the sig to all your posts.

It’s a good way of getting backlinks and is used by all marketers in the know.

But registering with forums can take a little time to fill in all the fields.  Even if it only takes you a minute or two, wouldn’t it be better if you could shave that down to seconds?  That’s where Roboform comes in.

Roboform will remember all your passwords and details against different identities you create, and then auto-fill fields in forms for you.


It takes seconds instead of minutes.

As I write this they’re currently having a “St. Patrick’s Day special” until the 17th and have knocked 20% off the regular price.

This is on top of another discount they’re currently running which expires TODAY and means you can get Roboform for $23.95 and also second and even third licences at an extra $7.95 each.  You can also get a Roboform2Go licence for $15.95 instead of $39.95 which will work with a USB drive so you can carry it around with you.  VERY useful.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to buy myself for ages, but never got around to.  I’ve instead been relying on my browser to remember my passwords where security isn’t an issue, and keeping the rest in my head or in an encrypted text document for reference when I need it.

Yeah daft in a way I know, but you get into these habits and they tend to stick.

So when I spotted this discount, I jumped in and grabbed myself a copy of Roboform, a couple of additional licences for staff, and also a copy of the USB memory stick version.

Now at last with Roboform I won’t have to worry again about passwords, registering on web sites, etc as all the fields will be retained and filled in for me.

I hope this has all been useful for you.

You can get Roboform from here:-

-Frank Haywood

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Unofficial Info Product Killer Forum Open

You asked for it, I checked to make sure, 😉 and here it is.

You may already be a member, so you might want to check first.

This forum was in use about 12 months ago by a group of beta testers. If you were one of them then there’s every chance you have a membership set up on the site and you’ll just need to reset your password.

If you can’t be bothered, just set up a new userid, nobody’s going to cry about it.

You can get to our private little IPK Forum by going here.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get Info Product Killer by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get IPK at $79 instead of $147.

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Other Scripts Coming In 2008

Going on from my post yesterday about AdSpurt, I thought I’d mention a couple of other things we’re working on for your internet business.

I don’t want to give the game away entirely, but one is a script that will turn affiliate marketing on its head. I am totally convinced that this product will shake the entire marketing world to its core, and the whole landscape of blog and forum marketing will change forever.

Good or bad? I don’t know. I’ll just be making the gun, other people will be firing it.  (Okay, I’ll fire it a bit too.  More than a bit in fact.)

Here’s a double warning though, just for you, a (hopefully loyal) reader of this blog.

#1 – If you haven’t created your first product yet, just GO and get your act together and get yourself sorted okay?

I don’t care if you don’t know where to start with creating your first product or what it will be about, just get your thinking cap on right now and remember there’s nothing new under the sun.  Just because someone else has already done it doesn’t mean you can’t do it too.

Otherwise we’d have one kind of car, one kind of pen, one kind of shirt and so on… It’s all the different flavours of the world that makes things interesting, so add your own flavour and style to the mix.

#2 – And if you don’t yet have a blog like this one that you post to regularly, GO and sort that out too.

Do NOT be tempted to use Blogger or BlogSpot or any other free blogging service, you WILL regret it. It should be a self-hosted blog (ideally WordPress), and if you don’t know where to start, post a comment here and I’ll put something together for you to show you how to do it, what plugins to use etc.

You’ll see that script in use here on this site within the next month or so.

The second script has been in the making since 2001, and is a full blown Content Management System (CMS) with a difference.

Instead of having loads of crappy little features that no-one but a geek would be interested in, this is written with YOU in mind. It’s been designed for online business owners to run their internet business through.

It’s already in use on several different WORKING sites in test (the site owners don’t realise what they’ve got because they haven’t been told), and I’ll soon be adding it to the site and using it as the platform to run my own internet business.

So I guarantee you it will be kick-ass when we release it towards the end of the year.

As well as those two major scripts, there are some other nice little projects and products that I’ll be releasing soon too, so keep your eyes peeled.

-Frank Haywood

(The next script released after AdSpurt will likely be the Instant Survey Script.)

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