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Alert Box Ads

Update: The sale at $17.00 for the easy to use and very cool Alert Box Ads plugin is now live.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a brand new plugin called Alert Box Ads. It’s very cool, easy to use and comes with full Developer (Client/Flipper) rights.

You know those little “alerts” you get that sometimes pop up out of your system tray? Or you’ll see a box appear bottom right on a web site as you scroll down the page?

You can’t do anything but look at them can you? In other words they work, and they work really well. 😉

And this is what the Alert Box Ads plugin will allow you to do. Here’s a short video showing how it works:-

Let’s take a look at the features list.

  • Unlimited alert ads.
  • You can set a global alert ad for every page and post.
  • You can set ads for the Home and Archive “special” pages.
  • You can set an individual alert ad for a page or post.
  • You can disable alert ads on individual pages and posts.
  • Alerts can include HTML and links.
  • Alert box ads can be set to redirect to a URL when clicked.
  • 3 methods of displaying alerts:-
    – Immediately
    – After a set number of seconds
    – When the visitor scrolls down.
  • Create your alert ads using the standard TinyMCE editor – easy.
  • 5 different designs of alert ads included, more on the way.

I hope you agree that it has a really cool and well thought out feature set.

The 48 hour sale for Alert Box Ads will start today 11th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will cost just $10 during that period, so don’t miss out on the low price while it’s available.

-Frank Haywood

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