How To Easily Get Lots Of Backlinks

This is a simple enough method, and can be done fairly quickly and easily.

You register on a forum, go to your user control panel, and then enter just two backlinks in your sig (signature) section.  You DON’T need to make a post, just register and add your backlinks in your sig using either HTML or bbcode depending on the forum.

The next time that search engines hit the site and crawl it, your backlinks will be found via the members directory.

Easy huh?  And you can leave it at that if you want to.

You may be thinking that this is spam, but well… it’s borderline and I think it’s okay as nobody ever has to see the links, just the search engines.


If you want to go a little further, and leave a couple of USEFUL comments too (I can’t stress this enough) on an existing post, then that’s fine.  But for goodness sake, don’t make it a “me too” post.  Make sure your comment actually adds to the thread and is helpful in some way, and is at least a couple of paragraphs.  (The same goes for blog commenting.)

It won’t get deleted, and you help someone.  The universe is happy with the trade and so is the forum owner.

The benefit is that there are some threads on posts that can end up getting decent PR (if you’re worried about such things), and the idea is your backlinks will carry more weight.  But if you do decide to do this, you do have to take a little bit more care.

It’s usually a good idea to register, make your comments, wait a week, and then log back in and add your sig in the control panel. Most forum software will then auto-add the sig to all your posts.

It’s a good way of getting backlinks and is used by all marketers in the know.

But registering with forums can take a little time to fill in all the fields.  Even if it only takes you a minute or two, wouldn’t it be better if you could shave that down to seconds?  That’s where Roboform comes in.

Roboform will remember all your passwords and details against different identities you create, and then auto-fill fields in forms for you.


It takes seconds instead of minutes.

As I write this they’re currently having a “St. Patrick’s Day special” until the 17th and have knocked 20% off the regular price.

This is on top of another discount they’re currently running which expires TODAY and means you can get Roboform for $23.95 and also second and even third licences at an extra $7.95 each.  You can also get a Roboform2Go licence for $15.95 instead of $39.95 which will work with a USB drive so you can carry it around with you.  VERY useful.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to buy myself for ages, but never got around to.  I’ve instead been relying on my browser to remember my passwords where security isn’t an issue, and keeping the rest in my head or in an encrypted text document for reference when I need it.

Yeah daft in a way I know, but you get into these habits and they tend to stick.

So when I spotted this discount, I jumped in and grabbed myself a copy of Roboform, a couple of additional licences for staff, and also a copy of the USB memory stick version.

Now at last with Roboform I won’t have to worry again about passwords, registering on web sites, etc as all the fields will be retained and filled in for me.

I hope this has all been useful for you.

You can get Roboform from here:-

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Make sure your comment actually adds to the thread and is helpful in some way, and is at least a couple of paragraphs.Thanks for your informative article more power to your site! G-d bless 😉

Frank Haywood


Hanna spammer sweetie, I’ve removed the link to the web site you’re promoting.

This is an intriguing bit of spam because you’ve used a well known spam comment technique which is to use words from the post and then add a standard non-commital sentence.

Everybody reading this please note the lack of a space between my sentence and the standard sentence used to get the backlink. That’s what intrigues me as I suspect you’ve used a tool such as Roboform to add the sentence, but not taken care to ensure there’s at least one space between the end of my sentence and the start of your own!

The ironic thing is, you actually used the words from the post which should have given you a clue as to what kind of comment is acceptable to post and what isn’t.

I don’t know whether to laugh or swear. This time you’ve been lucky as I wanted to make an example of what you’ve done so that others can see exactly what they SHOULDN’T be doing when leaving a blog comment, and so I haven’t marked your IP address as a spam source in the Akismet database. No doubt someone else will do so quite soon if you keep this practice up and you’ll be looking for another job.

Because of your (accidental?) choice of sentence (it couldn’t be deliberate, could it?) it’s made me think you don’t speak English very well and that you’ve just taken a random sentence from the post.

Look. If you’re going to leave blog comments in order to get backlinks, then that’s fine. You can do it here, I don’t mind.

But you MUST add something constructive and improve the post or engage yourself in some way in order for it not to be marked as spam. And I expect at least half a dozen sentences or a couple of paragraphs.

This is true of all blog owners. Most people don’t mind you getting a backlink (that’s how communities work), but it’s not all one-sided – there’s an acceptable trade that has to take place.

Akismet works very well and suppresses a huge amount of spam automatically for me. Sometimes it gets it wrong and puts genuine comments in the spam filter, and I sometimes catch them and correct it. Even so, I still get three or four new pieces of spam comment that I have to mark as a spam source, and fortunately they’re easy to spot as they’re the typical “me too” comments you can see above from Hannah.

Blog commenting is a GOOD way to get backlinks and traffic, but for goodness sake, be sensible about it.


Dave Osmonson

Hi Frank,

I was doing some research this morning on tools, mostly word press tools, but I ran across your WordPress AutoResponder Nickel Sale, which I found very interesting. What caught my eye was the Nickel Script. Now this is a great way to get other bloggers, etc., to look into the products that I might be promoting at any time. It’s not something that “Just” found to be interesting, but I am going to research this thoroughly and see where this takes me. Thanks for that.

Regarding the topic I am posting on, backlinks, thanks for the interesting way to promote some of my sites. Now I am no expert in any way, but I like simple, logical ways to promote. This is something I will put on my weekly schedule of “To Do’s”. I have daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks and I try to stay on schedule, otherwise I get lost or waist time that I should be using just for my business.

The Roboform tools definitely is something I need and will look into this. Your article really is for everyone that currently looking for ways to promote and they should defiantly bookmark this or jump on the opportunity.

Anyway, it looks like I am rambling a bit. But thanks for this and your other posts. I like what I am seeing here.

Take care,